The Quiet Week

Saturday evening our neighbour dropped by with a hand delivered Christmas Card, and an invitation to visit. We were delighted, and were ringing their doorbell thirty minutes later. The visit was so much fun! We talked and talked and talked. At last Attila asked the time, it was after 1:30 a.m.! I am usually asleep . . . → Read More: The Quiet Week

Electrical Work

It is Thursday already! Attila is beginning to set aside items for his trip back to the country house.

Attila began working on the wiring in the kitchen early yesterday morning, and most of the counter space has been covered with tools and electrical hardware since then. Since he worked on the project again today, . . . → Read More: Electrical Work

Catching Up

We had a very good time at the party last weekend. I am talking about the overnight Christmas Party at the resort, the one that got my knickers into a twist. It is my experience, that if I am stressed about having to do something, it is best to do all my emoting well before . . . → Read More: Catching Up

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

The office Christmas Party is coming up, so the day was spent with food preparation. It is a luxurious overnight party at a resort, hosted by Attila’s generous employers. The dinner and the breakfast will not be suitable for me. I had to push to be allowed to bring my own dinner, originally the restaurant . . . → Read More: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas


Tank did me proud!

While I was staying at the little house in the city, Tank was a bit unwieldy. When visiting the shops, we parked on the periphery of the lot, where there were few vehicles, and chose parking spaces that could be “driven through”.

Yesterday morning I awoke at three, mused till four . . . → Read More: Arrival

Travel Plans

My last full day at the little house in the city dawned through cloud. It was a day lists; what to to bring back to the country house, what to bring on the next trip to the little house in the city. Attila and I will be coming back within a week or so, bringing . . . → Read More: Travel Plans

People Are Not Smarties

This morning I am thinking about Smarties.

To all appearances I am “an old woman”. When I was a young woman, upon seeing me, I would have thought, “old woman”. In our culture “old woman” and “lady” are pejoratives, but not for me. The young, and many males who would be considered “old men” may . . . → Read More: People Are Not Smarties

The Best Kind Of Snow

Today I donated all my former work clothes to the women’s shelter in town, here at the little house in the city. I am sorry to see them go, they are very nice pants and tops, but I will never be that slim again, and someone else will be able to use them. While Tank . . . → Read More: The Best Kind Of Snow

Two Mice

I had a restless night.

The ringing of the cell phone woke me up this morning. That was my cue to call Attila with FaceTime. We had a lovely chat, and both agreed, the visual element adds a lot to the interaction, the visual is important. All too soon it was time for Attila . . . → Read More: Two Mice

Tuesday November 25 2014

Last night the wind increased to the point that it was throwing around the outdoor furniture out on the back porch. So I trudged out to the back porch, stacked the chairs, rolled the rug, and brought everything into the house, down the stairs, and into the basement. When things thrash around outside it tends . . . → Read More: Tuesday November 25 2014