The Weekend

Friday, February 27, 2015

Last night may have been our coldest night of the winter here at the little house in the city! This morning, early, around 6:00 a.m., around the time the temperature usually dips to its lowest point, the house gave one loud, resounding “crack”! This happens frequently at the country house, as . . . → Read More: The Weekend


All of my life I have been interested in people, how they live, how they think, what they do, what they say. Not the powerful, the rich, the “successful”, not interested in them, there is way too much in the media about them, predictable, violent, vicious, and boring. Here is a woman, Ruth Goodman, who . . . → Read More: Thursday

Too Much Snow!

My heart sank as I peeked out into the pre-dawn morning. Snow, a foot or more of it! It hung thick and heavy on the trees, weighing down the evergreens. It lay thick on the road, on the driveway, on Tank. It obscured the shovelled path to the front porch. I glanced at the shoulder . . . → Read More: Too Much Snow!

A Happy Day

Diesel and I slept through the worst of the frigid night, warm enough at 16C. The cold snap continues. Attila is holding up well, he was cheerful enough when I talked to him pre-dawn this morning, I could hear the crackling of the fire in the masonry heater as we chatted. Neither abode received any . . . → Read More: A Happy Day

The Blue Mouse

The weather has warmed a little, but is still far below the average temperature for this time of year. The wind is up though, so the wind chill is still significant. The sky is cloudy and grey. Without the warmth of the sun coming in through the south windows, and with the wind whipping away . . . → Read More: The Blue Mouse


Monday, February 16, 2015

Today is family day, and I am reminded that “family”, and what we celebrate in the term “family”, can have a wide variety of meanings. Attila left this morning, and I experienced my usual teary response as he drove away. And what do I think about it all? I think I . . . → Read More: Blast

Friday The Thirteenth

Friday, February 13, 2015

I guess I’ve been lucky all through my life. Friday the thirteenth has not been a day related to bad luck in my world. With one notable exception, one person who was born on a Friday the Thirteenth was an exceptionally negative element in my life for many years, changing the . . . → Read More: Friday The Thirteenth

Three Days in the Life

Sunday, November 8, 2015

He was at it again! My good Samaritan neighbour from across the street cleared the driveway again this morning! I am humbled by the generosity. For the moment it has stopped snowing, and is blowing, blowing, blowing. I would get by without the assistance of the neighbour across the street, but . . . → Read More: Three Days in the Life

Home Alone

When I was a little girl, my brother and I would spend endless hours reading and discussing encyclopedias. Warm summer afternoons spent in a stuffy upstairs room, minds abuzz with all the wonders of the world. Those were happy hours, whiled away with my eldest brother, a year younger than myself.

I think of them . . . → Read More: Home Alone

Snowing and Blowing

This morning I awoke to Diesel curled up at my feet, snoring to beat the band, and the wind howling and battering the house. It was quite a combination! We have blizzard conditions here at the little house in the city, a rare event!

I jumped out of bed and headed for the thermostat, changing . . . → Read More: Snowing and Blowing