The Visit

Attila just drove off, heading north. He drove down on Friday night, and stayed two whole nights! We celebrated my birthday yesterday. It wasn’t my birthday yesterday, but we won’t be together on my birthday this year, so yesterday was my virtual birthday. We had a lovely, quiet day, sharing a pizza and a movie. . . . → Read More: The Visit


Yesterday I attended my first appointment, an assessment, with the physiotherapist. I didn’t like the feel of the physical building, just something about it that felt, well, aggressive. Then I discovered that the clinic shares facilities with a small gym. That explains it, there is an air of pushiness to the place, and gyms strike . . . → Read More: Reconnecting

Heating Bills

When the temperature at the country house hovers around -20 (-4F) first thing in the morning, the temperature at the little house in the city is often a bit colder. When the temperature at the country house dips to -30C (-22F) to -37C (-34.5F), the temperature at the little house in the city is significantly . . . → Read More: Heating Bills


Repairs seem to be the theme this week!

Yesterday, 0n the advice of the CAA fellow, I gave the local automotive shop a call in the morning. The price was high, I thought, but I wanted the work done, and I wanted to explore for a reliable garage in the area. Doing business with the . . . → Read More: Repairs

Tank’s Battery Madness

I was really looking forward to attending my Yoga class this morning.

The universe had other plans for me.

After breakfast I dressed carefully, checked my gear to make sure I had my slippers and the $3 fee, finally bundled myself up in parka, scarf and gloves, and headed out to Tank. And that is . . . → Read More: Tank’s Battery Madness

Week Three

Here I am, entering week three of the new year here at the little house in the city. So far, so good.

The days are beginning to form a loose pattern, hopping out of bed and turning the thermostat up to 20C, then hopping back into bed for ten minutes to wait until the house . . . → Read More: Week Three

Snow Squalls

This morning Attila rotated his computer to show me the snow that had accumulated on the deck over the last six days. He shovelled the snow off the deck a week ago.

This is a screen shot of the snow on the deck at the country house. The railing is chest high, to give . . . → Read More: Snow Squalls


It is cold here at the little house in the city, -22C. It is also windy. I have a thermostat. This is heavenly.

As cold as I think it is here, Attila has a full scale deep-freeze going on at the country house. It is -32C there at the moment. There are snow squall warnings, . . . → Read More: Cold!

A Shopping Trip

Tank and I were off this morning to one of the nearby cities. For Christmas we received a Costco membership. When Attila and I did our first foray to purchase items at Costco, I chose some cashews. They were coated with preservatives, which I did not expect. I hadn’t checked the label until we got . . . → Read More: A Shopping Trip

the new year

Attila and I celebrated New Years Eve with a long, cozy FaceTime chat. When we rang off at 10 p.m. we were both headed for our pillows. We greeted each other first thing the next morning, the next year, and chatted over coffee, before signing off and getting down to little odd jobs around our . . . → Read More: the new year