Extended Adolescence

I recently read an article by a married woman, a mother, who publicly outed her “eccentric” Dad as a disappointment in her life, with glorious derisive details. She seems to believe that all people feel as she does, when she says, “Here’s the thing about kids with eccentric parents: we never stop holding out hope for normalcy.” I am reminded of the joke and the quote with the punch line “what do you mean we white man.” [see quote below] As a child of truly eccentric parents, I did go through a phase in adolescence where I burned for normalcy. Then I grew up, realized my parents were mere humans and unique individuals, with stories and lives of their own, unrelated to my fantasies and desires, which were shaped more by peer pressure and the media than they were by need or sanity. It is a rough go when you are perceived as different by your peers, and this is particularly difficult in adolescence, a period of time when young people have very little control over their social accoutrements, and suffer immeasurably from social pressures, however unreasonable they may be. On reaching adulthood we make our own choices, our parents … Continue reading

Turning Point

Friday, March 27, 2015 I got out for my walk on Wednesday morning, beating the rain. What I did not beat was the influenza bug. By Wednesday evening I was not feeling very well at all, and I had a low grade fever, at least that is when I first took my temperature. I had come down with influenza. Yesterday was a real challenge. I drank two litres of cranberry juice and lots of water over the course of the day, in spite of having slept most of the day away. I did not eat much, but I did manage to get down a few oatmeal muffins and some vegetable soup. I know I am sick if I sleep during the day, and I don’t want my dinner! This morning I felt somewhat better, and indeed I am no longer running a temperature. I still don’t want my dinner, but I am making myself eat meals anyway. Keeping up the fluids, water and cranberry juice, isn’t so difficult. The real pleasure today was being able to take a shower! The only household task I have extended myself to perform has been to clean the kitty litter. Some things just must … Continue reading

A Little Bit Sick

It has been years since I was under the weather with a cold! On Sunday evening, after dinner, I thought I might have tried to swallow something I shouldn’t have, my throat felt as if something were stuck there. There wasn’t. By Monday morning I had an irritating cough. Yesterday the cough persisted. Last night I had a raging headache. This morning I am a bit congested and the cough is still with me. No fever though, thank goodness. Because I was coughing so much during the night, Diesel decided to try to get some shut eye on my easy chair. Today is my Yoga class and I have decided not to attend. There are other women there who would find this bug more than annoying, were they to catch it. I’ll hold fast here at home, and wait out the symptoms. This morning I prepared myself a lemon drink, water, lemon, and wee bit of sweetener. That calmed the cough for a while, but it came back. I will just have to keep drinking! I will still be going out for my walk, bundled up to the eyeballs so as not to catch a chill. Lately, I have been … Continue reading

Another Way of Seeing Things

March 23, 2015, Little House in The City uncompromising: un|com¦prom|is¦ing Definition of uncompromising in English: adjective 1 Showing an unwillingness to make concessions to others, especially by changing one’s ways or opinions: as an uncompromising Protestant he felt that his country ought to be at war with Spain his voice was uncompromising 1.1 Harsh or relentless: the uncompromising ugliness of her home. This morning my thoughts have wandered through the garden of what it means to be uncompromising. I wonder if it is ever “wise” to compromise one’s personal integrity. In my experience, compromise is a crucial element to career success. Making concessions to the power structures within which one wants to hold a position is mandatory. In my opinion, no matter what hype the media presents, there are no mavericks in the arena of “success”. There is no one who is making their own rules. If you grew up in a family, and in a context, of “success”, this sort of compromise seems normal to you. It seems good. It seems necessary. In fact, I have observed that, to many who grew up in this context, the state of compromise is undetectable to them, and unconsciously assumed to be … Continue reading

Walking Shoes

Sunday, March 22, 2015 Here we are, approaching the last week of March! I can’t tell you just how excited I am! Attila says there is little sign of spring at the country house, but I KNOW it is coming soon! Here at the little house in the city the snow is melting fast. Every day I look out and admire a few new tufts of brown grass, a puddle by a snowbank, and the mini-flood on the south side of our driveway. The mini-flood is there because, when the town repaved the road they graded it so that all the water that runs down the street runs into our driveway, and settles there. Every day the puddle fills with melt water, and every evening after the sun goes down it shrinks away, as the water soaks into the bordering grasses. It is nippy and windy out of doors. I bundled right up to go for my walk this morning. The sun was shining bright, so that although my face was cold due to the wind, I felt invigorated by the the time I got back to the house. I don’t go far, but I always congratulate myself on the … Continue reading