Fond Farewell Benny

A sad day today for our family. Luna’s dog Benny was bitten by a tick last spring, and her health has been deterioring ever since, she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease shortly after she was bitten by the tick, the medication did not help in her case. She came to visit us on Sunday, with . . . → Read More: Fond Farewell Benny

Pressure Canner

It ate a whole day, did the new pressure canner. And I did not even touch it!

First, I read the manual. Then I looked at various web sites dealing with pressure canners. The general advice was that the pressure gauge needed to be checked annually, either in the spring or the fall. In the . . . → Read More: Pressure Canner

Home Again, Home Again

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Early this morning, at 4:30 a.m., I arose, washed, dressed, and began packing the car for the trip home. It was still dark outside as I made my trips back and forth to the car. The morning was warm and humid, which is a big change from the cool weather we . . . → Read More: Home Again, Home Again

The Date

Monday, 19 August, 2014

Sunday, and again Monday, Terra dropped by on her lunch break. Her workplace is a few minutes from our little house, so it makes for a nice break from work for her. For me, it is a treat. I prepared salami and cheese sandwiches for us, topped with a thick slice . . . → Read More: The Date

Little Things

Thursday, August 14, 2014

On Wednesday Terra and I planned a shopping trip to the city. I drove out to her place, wanting to see the new siding Lares put up this summer, and also try out the new patio chairs they just purchased for their verandah. They got a steal of a deal on . . . → Read More: Little Things


It was almost two weeks ago when it suddenly hit Attila that the house was not likely to sell this year, and that we would need a lot more firewood than we have in the woodshed, to get through the winter. Not a good feeling.

I decided that a lone visit to the little house . . . → Read More: Firewood


Friday, August 8, 2014

I was thinking this morning, in the early dawn, just after 5:00 a.m., as I lay awake in the motel room, waiting for Attila to awake, that a decent analogy for my life can be made by comparing it to vehicular transportation.

My life is like driving a tank. Most lives . . . → Read More: Bereavement

Retirement Blues

Attila had two consecutive days off work! Monday was a statutory holiday in Canada, leaving us with Sunday and Monday to spend in any way we chose.

We visited the little house in the city, leaving the country house mid-afternoon on Saturday, after Attila arrived home from eight hours at work, and arriving at the . . . → Read More: Retirement Blues


Here is it Friday, and I have just posted my entry for last weekend!

The week has been largely spent on my genealogy project. Attila’s family history hales partially from Finland. Researching his family history has been interesting, I do not speak Finnish! But I have found some lovely people in Finland who are guiding . . . → Read More: Finland

Innate Desire

On Sunday Attila and I spent a strenuous and happy day at the camp. Attila dug up some of the Periwinkle at the country house, which he transplanted to the edge of the drainage ditch beside the new driveway. With rain predicted all week, we are hoping the Periwinkle will take root and thrive.

As . . . → Read More: Innate Desire