Rambling: on the ground and the page.

I have been rambling about this week.

Thursday I had a lovely and relaxing visit with Harriet and my cousin Sali, and Sali’s husband and son. We spent a lovely day sitting in the sun, and chatting, catching up on news, making acquaintance. Just one of those quiet days that shine in memory. Hogan was . . . → Read More: Rambling: on the ground and the page.

Knee Trouble

I hurt my knee over a week ago. I was walking and it just gave out on me, it was very painful. The pain was significant for the first two days, and then it has been a little bit better every day since. I still have a bit of limp. but that is improving. Now . . . → Read More: Knee Trouble

Intellectual Hubris

An idea is not a complete or whole thing. It is a small snapshot, a tiny window, a snippet of a complex whole thing.

I believe this to be true.

This is why I believe that any idea or theory or dogma or thesis, or any other worded, thought based structure, is unequal, in and . . . → Read More: Intellectual Hubris

Cow Patties

The weather has been cool, mostly sunny, with lots of intermittent rain. Everywhere you look there is a lushness to the green, an abundance in the environment. I love the cooler weather, particularly when the sun is shining. One of the advantages of cool summer weather is that indoor cooking is a comfortable activity. Yesterday . . . → Read More: Cow Patties


The older I get, the more eccentric I get, or so I think.

What have I done with any spare time I have had over the last week?

I have watched a series of movies on youtube, each about an hour and a half long. Not so odd you think. Well, the thing is, they . . . → Read More: English

Pie Social

Last weekend we visited the little house in the city. It was a beautiful drive, as light lingered through the evening.

Attila and I worked on the yard, mowing the lawn, and tending the garden. We lost one tomato plant, and one hot pepper plant, but the rest are maintaining their health. They have not . . . → Read More: Pie Social

Path to the Outhouse

On the weekend, Harriet and Ariel cut the grass at Granny and Grandpa’s house. It is a big job! They cut a path to the outhouse, just for me! Harriet has a magnificent heavy-duty, self-propelling lawn mower, which makes the job viable, just. I could not manage the job with the bottom-of-the-line, wobbly little push . . . → Read More: Path to the Outhouse

Insect Repellent Clothing

The driveway at the camp is partially in! We were able to park at our camp, for the very first time. That is the good news. The less exciting news is that the driveway will cost almost twice as much as originally anticipated. Sounds wrong, we know, but the estimate was given before the township . . . → Read More: Insect Repellent Clothing

Weekend Warriors

Attila and I visited the little house in the city this past weekend. It was two whole days off work for Attila! Sort of. It was a long drive there and back. We made a few stops, to eat, to purchase fuel, to drink coffee. Attila needed coffee to keep him awake, as he had . . . → Read More: Weekend Warriors

Sweeping Clean the Corners

Granny’s Porch, where she and I shelled peas, sitting on wooden kitchen chairs, after picking them from the garden down the road. How sweet the peas tasted; I still love peas.

Sleep has been catching up with me; last night’s deep, sound sleep was very welcome.

Life is very quiet at the moment. So . . . → Read More: Sweeping Clean the Corners