To The Bank

To purchase the new used vehicle I needed to visit the bank. The weather people said that snow squalls are expected every single day between now and Saturday, when the bank is closed. The bank is usually a 35 minute drive away, on the highway. Yesterday the roads were really bad, so much so that . . . → Read More: To The Bank


It is snowin’ and blowin’ out there today! The wind is literally roaring around the house, 60 km/hr gusts announce themselves with great enthusiasm. I am taking the “you can’t see me” approach to this storm. You know, when you cover your eyes and say to the other person, “you can’t see me!” Yeah, right, . . . → Read More: Blizzard!

“Keep drapes closed and pretend it is a lovely day outside.”

Last April we finally found a Sunday featuring good roads and good weather, allowing us to visit my family to celebrate Christmas. Originally the get together was scheduled the preceding December, but an ice storm, followed by an intense winter of Sunday’s with bad road conditions, conspired to postpone the trip until April.

This Christmas . . . → Read More: “Keep drapes closed and pretend it is a lovely day outside.”

Little Green Car – Sold!

We received about six inches of snow all told, yesterday and last night.

This morning the porcelain blue sky gently peeks through the white tangle of tree branches that surround the house. It is so very beautiful. Sometimes I try to capture it with my camera, but it is beyond my skills to harness the . . . → Read More: Little Green Car – Sold!

Stormy Weather

Today is a day to work on the genealogy book. It is painful, trying to get the images just right. Layout is tricky business too, where to put what is crucial to a tolerable result. So far I have prepared eight images to the correct specifications. I have yet to successfully place one though, on . . . → Read More: Stormy Weather

The Gales of November

The first snow squalls of the season arrived this morning, as the day wore on they intensified, melting away between squalls. They were heralded by an event. I was sitting at the table, enjoying a late breakfast, when the house went still and quiet and dim. The hydro was out. The wind blows, the hydro . . . → Read More: The Gales of November

The Ideal Vehicle

Yesterday Attila arrived home, and broke the news that the alternator had died in the little green car. This is the first serious problem that we have had with the this little car, a 1998 Toyota Tercel, that we purchased new. When we bought it we were stretching ourselves to our very limit. We could . . . → Read More: The Ideal Vehicle

Cleaning the Closet

The morning coffee is still being prepared on the range, with the camping percolator. That old percolator was another yard sale scoop, many, many years ago. It is a stainless steel model, so is virtually indestructible. It is shiny at the top, and black on the bottom, from being used over campfires. It works very . . . → Read More: Cleaning the Closet

Old Green Boat

The snow has been falling since early morning, it accumulates, slowly, successfully racing the melt. The roads are messy, gungey, not quite slippery, so Attila says.

Several cords of split wood are on the back of a delivery truck in our driveway. The wood is wet, but only on the surface. On top of the . . . → Read More: Old Green Boat

Way To Go

All of the Christmas gifts we purchased from, for the Grandbabies, arrived yesterday. The shipping boxes were unpacked, so that we could see the results of our shopping adventure. And we were pleased.

The gifts are low-key, interactive, reasonably priced items, and to our relief, are of reasonable quality. The gifts live up the . . . → Read More: Way To Go