Open Window

Ginger decided this morning that he wanted the living room window open. He sat on the back of the couch, by the window, and silently stared at me. I could see “Do the right thing Maggie!” written on his face. And today, I could do it!

It is still a bit cool for having the window open, but Ginger is having a wonderful time. He became so excited that he attacked the tag on the couch cover. He doesn’t often try to prove he is a tough guy, so this was very entertaining. I’ve turned off the heating system for the day, so as not to risk heating the great outdoors.

It has come to my attention that some subscribers are not receiving my email notifications. I’ve been tweaking the settings to see if I can clear up the issue. It is possible that subscriber’s email service provider has updated their servers, or implemented new security features, that might prevent my notifications from coming through. If it is possible to check the spam folder for my notifications, you might find my missives in there. I’ve done additional reconfiguring, and I hope it alleviates the problem, it may or may not. I will keep trying though, until I find a solution.



Updated on Tue, Apr 9 at 1:57 PM
A few clouds
Wind 9 S km/h
Humidity 35 %
Visibility 34 km
Sunrise 6:33 AM
Wind gust 13 km/h
Pressure 101.5 kPa
Ceiling 9100 m
Sunset 7:44 PM


“University politics are vicious precisely because the stakes are so small.”
Henry Kissinger
1923 – 2023

Whatever the reason, vicious is the correct adjective. The higher you go, the more obvious it becomes. Those who benefit from it, or who are able to keep out of harms way, often deny its existence.

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Joan Lansberry

We have windows open here, but it is a lovely spring day, just perfect, no chill, no need for fan….. (We will ‘pay’ later…..)


We’ve had the windows open just a crack every day we’ve had blue skies and the temp in the house would hit 77F/24.5C. When we could feel the air along the floor getting coolish, we’d shut everything down again. It’s been great having the windows open!