March Is A Two Pizza Month

March! It is my least favourite month of the year. My Granny passed away in March of 1976, I still tear up when I think about how much I miss her. My very dear friend and lover Pat Logier passed away in March of 1996, a very sad time in my life. March is when winter weather can seem like it will never, ever, ever end. March brings the spring season, but not necessarily spring weather. March, even when the weather is lovely, holds no promises that winter’s worst will not return for a star performance. I don’t like March much. But, I am having comparatively grand March this year. Living at Mist Cottage means that we see the snow melt away in March, we are reminded that milder weather will come. This year March is stirring our longing to be out at the Rideau Camp; we are beginning to think about being there, what we will take with us for our picnics, what little projects we want to work on, how wonderful it will be to sit under the trees in the shade on hot days, and to sit under the stars around our campfire on clear nights. Yes, … Continue reading

Little Things

The cold snap is finally over. We can see patches of brown grass now, here and there, where there was only white yesterday. The snow banks are still significant, but they will not last long. We had a lovely quiet weekend. We made croutons, went for walks in the sun, sat on the back porch in the sun, baked sourdough bread, and just hung out at home. I crochet every day, and it is coming easier and easier. I am still on the first stitch I learned, the single crochet stitch. I won’t be moving beyond that for a while yet, I want to my hands to learn it, muscle memory, and that takes time to develop.


11:15 a.m. It was -12C when I peeked out the kitchen window this morning, just after the sun came over the horizon. The sun did its magic, and the temperature has now risen to -1C. I plan on going for a walk again today, after lunch, when it is even warmer out there. Yesterday I did get out for a walk, and it was lovely and sunny. But despite the above freezing temperature, the wind was strong and nipped at any exposed skin. The birds were exultant, in full song. I saw crows, chickadees, robins, blue jays, grackles and red winged blackbirds. The excitement of impending spring had captured us all. Two packages arrived in the mail yesterday. One was the photograph project I had ordered online, I like the results, and that is a great relief. The other was my set of crochet hooks, and they are lovely. These hooks were recommended by Bex, and they make crocheting a lot easier. Yesterday, after Attila got home from work, we made an excursion to pick up some fresh vegetables and some almond milk, which has replaced dairy milk in my diet. The tummy upsets have disappeared. I was relieved that … Continue reading

Single Crochet Grasped

The snow stopped falling mid-afternoon here. It was snowing when Attila left for work this morning, and the plow went through shortly after he had gone. It snowed all morning, with a vigorous wind, and a cold temperature. The plow went through again in the afternoon. I looked out at the mound of snow across the end of the driveway, thought about going out to shovel it away so Attila could get into the driveway when he got home from work, thought the better of it, and stayed indoors. The last time I ventured out to shovel snow I ended up with back trouble for a few weeks. Attila arrived home, parked on the street, fetched the shovel from the garage, and within an hour the driveway, walkway, and front porch were shovelled clear. Tomorrow’s predicted sunshine and daytime high of -2C should kick start the process of snow melt. In a few weeks this whiteness will be a distant memory. I spent the day happily practicing my crochet skills. Crochet hits on almost all of my major weaknesses. I am left handed, most of the world crochets right handed, and I face a lot of “doing things backward”, which … Continue reading