Garage Floor or Bathtub?

Yesterday half of the garage roof was off, and the rotten wood from the back walls of the garage had been removed. That left everything in the back half of the garage completely exposed to the sky and to the yard. We worried a bit that someone might decide to sneak in during the night and steal our stuff. But really, what kind of a thief would take anything that smelled as bad as the interior of our garage! This morning revealed that no one was interested in touching our smelly belongings, in the smelly garage. The first order of the day day today on the garage project, was to replace the wall studs, on 16 inch centres. The original sill plate was in excellent condition, and securely attached to the concrete foundation, so it was kept. It took all day to repair the wall, which means the roof was gone and there was a gaping hole above the back half of the garage, and what remained of the roof sloped into the cavity. Of course a huge thunderstorm rolled right in this afternoon, and a deluge of rain fell into the back of the garage, from the sky and … Continue reading

Moving Domain Hosts

An email arrived in the inbox, offering free services to move my domain host to more up to date servers, at a slightly lower cost. Moving hosts is a huge pain, but they offered to do almost all the work! So I took them up on it. This site now sits on a completely different data storage device, as of this morning. The transition has been relatively painless, a few glitches occurred, one set of email addresses didn’t make the transition, but that was remedied almost immediately. Some of the password protected files on some of the domains aren’t functioning properly, I’ll need to fix that myself. But here we are, we’ve been modernized. Bet you didn’t notice. Hope you didn’t notice. They did most of the work, transferred files, email accounts, databases, web sites… I had to test that all was working as it should, and to change the domain name servers for all of the domains, which ended up taking quite a while and kept me busy all day yesterday. Not all the sites are live on the new server yet, but this one is. The new account provides me with 24/7 telephone support, which is great. The … Continue reading


I looked up the shelf life of long grain rice, on the internet, and found so many different answers that the information was virtually useless. Best to use common sense I reckon. So here is the thing. We purchased long grain rice in 1999, in preparation for Y2K. We were ready for many eventualities. In addition to things like a generator, fuel, water, we stored foods that would last in dry storage, not requiring refrigeration, or processing. Rice, beans, lentils, oats, dried peas, we stocked up on these items. One of the things we bought lots of was long grain rice. We purchased bags and bags of it, then stored them in tightly closed, moisture proof containers. Well here we are, 19 years later, and the very last bag of long grain rice, 1999 vintage, came out of storage and into the glass canister tonight. That rice moved with us from our city house, to our country house, to Mist Cottage, it is vintage food. Now some people would be horrified, this has to be past its best before date. That doesn’t matter to us. Rice, if stored properly, it can last a long time. For instance, the Utah State … Continue reading

A Couple of Days

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 Well, here it is, the garage roof replacement project has begun. I’ve waited for this one, to be over of course, it has been a long, long time coming. The garage roof leaked when we bought Mist Cottage in 2010, and the situation has worsened year by year, the smell of the mildew, the wet, the mice… well, all that is about to change at last. And am I happy? Yes and no. I am so very glad the project is underway. At the same time I am feeling sad at the interruption in the flow of my daily life. That is probably because it is not my project, it is Attila’s. My role is administrative, making sure all the bills are paid so that the materials show up when needed, making sure that lots of good food waits in the ready, making a concerted effort to become invisible, to try not to get drawn into the project, just to listen when Attila goes through the frustrating bits, which I always hear about. It will eventually be behind us, and life will once again settle into some kind of rhythm. It isn’t going to be fun, … Continue reading

Busily Recuperating

The summer cold continues to plague me, although the symptoms lessen slowly over time, I am still struggling to keep up my fluids, and go through boxes of tissues. I was only up twice last night coughing, an improvement. This is one miserable cold! My energy levels are definitely down, but I am managing to remain a it active anyway. On Saturday Attila and I took a run out to the Rideau Camp. All was well there, except for the hoards of army worms. They were there in much greater numbers than our last visit, even though I had destroyed hundreds and hundreds of them. The spray works really well for the swarms of them, but not so well on individual worms. Attila sprayed, while I used a stick to squish the low lying outliers. I also tended an all day camp fire, burning a lot of the brush that had been brought up from the swamp area near the road, it had dried out. I estimate that I was on my feet dealing with army worms for over seven hours on Saturday. By the time we headed home it was beginning to get dark, after 8:00 p.m., and I … Continue reading