Christmas Cactus

I love that I am still visited by epiphanies. I have suddenly discovered that I don’t care if the art I create is what I envisioned, or good, or if I have an opportunity to share it with anyone, or what other people might think of it. Art is my opportunity to spend time with the beauty I see and hear and smell and touch in the world. Funny, I’ve known this about writing since I could hold a book, and a pencil. Other forms of expression have been foreign to me though. In part that is because I grew up in an environment where the materials needed to pursue skills in self expression in “legitimate” ways like drawing, painting or music, were too costly to be available to me, or my siblings. Words, now words we could make our own, we could shape and form them, send them out to interact with the universe, see them fly into the distance, die in silence, and on very special occasions return to us, having resonated with another human being. We didn’t need money, or have to travel in the social circles of privilege to gain access to this art form, it … Continue reading


Yesterday was full of activity. Attila and I went grocery shopping, visited the dump to drop off the old broken freezer, dropped in at the bank, and made a flying visit to Terra and Lares’ place. Sunny and Sky are pink and bright eyed, and very healthy looking. They are so very different, their personalities are already quite distinct. I had a chance to feed Sunny, and to cuddle with her. There is nothing in my life so purely pleasurable as holding my grandchildren. Sky was sleeping when we arrived, but soon he was a awake and full of smiles, Lares even had him laughing out loud. Attila got a chance to feed Sky, in his own unique way, with Sky sitting upright, which looked a little bit awkward, but seemed to work very well, there was less spitting up after the meal than usual. Off we went home, as Terra and her family headed out to have the babies picture taken with Santa. Later in the evening, I received a second response to a request I had put on the internet for a VCR, as ours had died during the process of digitizing home VHS videos. I had already … Continue reading

Three Days

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 The arrival of winter has been confirmed, I had my first nosebleed this morning. It didn’t take much to get it going, I gently blew my nose this morning and the deed was done. Luckily I managed to get it under control in about ten minutes. Nosebleeds are very intrusive! The temperature dipped to -7C or below last night, which means our source of heat switched to the oil furnace, which results in a significant fall in humidity inside the house. The weather forecast calls for temperatures above -7C for the next few weeks, so I will have a reprieve period before the serious days of interior aridity settle in. When we need a new furnace, we will purchase one with a humidifying feature, and an air cleaning feature as well. With any luck, that eventuality is years away. Attila obligingly set a load of his laundry to wash before he left for work this morning, so that I may hang the wet laundry to dry on the racks, and increase the humidity in the house. Increasingly my eyes are worn out by evening. My eyes water, they sting, and my vision blurs. I spend many … Continue reading

Winter Arrived!

I have been thinking about Icarus, a person who reached his potential in a manner of speaking, an individual who followed his dream, soared with the eagles, believed in himself, dared to break the rules. I often wonder about the advice given by those who were positioned in life to catch the right updrafts, and were blessed with the right sort of wings; I wonder at their assumption that the ingredients to their rise is due to their own desires and determination. I guess death, who so far as I know none of us escapes, will provide them with their Icarus moment. On Saturday Attila and I headed out to the Rideau Camp, after a leisurely morning, lingering over our morning coffee. The weather was beautiful, warm, windy, and sunny, it would have seemed a lovely day even if it had arrived in July or August. Within an hour of our arrival we were down to our short sleeved shirts, and even then felt hot when we exerted ourselves. Attila stacked logs, I burned brush, and from time to time we both sat enjoying the roar of wind gusts and the rattle of bare branches. We knew it was the … Continue reading

Rideau Camp

The page was blank this morning, but now it isn’t. The weather is wonderful, cool, sunny, breezy, truly astonishing for this late in November. I have been out for my walk already this morning, it is now getting on towards lunch time. Usually I walk briskly, and do not pause. This morning I paused, looking up. There were hundreds of Canada Geese flying overhead, flying in a southerly direction. We live near the water, we can even see it in the winter when the leaves have fallen from the trees. The geese gravitate towards this water, and we enjoy hearing them as they travel through, both in the spring and in the autumn. I spoke with Terra this past week, for the first time since July. She has been busy, nesting and bonding with her babies. Both are healthy and over 11 pounds now, bright eyed little treasures. We interacted via Facetime, and they stared and stared at me as Terra presented my image and voice to them, and then they cried, they were making strange! That means they see and recognize that my face, and my voice, are not their mother’s. This is a very good thing. Although they … Continue reading