Thinking About Ticks and Lyme Disease You can treat your clothes to repel, and even kill, ticks. I knew this treated clothing would repel ticks, mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies, and just about all biting insects, but I did not know it would kill the ticks. That is good news in my book. What it means is that Attila and I were walking tick killers all weekend up at the Rideau Camp. Bravo! I found this web site tickencounter.org that seems to offer good advice and sound information about ticks, Lyme Disease, and treating clothing with permethrin. Research the method I use before you use it, my method is to make a mixture using 10% permethrin, 1 teaspoon to 4 cups of water in a spray bottle. Caution is advised, research the safe way to do this before giving it a try. I spray clothing hung up on the outdoor clothes line on a calm day, I wear long sleeved clothing, latex gloves, safety glasses, and a breathing mask when I am treating the clothing. This site is interesting, the first I’ve encountered with details on how to treat your own clothing, but even more important to me is all … Continue reading

Heat Wave

We headed to the Rideau Camp with Iris in tow after Attila arrived home from work on Friday night. There is a complete fire ban in force at the moment, so there was no campfire. That worked out perfectly, because it was far to hot to even think about being near the heat of a camp fire. Things are dry in Eastern Ontario, very, very, very dry. It would not surprise me that if we do not get rain soon, it will be called a drought. As we drove home from the Rideau Camp we passed large lawns that were brown and dead. The temperature was too hot for me by 11 a.m. on Saturday morning, and the same thing happened again this morning. The humidity was high, always a potent combination with hot temperatures. Attila is not bothered by the heat, he just kept on working around the camp, happy as a clam. I sat in the shade, closed my eyes, and waited for the day to be over. While we sat at the picnic table at the Camp on Friday night, eating our dinner, we heard something travelling through the bush behind the table. We looked into the … Continue reading

I Love The Month of May

There are a lot of reasons I love the month of May. One is that my Mom’s birthday falls in the the month of May, and I love my Mom. Another is that Mother’s Day falls in the month of May, and I love my Mom. Spring weather is another reason I love the month of May. The nights are cool, so even if it gets stinking hot during the day, the temperature at night is pleasant for sleeping. The month of May looks and smells wonderful. There are flowers in bloom; Wild Violets, Lungwort, Dandelions, Trout Lilies, Lilacs, Trilliums, Blood Root, and my absolute favourite, tree blossoms, apple and cherry and peach. Having the windows open for the first time since the previous fall is another thing I love about the month of May. I love asparagus and rhubarb, both ready for harvest in the month of May. I love camping, an activity that can begin during the month of May. Yesterday I spent the day trying to organize Iris for the next camping excursion. I purchased cheap plastic containers to contain our belongings when Iris is in motion. On our first trip there was a lot of shifting … Continue reading

Tale of Two Toilets

Attila and I have just had our first real long weekend in about twenty three years. To say it felt good would be an understatement! On Friday evening we headed for the Rideau Camp to see how things were progressing there. It was beautiful, we hadn’t seen it with leaves on the trees, and we loved it. There were very few black flies, and very few mosquitoes. We were in shock, as we had arrived in biting bug season gear, permethrin sprayed shirts and pants, gloves, and hats, high rubber boots, the works. On our Friday evening visit Attila used the gas string trimmer to cut the weeds, after three hours there was a sizeable area that looked neat and tidy. We decided, before we left the camp that night, that we would bring Iris with us in the morning, and stay for two nights. It was a last minute decision, to go camping for the long weekend, and we weren’t really prepared for it, but that didn’t stop us from heading for the camp with Iris. On Saturday morning it took us hours to pack the trailer, and put the new tires on. Our trip began just after noon. … Continue reading

Oh What A Beautiful Day

I continue to attack the mildew odour in Iris’ cushions. The worst affected are the back cushions of the dinette. The foam has been removed from the covers, the covers washed and one of the foams was soaked and washed. This morning the covers still retained a memory of mildew, and the foam has not dried, so that it is not possible to tell just yet if the washing has succeeded. I washed the covers for a second time, which seemed to marginally improve their aroma. I fear that these 39 year old cushions and covers cannot be restored to an acceptable quality for use. New cushions and covers are expensive, I am currently looking for a local source of good quality foam. I am considering covering new foam with makeshift “cases” made from shower curtains; it wouldn’t be pretty, but it just might be functional. If we do manage to get new cushions they won’t be stored in Iris over the winter! We have a few mosquitoes here at Mist Cottage. They are a lethargic lot, easy to kill, if spotted before they have a chance to bite. I notice that they are stirred up when I walk through … Continue reading