A Tale Of Two Sandwiches

Another gray and dreary day. It is mild though, and almost all of the snow has melted away. So far it has been a wonderfully mild winter. A few days ago I was careless and ate slightly more than 1200 mg of sodium for the day. I experienced some swelling in my feet and fingers. Yesterday and during the night my system finally released the excess fluid, and the swelling has subsided. I am very sensitive to sodium. This morning I awoke at 6:00 a.m. For me this is sleeping in. Attila was still in dreamland. Sitting at the kitchen table I had the sudden urge to bake a loaf of bread. I have known since last September that I needed to start baking bread again, salt free bread that is. I have procrastinated, for months. I found a salt free recipe online, for Oatmeal Bread, and began with that. I used the ingredient list, but since I use a Bosch mixer to knead my bread, and the recipe included only instructions for a bread machine, I had to improvise. My Oatmeal Bread Low Sodium was a success. Attila will continue to eat store bought bread for the moment, until … Continue reading


I have been thinking today about my own perspective of the world. Sometimes I think the past is rosier because it is safely tucked away in memory. It is no longer subject to speculation, hope, expectation, or fear. The only part of it that can be altered is how we remember it. There are periods of time though that are not rosier for their passing. These are the challenging times that hone our abilities to cope with unwanted circumstances. One thing is certain about periods of time, rosy or challenging; time will flow, it will pass by us, through us, and we will be swept along with it. The now is not the forever. When I think of my Grandbabies, I don’t muse about the world they will live in. I do not rail against the fates of power and greed; I waste no prescious time with those elements of human hubris. I do think about doing what I can, when I can, to make the world the kindest, most compassionate, and hopeful place it can be. Although I delight in giving my Grandbabies gifts, toys and treats and hugs and kisses, I know that doing what is right in … Continue reading

Freezing Rain

This morning dawned grey and dreary. Yesterday, since I could not sit, when I was tired of standing I lay down on the couch. Without knowing it, I fell asleep, only to awaken an hour or so later to find that I had fallen asleep. That meant that I was awake for several hours in the middle of the night. In turn, that meant that I slept in, Attila letting me sleep as he knew I’d been up during the night. It was light when awoke, a rare event. I talked with Sister-The-Youngest-Girl this morning, she calls from time to time with her bluetooth system, from her car, while she is commuting to work. She has a long commute, so this seems an excellent way to stay in touch. All is well in her world, except that the branch of the company she works for has been sold, and future employment is up in the air for all of the employees right now. It doesn’t make for relaxing days at work! After chatting with my sister, I puttered in the kitchen, doing dishes, and putting together a braised beef dinner in the cast iron Dutch Oven. It simmered all day, … Continue reading

A Bad Decision

Yesterday I put on my parka, donned my hat, and headed out for my walk! I hadn’t been out for a walk since last week, being too busy with Attila home for the weekend, and reticent to venture out into the snow and/or rain that dominated this past week’s weather. The day was sunny yesterday, and I was very happy to be going out for my walk at last. When I opened the door, I found snow drifts in the driveway. I grabbed a shovel and went to work. It was a bad decision. The snow was wet, and heavy, and after five minutes I could not straighten up, and was barely able to get myself up the stairs and indoors again. My back gives me problems from time to time, and this was one of those times. I took Ibuprofen and it didn’t help at all. I found the electric heating pad, and that did help a bit. Finally, late in the afternoon, I remembered that I had Voltaren, an anti-inflammatory cream, meant for my arthritic knee, so I applied some of that to area in my back that was seizing up, and it helped quite a bit. More … Continue reading


I have been quite content sitting here at Mist Cottage, enjoying reading my books, researching my book, writing my book, baking, purging unused household items, looking out the windows at the weather, setting up the new refurbished iMac, the list goes on! Perhaps I have become just a little too comfortable here at home. Yesterday I had an appointment for my EHCO heart test, in the nearby city. Parking was my concern, and I spent the whole day worrying about it. Of course, I could set aside that worry, but it was there, sour and tangy, at the back of my mind, no matter what I distracted myself with. I called the Clinic, and they advised me that I best use the metered parking spaces in the nearby neighbourhood. I checked Google Earth and made sure I knew how to navigate around the area. But still, worry nagged at me. Then I realized that I had but one loonie, and one toonie. If a meter ate my change, I would not have enough money to pay for the needed parking. Things can go wrong with parking meters, past experience tells me. So I decided to get myself dressed, and visit … Continue reading