Too Cold for Mosquitoes!

At 2 a.m. this morning Luna arose and wakened the Grandbabies. Right now, 6:27 a.m., they are all somewhere out over the Atlantic Ocean, destination Ireland. Luna called last night to say a last brief goodbye, as she was getting ready to sleep, if she could. They are all very excited about their upcoming residence in Ireland. They will be back in late September, or early October. This is an annual migration for them now, winters in Canada, summers in Ireland. Janus is an international airline pilot, and this is one of the perks of his job. Here at little house in the city, I await a message from Lares, telling me that Terra has come through her surgery successfully. It isn’t a big worry, but I will breath easier when I’ve heard she is OK. Terra is going through some health related issues right now, that are life changing, but not life threatening. She handles it well most of the time, but occasionally she tires of it all, and just needs us to be patient and loving. It is easy to love Terra, she has such a big heart. On the domestic scene, I continue to purge and organize. … Continue reading


Our Mother’s Day get together at the country house. This is me, Grandma, and Imp and Elf, the Grandbabies, twins. Tink, the youngest is busy visiting with her Great Aunts and Great Grandmother. May 10, 2015 The weekend came, and the weekend went, and it was eventful. Saturday, May 16, 2015 On Saturday morning at 7:20 a.m. I left the country house and headed down the road towards the little house in the city. The traffic was light most of the trip. As I was on the last 20 minute stretch of highway, Highway 401, from out of nowhere, a huge white SUV, which was passing me on the left, veered into my lane, about to hit my vehicle at the back of the driver’s door. I caught the movement just out of the corner of my eye, she snuck up on me from behind. I was forced out of the driving lane onto the side of the road, and barely escaped rolling the car. I fishtailed for a bit, and regained control of the car. The SUV carried on as if nothing had happened, then cut into the passing lane and disappeared into the distance. She could have killed … Continue reading


Sometimes expression is difficult. My “former partner” was the subject of a discussion recently. I didn’t know what to call him! He was my first true love, and that love continued until his untimely death in 1996. We lived together, we were not married, although he wanted to marry. He is often in my thoughts, and always in my heart. I ended up calling him “my former partner”, which seems so flat. Life is a funny affair, you never know when you will come full circle and discover your own tail. It is another busy day, here at the country house. After cleaning the masonry heater clean outs, I tackled the main firebox. Luckily most of the fine ash fell through the grate and into the ash dump. There were a few clinkers, which I scooped up and threw into the fire pit. Next on my list was the little cast iron stove in the family room downstairs. I cleaned the glass. Then I cleaned the ash bucket. The ash bucket looked so good that I decided not to use it, because then I would have to clean it again. I didn’t think that one through! So I shovelled the … Continue reading

Who Knew!

Apparently we have awakened the party animal in Mist! Yesterday there were eighteen of us here, celebrating my Mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day (my Mom was also Grandma, and Great Grandma yesterday). Mist wandered through the crowd, garnering some small attentions here and there, the odd petting, and conversation. When the last car drove away, after we waved goodbye, and began to prepare the house for the realtor’s next visit, that is when Mist suddenly realized that the party was over. She was inconsolable! Mist yowled at the top of her lungs, as she visited every room in the house, searching for all of those jolly visitors. When evening fell, and we closed the sliding glass door and the blinds, she sat staring at the blinds, yowling again at the top of her lungs, waiting for that door to open once more and the for the party to continue. She wanted her people! She yowled off and on through the night, thinking perhaps to wake our visitors from their sleep, forcing them awake, forcing them to return. She must have exhausted herself, for this morning she is sleeping peacefully in her chair. It rained yesterday evening, after everyone had left. … Continue reading

Double Celebrations

I am just thinking this morning, as I send off digital Mother’s Day cards, how very fortunate both Attila and I are to be able to say Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks Mom for putting my needs before yours when I couldn’t fend for myself, I wouldn’t be here without you! Thanks Attila’s Mom for bringing him into the world at large, and my world in particular! Happy Mother’s Day to both of you! Yesterday Attila and I worked hard! I built a cedar arbour from a “kit”, and Attila build a set of exterior stairs to the second story deck. We haven’t finished the projects yet, and are hoping to get them done this morning! Attila still needs to install the railing and spindles, and to paint. I need to square my structure, put in the last screws, and with Attila’s assistance, install the arbour in the front garden. The idea is to add visual appeal to the front of the house, or “curb appeal”. I hope it works. Not only is it Mother’s Day today, it is also my Mom’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! Today is a double celebration. To celebrate my sisters Harriet and Helena; their respective partners … Continue reading