Army Worms

Last weekend was the long weekend. Attila spent his time putting in most of the vegetable garden. I spent my time making rhubarb crisp, and cooking. The rhubarb was fresh from our garden, the first produce of the season. We did make another whirlwind trip out to the camp. I am using “we” again, mostly because Attila continues to involve himself with most of the activities he always involved himself in, just the domestic activities. With both of us being “homebodies”, the domestic covers a lot of ground. While at the Camp, Attila mowed weeds, there are a lot to mow, and spring is the time to get to them. Ticks and mosquitoes do not like short “grass”, so the weeds are mowed short through the spring. The advantage to this, the third spring of ownership, is that the taller growing plants have mostly died off, and the shorter plants are thriving, including the white clover I planted the first and second spring of ownership. The mowing is getting much easier. Last summer garlic was planted at the Camp, and it didn’t do well. I assumed it had either been dug up by critters, or died off because the soil … Continue reading

A Few Days

Saturday, May 19, 2018 Today I learned that it is not wise to wear crock type footwear on chilly rainy days. Puddles in parking lots, when the temperature is hovering around 10C, are just waiting for the unsuspecting Crock wearer. I will not be a Crock wearer on another such day, nor will I be unsuspecting. Tonight supper consisted of leftover homemade pizza, and seedless grapes for dessert. I love fast food pizza, ordered and pickup up, but only on the first day. It looses its appeal when reheated. Homemade pizza is good the first night, and just as good the second or third night. The real bonus for me is is that homemade pizza crust contains no sodium, so that a few slices of pizza won’t put me into sodium overload. Although I love it, I don’t put pepperoni on pizza, it is too high sodium. I do like a bit of low-sodium bacon cooked and crumbled on my homemade pizza, with sweet onions, sweet peppers, and mushrooms. I use my homemade Red Pepper Sauce as well, no sodium in that. The cheese, well, it is the cheese I have to watch, high in sodium, and in cholesterol. The … Continue reading


Oh the excitement! Well, by modern standards of drama, not really. OK, admittedly by the standards of recent drama in my own life, not really. But I can muster a little bit of excitement over this. On Wednesday evening, after 7:00 p.m. the dishwasher was doing its thing. The dishwasher generates heat, as it does its thing. Unexpectedly, the dishwasher raised the temperature in the house a whopping 1.5C, which put it at 22.5C. That is too warm for sleeping! The temperature in the house, due to new insulation and new windows, remains constant. Attila suggested turning on the air conditioning. I was resistant. The compromise was to open all the windows in the house until bed time, which brought the temperature down to 21.5. Better. It will take some time to learn how to manage the temperature in the house! I might just open the windows while the dishwasher is running, and see if that keeps the temperature down. I have been enjoying the beautiful warm sunny afternoons, and chilly clear nights. Everything is green. The leaves are unfurling, the perennials are shooting up towards the sun. This morning I washed laundry before 7:00 a.m.; it has been hanging … Continue reading

Fly Strip

On the weekend a fly strip was hung on the back porch. The hope was that it would immobilize the wasps who bumble into the area, and might deliver strings that are truly unpleasant. So far it has caught about a half a dozen mosquitoes, no complaints there, and two house flies. Another plan must be devised for the wasps. It has been an uneventful day, quiet and peaceful. The crochet blanket gained a few rows, some bills were paid, administrative type emails were sent, software was updated, floors were swept, meals were consumed, sunshine was soaked in… Worldly Distractions Weather 18°C Date: 8:00 PM EDT Wednesday 16 May 2018 Condition: Partly Cloudy Pressure: 101.5 kPa Tendency: Falling Temperature: 18.1°C Dew point: 9.6°C Humidity: 57% Wind: WSW 8 km/h Visibility: 24 km Quote “Prosperity is only an instrument to be used, not a deity to be worshipped.” Calvin Coolidge 1872 – 1933

Leaves and Blackflies

I am happy to see rain this morning. Although the water is diligently watered by Attila, the plants prefer rain. Yesterday I finished applying marine wax to the top half of Iris the trailer. The bottom half will get done in bits, a little at a time, when the mood strikes me. It could take all summer, and Universe willing I have that kind of time. I took a flying visit to the Rideau Camp on the weekend, accompanied by Attila. He cut weeds and worked on the last big stump, which needed earth removed from the exposed roots, and to be rolled a long distance to the fire pit. It didn’t make it as far as the fire pit, but progress was made. It is a very large and heavy stump. My time was spent dealing with the mess the mouse made, as one of them, fingers crossed it was only one, was trapped in Grace the trailer when the slide out was extended. I know this because I found the dead mouse in a cubby behind the range. He/she made quite a mess in one of the cupboards, and in other areas of the trailer. The mouse traps … Continue reading