The Ditch

Attila came, and Attila went. He spends less than 24 hours here at the little house in the city, on these whirlwind visits. We celebrated his birthday together, while he was here, because it came and went while we were apart. He sure was a sight for sore eyes! We spent most of our waking hours chatting. I think we both feel discouraged that there have been no offers on the country house. Our plans seem ditched. We discussed Plan XXXX, because we don’t want to spend the entire winter apart again, not if we can help it. We are looking into adding propane heat at the country house, so that the house can be left for longer periods of time during the winter. The electric heat is so expensive that one or two days is all we can afford to use it, and only just. We are starting to plan now, because we really do want to alter the way we are living apart. Unfortunately Canada Day, a statutory holiday in Canada, falls on a Wednesday, so it will not provide Attila with two consecutive days off work. Sad, but that is the way our cookie crumbles. The company … Continue reading

Tale/Tail of Woe

Happy news, my dear friend has come through the surgery that removed his lung, with flying colours. The doctor thinks they got all of the bad stuff out with it. My friend is in high spirits and doing well. Bex’s Paul had a fall recently, and suffered a concussion, and is now under medical care for bleeding in the brain. I hope all is well for them both! I escaped serious injury when I slipped, fell on my back, and went down the front porch steps last Sunday morning. I didn’t think anything was broken, but I was wrong. Last night I noticed that the pain from my fall was increasing. I decided better safe than sorry, so at 9 p.m. I headed for the hospital emergency department. They ignored the soft tissue injury, incredible bruising, and focused entirely on my bones. I guess soft tissue injury isn’t considered much of an emergency issue. Anyway, x-rays were taken, and revealed that I have fractured my tailbone. All my other bones were intact, which is great. My tailbone was badly mangled during the birth of my oldest child, so I’ve been here before. I have severe arthritis in my tailbone as … Continue reading


On Sunday last I decided to sow some clover seed in the ditch at the front of the house. It had rained and the conditions were favourable for the seed. I grabbed my jacket, with my keys and cell phone, which I always carry with me when I am out in the yard and here alone, and headed out the front door. The front porch and steps were wet. I didn’t think anything of it. At the top step my foot slipped on the water. Up I went into the air, and down I came on the edge of the top step, then down the rest of the steps to the ground. It happened so quickly that I didn’t realize anything was happening until I was on the ground. My glasses had flown free of the fall, landing a few yards from me. I was temporarily stunned, confused and unsure how badly I was hurt. Then I went into mild shock. I sat there gathering strength, covered with clover seed, soaking wet, until I felt strong enough to attempt standing. I couldn’t feel anything at this point, my back was numb. I gathered up my glasses, removed my shoes, and … Continue reading

Bits of the Day

My day was uneventful, charmingly so. What did I do today, hard to think really. Oh yes, I paid bills, and we have $56 left, which is a bit shocking, but it makes me very glad that the bills are indeed paid. Let’s see, I updated web sites and added security. Oh, and I found a few more third cousins while searching for a death record for their mother, which I did not find. I went for a walk in the rain, early in the morning, without a raincoat or a hat; it was grand. I drove into the city to visit the dentist to check on the work that had been done. And I picked peonies to sit in a mug on the windowsill. And I stored the new composter that I purchased yesterday in the garage, because I haven’t decided on just where to put it. Well, I am sure there are more, more little things that flow through a day, more things of no ultimate consequence, except that they accumulate into a pleasant, well spent bouquet of waking hours. Peonies on the windowsill. Worldly Distractions Weather 23°C Date: 7:00 PM EDT Tuesday 16 June 2015 Condition: Partly … Continue reading

Wild Strawberries

I mowed the lawn, most of it anyway, on Saturday. I knew Attila was coming for a visit, and that he would mow it during the few hours he would be spending with me, so I maximized our together time by mowing as much of the lawn as I could manage, which was most of it. We have a double lot here at the little house in the city, so it is like mowing the lawn for two houses. I am putting my knee brace to good use. While I was mowing I discovered sections of the lawn that had been taken over by wild strawberries, sections the birds had not found. There were lots of little red strawberries. Turning off the lawn mower mid-mow, I knelt in the yard and ate up every last little strawberry I could find. The neighbour across the street found this hilarious. He called over, “Are you eating your lawn!?!” Of course I let him know I was eating wild strawberries, but that didn’t stop us from having a good laugh. When Attila saw him later the next day, he was still laughing, and telling the story of his neighbour “eating her lawn.” After … Continue reading