The Sun Hat

July hasn’t been the month I was looking forward to all winter. It has had it’s highlights. Sunny and Sky, our new preemie Grandbabies, came home from the hospital around the middle of July. Terra and Lares spent a few days enjoying having them at home before they let anyone know, because once we knew we were visiting, family members from all over. Sky apparently had to go back into hospital for a few days as he was having trouble keeping his body temperature up and became dehydrated, but he recovered quickly and returned home again within a few days. Both Sunny and Sky have “brain bleeds”, which Terra has been told are not unusual and do not seem to be a big concern. Terra tends not to provide details, so I “won’t worry”, but it has the opposite effect, my imagination is not kind, and it has learned that the worst is always possible, so details help to keep things in focus. Yesterday Terra dropped by with Sunny and Sky, and Dash the dog in tow. Both babies seem very healthy, although still quite small. They have both almost doubled their birth weight, good for them! Terra is a … Continue reading

A Hole in the Universe

My brother with our dog, by the tractor. This was taken on our fruit farm in Niagara the summer of 1957. How many times I have written this entry, how many times minus one I have been overwhelmed with emotion, deleted it, closed the program, risen from my chair, and wandered away to do something, anything, to keep my conscious mind busy. There is a hole in my universe, an empty space where there was once an energy, a voice, bedrock, a known corner of the world. I find myself leaking, emotions, tears, thoughts… My eldest brother died on Sunday, July 17, at 11:20 a.m. We were there by his side, Attila and I, my Mom, my sisters and their partners, my brothers, one in person and one in spirit who could not be there. For four days we kept watch at my brother’s bedside, hoping against the odds that he would show signs of life, the fluttering of an eyelid, an attempt to talk, a movement of the hand. Attila and I sat quietly with him the day they raised his body temperature, suspended the sedation, waiting for him to open his eyes, to know we were there. But … Continue reading

53 Names

This morning I am expecting a delivery of ink cartridges for the new printer. It came with sample cartridges, and I doubt they will last very long. I was shocked at the price of cartridges, and found a Montreal business, 123InkCartridges, that sells them for more reasonable prices. Actually, I have purchased cartridges from them before, about nine years ago, and was lucky to find them online again, as my memory for details like business names is almost nonexistent. I was pleased with my purchase nine years ago, and am optimistic about a positive experience this time around. The delivery will be to the door, and I am required to be home, and to answer the door. Working on my genealogy book is a perfect activity for waiting for deliveries to the door. So that is what I will be doing today until the ink cartridges arrive. I am looking at Rural Preliminary List of Electors for 1938. The Great Depression ended in 1939, with the onset of World War Two. My Grandparents lived through two World Wars and the Great Depression, times of great chaos and uncertainty. My Mom lived through the Great Depression and a World War. With … Continue reading

Canada Day Weekend

Our Canada Day long weekend was peaceful and rejuvenating. For us, a weekend spent in each other’s company, tucked away from the rest the of the world, watching the birds, the insects, the clouds floating in the sky, and the trees swaying in the breeze, is a perfect way to celebrate that we live in Canada. On Friday evening Attila hooked Tank up with Iris the Trailer and we headed for the Rideau Camp. It is a lovely drive to the camp, we take back roads that are not heavily travelled, due to the low speed limit. Since we are in no particular hurry the low speed limits suit us just fine. After we arrived Attila took some time to position the trailer, and it was odd that the battery light in Tank came on during this process, so Attila turned off the interior lights, so that as we were in and out of Tank over the weekend they would not turn on automatically each time the door opened. We set up the trailer, and a kitchen canopy that we bought almost two decades ago for a camping trip when Terra was a teenager. We seldom get rid of things … Continue reading

Super House Dress Woman

Some days this is as good as it gets. OK, today I took a bold step and answered a knock on the door in my bright yellow house dress with big colourful butterflies printed on it. It is my stay in the house comfort dress. But then there was this knock on the door, that I felt compelled to answer. I looked, well, colourful… and exotic, lets call it exotic. Two young men stood before me with perfectly respectful expressions on their faces, and from this I knew they wanted to sell me something. They wanted to sell me an installation of smoke alarms that call the fire department when smoke is detected. We don’t need that. We can’t afford that. Initially I just said that we weren’t interested. The spokesman for the two persisted in his sales pitch, hopeful that engaging me in a joust of logic would result in my capitulation, as this appeared likely to him. Finally he came to it, “May I ask why you you won’t have these smoke alarms installed?” He was clearly implying that wasn’t being logical, reasonable, that I wasn’t thinking clearly. I came right to it, “Because I don’t want want … Continue reading