I took Tank in for regular servicing this morning, and was very happy to hear that the vehicle is in “very good condition”. We have been very lucky to have found this mechanic, he is honest and talented, a great combination. If he tells us something needs to be done, we have it done. When he presents us with a bill, we don’t even have to look at it, we just pay it. There are very few businesses in Canada that deserve that kind of trust. When I arrived home with Tank, I noticed that all the runoff from the entire street was pouring into our driveway, creating huge pools of water. The blockade I had constructed in the spring had worn away. The trench I had dug in the spring had become blocked with pine cones, and congested with thick grass and roots. I was wearing my trusty old GoreTex parka, so I was well prepared to snoop around in the garage for a hoe. Trusty hoe in hand I tackled rebuilding the blockade, taking the matted grass and roots and accumulated soil from the trench and placing them on the driveway in such a way as to divert … Continue reading

Unusual Day

I am having an unusual day today. I am crying a lot, all kinds of things are bringing tears to my eyes. Good memories, thoughts of people I miss, places I’d like to be, sad situations that remain sad, observing kind things that people do, well, the list goes on. I am not feeling unhappy, or sad, or depressed, no, I just cry about things that come to mind. My thoughts are many, varied, brief, non-analytical, and very succinct. Good grief, I am becoming dehydrated! I will have to pour myself a large juice and soda and sit quietly for a while. Life is pretty good right now. Maybe I’ve just been letting these emotions pile up until the resulting tower tipped. Maybe it is the rain, which has been falling all day. Or maybe I don’t know why today is a river of tears day, and all I need to do is let the day flow by as it will. “I don’t know” is the only answer I have, and it works, because it is true. Worldly Distractions Weather 12°C Date: 2:30 PM EDT Thursday 20 October 2016 Condition: Light Rain Pressure: 101.9 kPa Tendency: Falling Temperature: 11.9°C Dew … Continue reading

Last of the Summery Days

Summer is definitely over, and autumn is moving right along. It was warm and sticky yesterday, a humidex of 27C wasn’t very comfortable. Some time was spent sitting and watching the wind strip the trees of their orange and yellow glory. Sitting on the porch allows a perusal of the yard, sort of like stopping to smell the roses, but in this case it was stopping to assess the projects. A lawn chair under the tree near the back of the yard had overturned in the wind. It was covered with dead leaves, and was brushed off before bringing it onto the porch and setting it in place for Attila to sit in. All of the white plastic lawn chairs were stacked neatly. The three five gallon pails that littered the porch were collected, cleaned, stacked, and stowed away in Iris the trailer. These pails constitute the benign element of our composting toilet system at the Rideau Camp. The orange one is a backup to use as a toilet, but it is still unused and new. The white one contains peat moss for use with the composting toilet. The blue one is used for various things that do not require … Continue reading

G4 667

Friday, October 14, 2016 I have never had a Mac die on me, until this year [revision, my iBook died, it was 9 years old 2004-2013, when it hit the dust, laptops have a shorter life span the desktop computers]. The Mac in question is my G4 667, purchased way back in 2001. It had a good run really, 15 years. I tried to fire it up this morning, and no, nothing, not a peep or a whir. It might be the battery, but since I have no use for the machine I won’t be trying to bring it back to life. It is a large computer, with a large monitor, and is taking up a lot of space in our small home, so it will be going to the eWaste bin at the Habitat store in a nearby city, along with the monitor, an old scanner, and speakers. The morning was spent removing the hard drive, and packing up all the related items to be taken to the recycling centre. I could try to sell some of the items, like the monitor, but I dread the process, and would only gain a few dollars, not really worth all that … Continue reading


Tuesday, October 11, 2016 Quiet please! Today I am surrounded by silence. Why? Because FedEx says they are delivering a parcel from Ikea today. Our house is very hard to find, at least for delivery people. Several deliveries were only made because I followed the truck down the street, to catch up when the confused driver stopped to try and figure out where the heck we are. So now I keep the house in silence when a delivery is expected, so that I can hear the truck come down the street, and step outside to flag it down before it passes the house. I have considered getting a blinking neon house number sign, to place temporarily at the end of the driveway when a delivery is expected. We bought wonderful new beds when we moved into Mist Cottage, twins with lots of drawers underneath, perfect for a tiny 10×10 bedroom. Our former bedding is a hodge podge of really old blankets and sheets (over 30 years old, even older, some from Attila’s childhood), sheets and comforters purchased at sales, and bedding purchased from thrift stores, then sterilized for use. I have one set of really nice flannel sheets purchased to … Continue reading