Backing Up

Monday, February 8, 2016 Winter has returned. Or just arrived, depending on how you look at it. We received snow yesterday, snow that melted slowly over the course of the day. The roads, which are my focus due to my desire to go for my daily walk, are still clear. I have been taking advantage of the clear roads to strike out daily for my brisk wander around the neighbourhood. My time lately has been devoted to backing up the files on my computers, on DVDs, on an external usb drive, and on an in-house Cloud. The cloud is something I have been considering for quite a while. I have two computers, and with the addition of Attila’s iPad there are now three devices with which we would like to share files. Moving the files back and forth with a small usb stick has been possible, and very time consuming. I plan on storing all non-personal files on the cloud, all personal files on the external usb drive, and everything burned onto DVDs. My genealogy reference material has so far filled eight DVDs. I do use the material, as often I need to refer back to the original source to … Continue reading

Another Decision

The iMac gave me a scare after I had backed it up. I restarted it to complete some installations, and it did not start. I pressed the button on the back, it did not start. I tried the keyboard command, it did not start. I walked away. A little later I came back and unplugged it from the power bar, moved the computer desk over near an outlet, and plugged it directly into the outlet. It started up as soon as I touched the start button on the back. The power bar was dead. I guess they wear out easily, the computer is older than the power bar. This morning we received a deluge of rain. The work we had done on our foundation did its magic, no leaks, nary a one. By early afternoon the rain had abated, and I struck out on my daily walk. A jogger who passed me commented, “Nice April weather we are having!” we both laughed. There was another unpleasantness at the drug store today when I went to pick up my prescription. The pharmacist asked me what other medication I was taking, so I told him, although it should have been in his … Continue reading

The Senior Debutante

February 1, 2016 February first! I was going to write that I am not counting the days until spring, but a glance at the calendar in the kitchen gave me pause. I see that in January I checked off each and every day! I am inspired to do this as I am counting off the days left of my Mom’s therapy treatments. It remains to be seen though, if I continue to check off the days when she is well past the experience and feeling much better. The clothes drying rack that was purchased last month is doing a fine job drying the freshly washed laundry, and keeping the humidity in the house at a healthy level. It is light and sturdy, easy to setup, and easy to collapse into a compact little unit. We estimate it will pay for itself by the end of the winter, by allowing us to let the electric dryer fall into disuse. It is so successful in fact, that we have ordered a second one, so that we can distribute the wet clothes more evenly. These lightweight dryers can be easily carried outdoors, and used on the back porch, during the warmer months; I … Continue reading

A Decision

This week a decision was required. I have been attending a yoga class, offered weekly, but which I do not attend weekly. The pay as you go class has suited me well. Many weeks I do not go, because there are other things that I want to do during that time slot. The classes require a Membership to attend, as well as the weekly fee. The organization has made a “business” decision, to require a three month commitment and prepayment for classes beginning immediately. Since my annual membership fee is also due, the cost is more than I am willing to invest; I wanted to buy new boots and you can’t have everything. Today I sent a note saying that I will not be returning to the class. The only thing I will miss is the instructor, who is excellent. The decision to end my attendance at the yoga class led me to seek a new way to keep myself limber and flexible. I checked out DVDs on and rejected those, the one’s I liked were $60 or much more, not really feasible. Then I decided to see what YouTube had. I found a suitable, for me, set of … Continue reading

Good Bad Good Bad Good Bad

Today was a busy day. Early this morning I participated in an international teleconference,to which I belong as a volunteer. It is challenging, interesting, and very worthwhile from my point of view. Serendipity allowed me to meet a very kind and interesting woman who lives nearby, who occasionally calls me to help her with her computer. She reciprocates the favour by giving me a wonderful massage. I had never had a massage before in my life; it was a pleasantly surprising experience. I recently assisted her in creating a Powerpoint presentation for a talk she was giving, and today I enjoyed a wonderful massage. I had a lovely chat with my Mom and sister yesterday, over FaceTime. Mom is looking great! She is going through some miserable therapy right now, and is doing very well with it. I am counting off the days she has left to undergo the therapy, marking off each day on my calendar. My youngest sister dropped by to see my Mom, with her two daughters and their beaus, so we all waved hello over FaceTime. The weather has turned very mild, mild enough that the heat pump is once heating the house. The difference between … Continue reading