A Day At Home With Attila

“In his experience, there is a way to overcome that kind of division. “Compassion and openness is the kryptonite for terrorism and fundamentalism,” says Choudhury. “What draws young people into that process is the feeling of not belonging.” Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/syrian-canadian-immigration-paris-attacks-1.3324291 This was always obvious. It has been obvious for hundreds and hundreds of years. Add hard work and opportunity for advancement into the mix, and you have a recipe for a healthy communities. I grew up with “it isn’t what you know, it is who you know”, and I found that to be very true over my life span of experience in the working world, in the academy, in the corporate environments I worked in, even in the elementary schools I taught in. And that is sad. I think we can do better. I think that hard work, integrity, honesty, and positive human traits can be rewarded. I think that greed, avarice, contempt for others, ruthless ambition, and those ugly human traits that have been recently glorified by the perpetrators, have no place in healthy human communities. I think back to economic theories that informed policy over the last three decades in Canada, the burgeoning focus on competition and globally … Continue reading

Winter Window Treatment

The days are getting shorter and shorter. This is presenting me with a new challenge! Our bathroom is a tiny room, 5 foot by 6 foot. It has a little window, which is new and was installed during our bathroom renovation, replacing the two storm windows that served to cover the hole in the wall. The window is above the tub. The window is placed so that as I shower, I can look out the window. The window looks out onto the front yard, and across the street to the neighbouring houses. If I can see them, they can see me. In the summer this is not an issue. A tree in the front yard is in full leaf, basically blocking the view to and from the neighbours windows, and the street. It is light early, and I have plenty of light from the window. In the winter, the leaves have fallen, leaving the tree branches bare, and view clear. It is dark early in the morning, so that I need to turn on the light in order to shower. Oh dear, that means the neighbours can see me. I have been handling this by waiting until it is light … Continue reading


We had a lovely weekend. A weekend! My sister and her hubby came for a visit on Saturday. We had a spaghetti supper, then headed downtown to look at the Christmas display, which is quite pretty. We also visited some of the older buildings in town, viewing the architecture of the exteriors, which were well lit. They stayed the night, and that was an adventure, but we did it. We made enough room for the pull out couch to be opened up into a bed, which Sis says was quite comfortable, with the memory foam that we added to the top of the mattress. The next day, after a bacon and egg breakfast, we all drove down to Terra and Lares place to show it off to their Auntie and Uncle. Terra and Lares were out of town visiting Lares’ brother’s brand new baby girl, born on the 11th of November. So we walked around the property, peered through the windows, and enjoyed the wonderful view. The dogs watched us through the sliding doors, they were so cute! Attila and I also took the visit as an opportunity to drop off a chair we were giving to Terra and Lares. … Continue reading

A New Job

Attila is on night shift, and sleeps during the day. This afternoon I had to wake him up to take a telephone call. He was offered a full-time, permanent job as a result of the interview he did last week. What a relief! We do not know very much about it yet. It is close to his present place of employment, the commute will be the same. He will be on permanent night shift, 8.5 hour shifts. His wages will be slightly higher than what he receives now, but will rise in increments over a period of two years, to a living wage. There is a benefit package, which includes a drug plan, for which he will be eligible in three months. And he starts his new job Sunday night. And that is all we know. He is very pleased. So, although we will be surviving on a very small income for the moment, over time things will improve for us. That’s us sorted! Worldly Distractions Weather 10°C Date: 8:00 PM EST Wednesday 11 November 2015 Condition: Light Drizzle Pressure: 101.4 kPa Tendency: rising Visibility: 6 km Temperature: 9.7°C Dewpoint: 9.1°C Humidity: 96% Wind: WSW 13 km/h Quote “The Scotch … Continue reading

Tempus Fugit

Monday, November 2, 2015 Attila is on day shift this week, my current favourite shift. He starts work at 6:00 a.m., which is grand as I am an early riser. A great advantage of this shift is that we are up at 4:00 a.m. to begin our day, and that gives me three hours of cheaper hydro to work with. This morning I baked my version of Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies, morphed into squares. It was out of the oven before 7:00 a.m. when the price of hydro more than doubles. My list of projects for the day involves a trip to the post office to mail my book to Library and Archives Canada. I am also on a quest to find a photocopy machine to copy our marriage certificate, and then to take the copy and get it certified for the government. I would copy this document at home, but my printer ran out of ink, but a replacement cartridge will require a drive into the city, and I am waiting until the printer calls me to pick up my books in the city, before I make the trip. With all the information the government keeps about us, it … Continue reading