Rideau Camp And Mayflowers

Yesterday Attila and I arose early, packed Tank, ate a hearty breakfast, and drove off towards the camp early in the morning. It was a glorious day! The journey to the camp took us though a landscape lush with green grasses, and there were even a few trees that looked as if the buds were about to burst. Upon arrival my first task was to get a camp fire going in the fire pit. Luckily Attila had dragged a dead pine tree over near the fire pit, during out last visit several weeks ago. The branches were brittle and dry, broke easily, and made perfect kindling. The fire started on the first try. The rest of my day was spent burning the pine boards that had been under the back deck at Mist Cottage, and collecting and burning fallen branches from around the perimeter of the clearing where we spend our time at the Camp. I even grabbed the rake and spent fifteen minutes raking crushed stone, which was quite a chore, some of the pieces of stone are four or five inches in diameter, and quite heavy. On a walk down the driveway to our pond I collected fallen … Continue reading

Walking On Air

Every day it has rained, all week long. We have our “April Showers” that hopefully will “Bring May Flowers”. The temperature has hovered between 5C and 10C, chilly in the damp. I have yet to get back out for a walk on a consistent basis. I find myself reluctant, and always have a reason, such as cold rain, wet hair from the shower, finishing a project before heading out… it is always something. The somethings vary, but the fact that they appear daily is a sign of inertia, perhaps even resistance. After doing a bit of soul searching, it seems that the public parade aspect of the walk is what makes it difficult to engage. On Wednesday morning, while contemplating this issue of resistance, something the cardiologist said during the recent consultation, came to mind. He mentioned an elliptical machine, that it was low impact and might be an option for someone with arthritic knees, which would be me! After looking at the local offerings of elliptical walking machines, it became obvious that the $1200 to $11,000 price tags on the things would be a problem, not to mention the size of them; Mist Cottage is small. After looking around … Continue reading

Spectacularly Unspectacular

Easter weekend was very kind to us this year. We decided to stay home and work on the yard and house, because in a few short weeks we won’t be spending our weekends at home, we will be at the Rideau Camp. On Friday, the day Attila had off work, he raked the entire yard, and trimmed a lot of the dead organic matter from last winter. I removed sheets of plastic that had wintered in bunched up balls under the back deck, hideous! One of them had been sprayed by a Tom Cat, so you can imagine the smell. It was bagged, and along with the yard waste and a large bag of garbage that had hung around all winter, it was loaded into Tank for a trip to the dump. Friday we got word that Luna and Janus and Imp and Elf and Tink were going to make a flying visit to the area to see all of us before their flight to Amsterdam. They will be living in Amsterdam for three months, the whole family. This news inspired me to undertake spring cleaning. After all, two crawling babies and three active children need a clean space to … Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

There it is, today was the last in a long succession of doctor’s appointments. Home sweet home at last! The doctor’s appointment today was interesting. The removal was almost painless, and the doctor was very sure there was no cause for concern. As anticipated, the most difficult part of the appointment was finding a place to park. I had visited the area via google earth beforehand, and located four parking lots and garages that were within a walkable radius of the clinic. I was hoping to park on the street, but there were no available parking spots there, so I made a few turns to visit the closest parking lot. There was one spot left, and a good reason for it. The entrance to the spot was so close to the adjacent building as to almost block entry, It took a 42 point turn to get the car positioned to get into it. I managed it though, and paid for my parking tag. It was much easier getting the car out again, because the adjacent car had left before my return, so I had lots of room to maneuver. After the heads up from Eileen (thanks Eileen!) about the antibiotic … Continue reading

Exhaustion And One More Day To Go

This morning I awoke at 2 a.m. in considerable pain. It was abdominal pain. I assumed it would pass, so I paced, I sat on the throne, I paced. The pain went on and on, and then it got worse. By this time Attila was up for the day and getting ready for work. We pulled out of the driveway at the same time this morning, 6 a.m., Attila on his way to work, and me on the way to the emergency department at the hospital. My hospital visit was a good one. My blood pressure was elevated, but since I know now that it will be like that when I go to the hospital emergency department, it was of no particular concern. They gave me pain killers and muscle relaxants intravenously, which took about thirty minutes to kick in. Blood was drawn, blood sugar was read, a urine sample collected. And after all that, the nurse covered me with a warm blanket and I fell fast asleep, for two hours. My problem was a UTI (urinary tract infection). I’d suspected this for weeks, but thought I had conquered it with cranberry juice and lots of fluids. I was wrong. … Continue reading