Reenie, of Reenie’s Reach, left us yesterday afternoon. I haven’t taken it in, not completely, not yet, probably not ever. The internet is where I met Reenie, and where we got to know one another. It was our only avenue of connection. How do human threads of attachment grow so strong in such an environment? This will remain a mystery in my life. I do not remember when Reenie and I first encountered one another. At first I didn’t believe she was “real”. Twice before I had encountered individuals on the internet who presented lives that were fabrications, for their own reasons which did not seem to be particularly nefarious. Was Reenie who she said she was? As time went by I began to appreciate Reenie more deeply, and decided that if her presentation was fabricated, it was beautiful, it was art, and I loved her for it. Reenie named her new blog Reenie’s Reach back in 2006: “Oh, and my site is called REENIE’S REACH because I like the sound of it – that I’m always reaching. There’s so much hope if one continues to reach. Yeah, REENIE’S REACH says a lot about me. Always reaching.” Source: At … Continue reading


Saturday, August 1, 2015, 7:45 a.m. What a lovely morning! The sun is just peeking over the treetops, the breeze is cool and delicious. At times like this I am very happy to be sitting in the country house. The one ring on the telephone the other day was my sister. She called but something came up for her before I answered, so she hung up. She and my Mom are leaving for a holiday in Greece in a few weeks. They travel well together, as they are very much alike in many ways, and both enjoy good health. Bon voyage! Here at the country house, with only the breezes, the wildlife, and the trees for company, I have been busy working on my genealogy book. The last, I hope, task in preparing to publish is the creation and insertion of charts. I had created quite a few when I discovered a branch of the family that had been neglected. After going back to the primary data sources, updating my data, and finding, after all these years, the burial place of my GGGG Grandfather, the charts all needed editing. So I began again. Thirty charts are now waiting to be … Continue reading


The heat wave has broken, and the cool sweet breezes are flowing through the forest. My windows are all open, heavenly. I am not a person with an “addictive personality”. Heaven knows I have tried! I tried to partake of a daily alcoholic drink, reckoning it would help me relax, but I only kept it up for a few days before forgetting to do it. I tried to smoke cigarettes, bought a pack which lasted several years, and ended up throwing it out. I just can’t seem to manage hanging on to an addiction. Nor can I sustain an obsession, with a few notable exceptions, like loving my kids no matter what. Heaven knows I try to develop long-term obsessions, but alas, it isn’t in me to do it. I do enjoy short-term, intense obsessions though. That is my lot in life, the short-term obsession. Yesterday I initiated an obsession, which I am enjoying to the hilt, because I know it will soon fade away. We recently bumped into a sale on blueberries, and so bought several pints. Attila does not like raw blueberries. I love them. Yesterday I wanted to eat them for breakfast, but I also wanted to … Continue reading

A Sunday Off

Sunday, July 26, 2015 Yesterday Attila had his weekly day off. The weather was perfect, almost, it was just a little too warm in the sun, just a little too humid in the shade. Still, it was summery, it was breezy, it was lovely. We decided to get out of the house and wander. We packed a lunch, and loaded a few things into the car, and set out. I had to overcome stasis to enjoy the outing, it is work. After having been at home, not leaving the property, for quite some time, I stick to it. I begin to feel distressed at the mere thought of leaving the property. This is the first stage of cabin fever, at least as I experience it. I worked hard at it, walked the high wire of anxiety, hopped into the car, and we drove away. Our first destination was my Granny and Grandpa’s house. Here we donned our sun hats, grabbed two plastic containers, and set out down the nearby trail to pick wild raspberries. I have been picking wild raspberries along that trail all of my life. I loved picking wild berries as a child. I suspect it was because … Continue reading


Today was a very sad day at our house. Mist had declined rapidly in the last few days, her health failing in a myriad of ways. We took her to the veterinary clinic about an hour away, the closest I could find with an open appointment. The vet mentioned that she had lost her body fat, and most of her muscle mass. We were advised that her health would further decline, so we made the decision to let her go in peace. She was ready to go. We stayed with her through her passing, and it was a gentle loving end; she suffered no distress at all. Home won’t be the same without her. Attila and I are in a state of grief, as we knew we would be. Mist the Kitty Our Sweet Girl 1996 – 2015 Mist Mist Worldly Distractions Weather 19°C °C °F Observed at: Muskoka Airport Date: 10:00 AM EDT Wednesday 22 July 2015 Condition: Sunny Pressure: 101.0 kPa Visibility: 16 km Temperature: 18.7°C Dewpoint: 10.4°C Humidity: 58% Wind: W 18 gust 28 km/h Quote “If we deny love that is given to us, if we refuse to give love because we fear pain or loss, … Continue reading