One Jar Down

Last night I was able to sleep for six consecutive hours. Bliss! I arose around 4:30, and had several hours to putter before Attila arrived home from work. So I flipped on the back porch light, and ventured out to select a squash to cook, before the cost of hydro doubled at 7:00 a.m. Our harvested squash are sitting on the back porch, looking quite wonderful. I had already cooked, and we had eaten, the largest squash, one that had burst open as it ripened. I chose for this morning, another squash that had burst open. It was huge, at least 15 pounds! It would not fit into one pan, two were required to get it into the oven. Attila arrived home to the sweet scent of roasting squash. Our car is having issues, something leaking in the back end, and making a lot of noise when the car reaches highway speed. An appointment has been made for tomorrow afternoon, with the local mechanic. Fingers are crossed that it is nothing serious. Attila took Tank to work, so as not to put more stress on the car. A trip to the city is in order one of these days. I … Continue reading


When Attila arrived home from work on Monday morning, he looked dreadful. Off he went to bed. That was when he admitted to me that he had slept but one hour, since Sunday morning. After sleeping for six hours, up he got, unable to sleep any longer. Today, Tuesday, his sleeping pattern is beginning to settle. He arrived home from work just after dawn this morning, and immediately went to bed and slept for seven hours. Then he was up, and full of energy, unpacking and organizing. He was tired again by 6:00 p.m., so back to bed he went, and slept for another few hours. It will take the whole week I think, for him to catch up with his sleep; he is off to a good start. Yesterday, Monday, I was completely worn out by early evening. I just stopped, unable to keep going. I too will need time to recover from the big push. This morning I made a list of things to do. That is when I learned that I had a lot to learn about Attila working nights. He was sleeping in the bedroom. The things I needed to complete some of the items on … Continue reading

The Last Push

We are still unloading the third moving truck. Attila stopped to eat around 3:00 p.m., and then he slept, before he works tonight. The truck must be returned mid-morning tomorrow, so we will have a very busy morning. Terra kept some office equipment at her house for me, it would not fit into Mist Cottage. I sold it today, to a woman just opening up her own business. This meant I was out at Terra’s house, and it prompted me to go through the boxes at Terra’s. There, in the biggest box, lay my Cowichan sweater and my new winter coat. No wonder we could not find them. Terra has a “century farmhouse”. Her house is old. She and Lares have two very active dogs. She had been confining them to specific areas of the house with baby gates. The system failed recently when one of the dogs discovered how to unlatch it. Terra got to work yesterday, and built two partial doors. She and Lares bought hardware for the doors yesterday, and today the doors were hung. Since I was out there to conduct the sale of the office equipment, I got to see the brand new doors. Terra … Continue reading


Tuesday, September 29, 2015 The dryer was delivered today, and the delivery guys were great. Because they had delivered the washing machine last week, they found the house without a problem. Last week they got lost, and I had to walk down the road, knock on the cab window, and direct them back to our house. The street numbers on our street defy logic! Other deliveries have been left down, and across, the street. I have to keep my eyes and ears open for trucks on delivery days. I spent the day gathering all the clothes I could find. They were scattered all over the house, in plastic bags. My clothes were all sorted by the time Attila arrived home from work, so after dinner we tackled his clothes. After sorting, two large green garbage bags are full of serviceable men’s clothing, and I will take those to the local men’s mission. My Cowichan sweater, and my new parka, are nowhere to be seen. We searched high and low, no sign of them. I hope they will suddenly turn up in an unlikely spot. It is hard to imagine how we might have permanently lost them! I will mourn the … Continue reading


I like classical music. I have been listening to it via my MacBook Air, on Jango. It suddenly came to me that a lot of the loud crescendo type music might be deemed “male orgasm” music. Then I wondered about myself, because I like it. Then I wondered what “female orgasm” music might sound like, and realized how few female composers there are… actually the medley I listened to did not include a single female composer. A girl has to think about something on a Monday morning. Yesterday we finished the last of nine loads of laundry, all hung out to dry on the clothesline, with great success. The washing machine does a great job, I must say. It is very different, than the top loading machines with an agitator. Attila finished the wiring for the dryer, which should be delivered tomorrow. After he finished I decided to begin vacuuming the laundry room. The room is in the basement, the walls and floor are concrete, with some patches of paint left on the floor. It is very dusty down there. There are a lot of cobwebs and spiders in the rafters of the low unfinished ceiling. We have an old … Continue reading