Today was a very sad day at our house. Mist had declined rapidly in the last few days, her health failing in a myriad of ways. We took her to the veterinary clinic about an hour away, the closest I could find with an open appointment. The vet mentioned that she had lost her body fat, and most of her muscle mass. We were advised that her health would further decline, so we made the decision to let her go in peace. She was ready to go. We stayed with her through her passing, and it was a gentle loving end; she suffered no distress at all. Home won’t be the same without her. Attila and I are in a state of grief, as we knew we would be. Mist the Kitty Our Sweet Girl 1996 – 2015 Mist Mist Worldly Distractions Weather 19°C °C °F Observed at: Muskoka Airport Date: 10:00 AM EDT Wednesday 22 July 2015 Condition: Sunny Pressure: 101.0 kPa Visibility: 16 km Temperature: 18.7°C Dewpoint: 10.4°C Humidity: 58% Wind: W 18 gust 28 km/h Quote “If we deny love that is given to us, if we refuse to give love because we fear pain or loss, … Continue reading

Honorable Me

I am now recovering nicely from my fall almost a month ago. The hematoma is still there, still painful to the touch, but it is smaller and much less intrusive. Pain from my tailbone has been with me for decades, my body already has ways of coping with that, so the fracture isn’t as intrusive as it might otherwise be. I am also nicely recovering from a nasty summer cold, which saw me feverish and miserable for two days, but only two days, which was a blessing. I probably picked that up in the emergency ward at the hospital, which is not an ideal place for non-life threatening health issues. Where we live, there are no other options. The weather has been wonderful, until today, which has brought with it a slow steady rain. The house has had no recent viewers, we have accepted that it will not likely sell this summer. So we ordered firewood, a big financial investment, enough to take us through the winter, which Attila has been busy stacking in the woodshed. It looks like we will be spending much of next winter apart, something that neither of us is happy about. I have been working … Continue reading

A Wonderful Boring Day

It was three weeks ago today that I took my tumble down the stairs, and the aftereffects are echoing through my days. The sacral haematoma is the source of most of my pain. The pain from the fractured tailbone is minimal by comparison. Sitting presses on the haematoma, as does lying on my right side or my back. Finding a position of comfort is a challenge. The pain from putting pressure on the haematoma is a new type of pain in my life, it isn’t an intense pain, it is a draining pain, it drains all the energy out of my body. So I do everything in my power not to put pressure on the haematoma. I sit funny, I lie funny, but I walk like with ease, which is a blessing. I have taken no pain killers since the prescription ran out. Saturday was a bit exciting. Attila worked of course. I was working on my genealogy research when the telephone rang, it was the realty office. They wanted to know if a realtor could bring people through the house in one hours time. Of course I said yes, then leapt into action to do up the dishes, sweep, … Continue reading

Good News

Mid-May I noticed a red patch on my right hand. I thought perhaps it was a bite of some kind, it was about 1/3 inch in diameter. Weeks later I suddenly realized it hadn’t gone away, or gotten any smaller. I didn’t know what it was, and I remembered that “wounds” that do not heal should be investigated, so I took myself into the emergency ward, the ONLY available form of health care near the little house in the city, where I do not have a family doctor. The doctor at the hospital said it didn’t look serious, but decided to take a biopsy nevertheless, just to be certain. I have been waiting to hear the results of the biopsy since the first week in June, which were to eventually be sent to my GP near the country house. It just so happened that I chose to call about the results when my GP was away on vacation, so I have been waiting for his return. I have been concerned that I would forget to follow up on this, as you never really know if these things are serious, or nothing. Last night the doctor’s office called while we were … Continue reading


This morning the weather is beautiful. There is a bit of a haze, the sun is drying the dewdrops on the trees. I continue to take it easy, but am beginning to add activities to my days. The medications are making me slightly tired, slightly nauseous, but only slightly. My appetite is back, a good sign. Today I discovered a pool of fluid on the floor in the downstairs bedroom. It hasn’t rained for a week, so it can’t be a leak, and besides, there would be telltale signs of leakage, on the wall, or ceiling, or along the floor. This pool was near the middle of the room, and nowhere near any plumbing or walls. This is the third time I have found mysterious small puddles in the middle of a room, with no evidence of the cause. I am pretty sure it is Mist, who is not at all happy with the clean house, or the strangers who come through at inconvenient times… when she is sleeping, which is almost always. After I found the first mysterious puddle, I broached the theory, that Mist was responsible, with Attila. He would not entertain any such idea. He thought of … Continue reading