black monday

Here it is, Monday morning, and the internet is still not connecting, since early yesterday evening. The computers, all of our devices, indicate that the wifi is working, but software soon tells us that there is no internet connection. I hesitate to call technical support for two reasons. The first is that the wind storm yesterday is the most likely culprit for this interruption in service, so that the fix is probably under way and will eventually be completed in its own time. The second is that our telephone service is VOIP, so that when there is no internet connection, there is no telephone service. Which means that a telephone call to technical support would have to be made on one of our old flip cell phones at fifty cents a minute. I do not look forward to sitting on hold for twenty minutes, spending $10 for the call, to be told to be patient, they are working on the problem. Another option is to drive to the local McDonalds restaurant, buy a coffee, sit down with my laptop, and use Skype to call our internet service provider. This becomes problematic when tech support insists on me unplugging the modem, … Continue reading

A Trip in the Dark

This weekend thing is a great invention! Friday night Attila and I made a pizza and watched Star Trek. It doesn’t sound very exciting I know, but it really does it for us. Saturday morning we packed up Tank and headed out to the Rideau Camp. It was a cloudy day, and warm, around 20C. We had our list of things we wanted to accomplish. Attila wanted to cut the grass, which is really using the weed eater to keep the weeds low. He then used a leaf blower and cleared the area of crushed stone, and the driveway. Then he headed down to our swamp at the entrance to the property. The swamp was formed when the cottagers association built the private road. At that time the natural drainage was blocked by the new road, and a swamp was created. The trees that had grown there died, and fell into the swamp. Other trees were bulldozed into the swamp when the driveway was created. It is quite a mess, which is lucky for us, because it made the property look undesirable at the entrance, very little curb appeal. Attila has been slowly clearing dead wood from either side of … Continue reading

Conventional Wisdom

Sometimes not being within the range of “normal” is a distinct disadvantage. Occasionally though, it a wonderful thing. Today it was a wonderful thing. My follow up appointment with the cardiologist was today, my blood pressure was normal. This appointment coincided with receiving the results of a recent blood test that measured my cholesterol levels. I had discontinued taking cholesterol medication last summer, as it was elevating my levels rather than lowering them. The recent blood test was meant to provide a base line for future comparison. The results were that my cholesterol is very high, which is not unexpected, as it has been very high for a very long time, perhaps all of my life, although I wasn’t tested a baby, or as a child. The thing is, as the cardiologist had both the results of my carotid scan, and the blood test, he determined that high cholesterol, in my case, does not result in artery wall plaque deposits. I have no plaque deposits at all. So, in my case, I don’t really need to take cholesterol lowering drugs, and he recommended not taking them because I don’t need them. Great news! He felt that I need not return, … Continue reading


The weather is warm again today, and cloudy. I have been working on my book and updating Attila’s iPad, it took some doing, Apple insisted on changing something, I haven’t yet figured out just what the changed. The pop up window said that the password would be changed with a new pass code. Time will tell what that was all about. This morning I wanted a breakfast that included some complete protein. Using a slice of pumpernickel bread, dipped in an egg/milk/cinnamon mixture, the microwave was used to “bake” French Toast. It was topped with sliced strawberries. No sugar or salt was added to the dish. Luckily the strawberries were ripe enough to be sweet. It was a good breakfast. It is Friday! What happened to Thursday! Somehow I missed Thursday altogether. The house is in chaos, tools, furniture moved out of the way of the window replacement project, items piled up in the corners. Tonight Attila is priming the drywall, tomorrow he will paint it. Tomorrow Attila will install the interior trim. The exterior trim was installed last night. With any luck, we will be celebrating a finished project on Saturday night. Here is a little bit of writing … Continue reading