The Move: The First Week

Friday, August 28, 2015 NOTE: I want to mention this up front. A week or so ago a mouse died somewhere in our car. We can’t find that little bugger. The smell makes my eyes water. I drove for five hours in the car coming to the little house in the city. We are driving back to the country house for another five hours in the odiferous car. Then I am driving the car back to the little house in the city on the weekend, while Attila brings down the second truck load of our belongings. Then we drive back to the country house in the car, to do the final cleaning at the country house, and do our thing at the lawyers office. Then, someone has to drive the car back to the little house in the city, the other lucky driver gets to drive Tank back to the little house in the city. I vote that I drive Tank on the final run! Yesterday I spent mountains of time on the phone changing our address in various places. All of the people I dealt with were polite, even friendly, with one glaring exception… the local municipal office… RUDE, … Continue reading


We sold the country house! We must be moved out within two weeks! We will be busy! Attila and I will be moving ourselves, no moving company, just truck rental and lots of hard graft. I can hardly believe it, but the news came early this morning. An offer came in a month ago, not a great offer, but an offer. The people LOVE the house, and will be moving here with their four children. The quick closing is so the children can start school here; so we agreed to it. This morning we are both feeling a bit stunned, we did not actually let ourselves believe the house would sell, although we hoped it would. Time to get moving. Wish us luck, we will need it! The packing has begun! Worldly Distractions Weather 14°C Date:7:21 AM EDT Wednesday 26 August 2015 Condition: Cloudy Pressure: 101.4 kPa Visibility: 16 km Temperature: 13.6°C Dewpoint: 13.0°C Humidity: 96% Wind: SW 8 km/h Quote “Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work.” Horace 65 BC – 8 BC


To be considered “different” has always been my lot in life. When my troubles were expressed, those around me declared that “everybody has problems”, inferring that these difficulties were not a significant source of “difference”. I suspect that this credo, rather than representing a philosophy, served to politely say “shut up and put up”. When my natural interests and talents, sources of personal joy, were expressed, the “you are different” and “you are weird” kicked in; this was not considered a positive trait. Suddenly I was no longer a member of the “everybody” crowd. In this way, I learned to cherish my difference, and eschew being a member of the “everybody”. It only made sense. One of my “differences” was in the things that I enjoyed as a child, which included the deep satisfaction I felt in picking wild fruits and berries with my Granny and my Aunts. I loved to roam the byways with them, picking wild strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, chokecherries, and high bush cranberries. Picking wild fruits is a laborious, time consuming activity, that is on the surface of it and true enough. A lot of energy is expended for low yields. The benefits that I reaped … Continue reading

A Plan

The weather has moved along from the heat and humidity of this past week, and we find ourselves experiencing a perfect day, weather wise. The overnight low was 9C, which is perfect for sleeping from where I stand. Attila finds this a bit cool for comfort, but it suits me to a tee. We are getting ready to move some of our belongings to the little house in the city. I have been packing seldom used items, like books, and archived genealogical documents. This will make a possible move seem more viable, if and when that time comes. Attila has been ill since Tuesday. He didn’t mention it to me until Thursday night, as his condition was beginning to worsen. It was some form of the flu. His fever broke in the early hours this morning. He is feeling much better today. I always know that if Attila admits to not feeling well, he is really suffering. This was his second bout of flu this summer. I think it is the stress of living in a house that is for sale, always having to keep it ready to show, and not knowing if or when it might sell, or if … Continue reading


Really, I cannot adequately describe how overwhelmingly tiresome it is to live in a house that is for sale! We have had people going through our home several times a week for months, another comes through on Friday. Our home has been inspected, poked, and prodded. I have to leave to sit in the park several times a week, with no way of knowing when the visitors have left. Keeping the house ready to show takes hours of work each and every day. It is all very, very tiresome! Well, there isn’t any other way to sell the house, so complain as I might, the parade will continue until we sell. The sky is rumbling angrily tonight. Attila had a few outdoor projects planned, that have been postponed. One is to spray the driveway with the mixture of epsom salts, vinegar, and dish soap. This works to kill weeds. Our driveway is long, and we have several walkways to tend as well, so spraying it is a lot of work and a significant expense. It needs to be done though, to keep the place looking good. But not tonight, rain would wash it away before it does its job. We … Continue reading