Yellow Hawkweed

Yellow Hawkweed

The excitement of the new arrivals last weekend left everyone involved exhilarated and exhausted, including the new arrivals. Terra went home from the hospital on Tuesday, and travels daily to see the babies in NICU. Lares works near the hospital, so he drops in on the babies every morning before going to work. Terra says they are coming along just fine, Sunny being smaller, is a little behind Sky, but making progress every day. Terra says we can let her know a day or so ahead of time, sometime next week, and she will take us in to see them again. Luna is staying with her this week, and the two of them are there every day. Luna is going to bring Imp, Elf, and Tink to Terra’s house this weekend, and I think they are taking them in to see the Sunny and Sky.

Our lives are settling back down, now that our visiting is over, and we know that the babies are making good progress. The excitement has been disorienting, and as wonderful as babies are, we are grateful to be the Grandparents.

My Mom getting the all clear on her health issue is really something to celebrate! She is up and about, almost back to her former busy self. There are a few unpleasant side effects from the treatments that she is still having to deal with. Mom manages to work around them, she makes it look easy, and I am sure it isn’t.

We have had lots of rain, and the garden is looking voluptuous. We planted green beans, Scarlet Runner beans, two kinds of peppers, tomatoes, and the garlic that we were given by my sister. The peonies are blooming white and pink, and I am enjoying them picked and in vases in the living room and the kitchen, they smell wonderful. They remind me of my Granny’s house, she had peonies in her flower garden. Also blooming at the moment are the Columbine, Day Lilies, and Yellow Hawkweed wild in the lawn. I am very fond of the Yellow Hawkweed; it only blooms for a short time in the spring.

Yesterday Attila and I made a visit to the home improvement centre in town, and ordered the materials needed to upgrade our garden shed. The garden shed upgrade is this year’s project, our big investment of the season. Currently it cannot be used because the roof leaks, and had done so for many, many years before we bought the house. The interior of the shed is full of mildew and wasps. Attila has killed the wasps, and destroyed their nests, and the mildew will go with the old materials when they are removed and taken to the dump.

Tonight Attila began the project by clearing the vegetation from around the base of the shed, and trimming all the branches from the adjacent tree, the ones that overhang the shed.

I hope we can finish the shed by the end of the month, which may be a bit optimistic. I have my finger’s crossed.

My evening project was to spray Attila’s new socks, six pairs, recently washed, with permethrin. I have been waiting to do this, but the wind has been too strong for spraying. The evening was calm, so I took the window of opportunity to don my protective long sleeved shirt, long pants, latex gloves, and a breathing mask. I hung all the socks in a row on the line, and set to with the spray bottle. The socks will be left overnight to dry on the line, and after breakfast tomorrow morning I will gather them together and store them with the rest of Attila’s bug proof clothing.

Slowly we are getting back to enjoying the little day-to-day things in our own lives again.

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Date: 9:00 PM EDT Thursday 9 June 2016
Condition: Mainly Clear
Pressure: 101.2 kPa
Tendency: rising
Visibility: 24 km
Temperature: 14.6°C
Dewpoint: 1.6°C
Humidity: 41%
Wind: NW 12 km/h


“He hoped and prayed that there wasn’t an afterlife. Then he realized there was a contradiction involved here and merely hoped that there wasn’t an afterlife.”
Douglas Adams
1952 – 2001


  1. ava south

    I had to look up hawkweed and found it to be a “noxious weed”. But Mama always maintained that one man’s weed was another man’s beloved flower. I love all the names of your family. It’s great the twins are progressing so well. <3

  2. I can’t remember if I said it, but congratulations on the births of your twin grandbabies. What fun! Not being a “baby” person, I can only imagine how it must feel to experience these events. I also love your tag-names for everyone!

    I also will have to look up hawkweed, never heard of it. I also am a weed-lover – to an extent. I really love the dandelions in the grass and I am sad when they get chopped off by the mower each week.

  3. Ava, although they are a weed, they do have medicinal properties. That isn’t why I like them though, I like them because of their bright yellow flowers on long graceful stems, that wave in the slightest of breezes. They remind me of Devil’s Paintbrushes, a related Orange hawkweed, that grew in my Grandpa’s hay meadows and yards near the house. I played as a child, sitting in the sun amongst these flowers, with the wonderful smells, the buzzing flies and bees, the breeze, I had found heaven.

  4. Thanks Bex! It is easy to love babies, their implicit trust and vulnerability pierces the heart. Terra says she has never been so in love in her life; a good thing because they are going to demand much of her in the years to come!

    I know what you mean about the dandelions, they are so pretty on the lawns. We don’t spray our lawns here, so they are an interesting mixture of dandelions, vetch, plantain, hawkweed, clover, wild strawberry, and grass of all kinds. During the recent little drought, when other people’s grass lawns turned brown, our yard was a vibrant green, and weathered the weather with ease. We mow it of course, so from a distance it looks like grass. I remove the thistles, and spray the wild parsnip with a vinegar/epsom salts/detergent mixture to kill it, but that is the only management the “lawn” gets other than regular mowing.

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