Turning Point

Yesterday we ate the last 500-ml jar of Canned Coleslaw. We love it.

So today we made another batch. Attila chopped the vegetables. I got out all of the equipment, washed the jars, prepared the lids, and got the steam canner going. I measured out all of the ingredients for the syrup, this time reducing the sugar significantly, as Attila found the first batch a little too sweet for his taste. Me, well, it is hard for me to imagine anything with too much sugar! Now we have another six and half 500-ml jars cooling on the counter.

I am still experimenting with tattler lids with these batches of Canned Coleslaw. The first experiment was 100% successful, but I am not sure about this batch. Tomorrow I will be able to tell if the jars sealed. If the seals fail, no problem, all the jars will go into the refrigerator, and will be eaten within six days time!

I turned the heat off in the house, on Sunday afternoon, it was so lovely. It has not been turned back on, but since we are expecting snow by Friday, I think we are going to be needing it again. Last night the the outdoor temperature fell below freezing, but in Mist Cottage it only fell to 18C, which is quite comfortable for sleeping. With all the canning going on in here today, the temperature is up again to 20.5C.

Yesterday was a big event here at Mist Cottage, a turning point if you will. Attila finished the last fiddly bit to complete the third wall of the basement insulation project! What this means is that is Maggie Time! I can now begin the process of cleaning and reorganizing the basement! It felt as if we would never get here.

And what, you may ask, have I chosen to begin with on this oh-so-welcome basement project? Cleaning blinds, that have not been cleaned in about 15 years. We had open storage cupboards at the country house, that were moved here five years ago. Because they were in a living space at the country house, we installed blinds over the open areas to improve the visual, and to keep out the light. They are very dirty, and washing them is going to take some time. I have time.

Cleaning the blinds is not going to take much brain power. This will provide the perfect opportunity to spend time in the basement, to look around and begin to plan how to proceed after the cleaning phase of the project is completed. And, since we are expecting snow this Friday and Saturday, spending time in the relative warmth of the basement will seem like a very good idea.

I hope you are finding engaging and satisfying projects at your home!

Stay safe dear friends!



Date: 7:00 PM EDT Tuesday 5 May 2020
Condition: Mostly Cloudy
Pressure: 101.6 kPa
Tendency: Falling
Temperature: 5.7°C
Dew point: -1.0°C
Humidity: 62%
Wind: SSW 15 km/h
Visibility: 24 km


“The only way most people recognize their limits is by trespassing on them.”
Tom Morris

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Bex Crowell

Expecting snow? I know I only just got up but did my eyes read that correctly? If so…oh, that is not right. Not in May!!!