The Widowmaker is Down

Over the last weeks Attila has been spending a lot of time trimming the lower branches from the dead ash tree in the back yard. Once that was done, we assessed the tree, and the project of felling it, and decided to bring in the professional. We hired the fellow who felled the huge dead ash tree between our house and the neighbours house.

On Wednesday the fellow and his two assistants arrived, and within an hour or so the tree was down. He climbed to the top of the tree, and took it down top to bottom, section by section. We saved money by having him leave the cleanup to us, but he did section the trunk for us, ready to split for firewood. It was worth every penny, now all we have to do is break down the branches, split the wood, put up the temporary wood shed, and stack the wood. That will take the rest of the summer, but it is a stress free job, that will proceed at our leisure.

There are dead ash trees everywhere we look. People are leaving them to stand dead for years. I don’t think they realize how dangerous this is, a falling branch will kill a human. In my genealogy research I find records of a great many people who were killed by a branch that suddenly and unexpectedly fell out of a tree. We are very cognizant of the trees around us when we are out walking.

The birds, of course, are not happy with us!!

The dead tree in the neighbour’s front yard, right beside our drive, and outside the living room window, has been dead for years. Two years ago the young man next door got an estimate on having it removed, and asked for an estimate on our trees as well, reminding us several times about removing the two dead ash trees on our property. Removing the trees was on our radar, but we decided to prioritize their removal due to his concerns. Now his dead tree still stands, losing branches onto our drive from time to time, while our dead trees are down. Funny old world.

Dead ash tree with lower limbs removed.
Felled dead ash tree, logs and branches on the ground.



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“I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth.”
Umberto Eco
1932 – 2016

What I like about writing, and reading, is that it leads me to feel that what I feel and think are not something new under the sun; but are part of the natural progression of living a life, as countless other are now doing, and countless others have done, and hopefully as countless others will do in the future.

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Glad you were able to get your dead tree down. Dead trees and branches make me nervous. Driving b through the country as we do so often, I’m always watching the dead branches that hover over the roads.

The tree in our front yard had a good 50% of its branches die over the winter. They died back to within about 2 inches of the tree trunk. We asked if the tree could be replaced. The builder had the tree company come over and they just cut off the dead portions they could reach. I guess we’ll see how easily the tree replaces those branches.

Joan Lansberry

I’m sorry the trees died. Perhaps there can be some kind of safe perch for the birds?


A tree across the street dropped a large branch during a thunderstorm with high winds. It ended up partly on a car and party on the street. The Village came out, cut up the branch and tossed it into a wood chipper. A week later a crew from the Village returned. There was what looked like rot where the limb had detached from the trunk. It broke my heart to watch them cut the tree down. It had stood there with the other trees during the decades I had lived here. But I’m sure they felt it might drop more branches in future storms. I hoped they would plant another tree to replace it. But all they did was get rid of the stump the next Spring. 🙁