The Fool

I’ve lived many lives in my time here on earth.  It has not made me wise.  My passions still run strong and wild.  I still live in a universe where anything is possible; despite my bouts of deep cynicism, passion for life and learning well up from deep within me, instantaneously and unbidden.  I fear I am a fool.

zucchini bloom
zucchini bloom

I’m not very afraid of being a fool though, not afraid enough to quell my passions or my imagination.

It is difficult to marry the fool and the counsel in me.  It is a life’s work to do so.

Attila and I continue to prepare for the unknown.

Attila paints, I type on the keyboard.  Nothing is visibly changing in our world at the moment, although the next few weeks will be eventful on a small scale.  We have purchased a little home near a city in Ontario.  It is in very, very poor condition.  It is in a very pleasant neighbourhood.  It will be a real “project”.

If Attila and/or I find work in that city, we will relocate and move to our little house.  If we don’t find work we shall remain in the wild, as here Attila has employment, as do I (of a sort).  However, we will have a project and a focus near a city, someplace that I can visit when the grip of cabin fever has me by the throat.

So, there we are, we’ve taken a step towards change.  It could end badly, that is true.  We think about that, but are not overwhelmed by the fact.  As Harriet said the other day, “plan for the worst, hope for the best”.  Exactly our philosophy.

Painting the main living area of our home is a miserable job, particularly in the hot, humid weather we have been having.  Attila continues to plug away at it though, every evening after work he gathers all his equipment and his paint can and gets to work.  At bedtime he gathers together his equipment, stores it all away and drops into the bed for a well deserved rest.  The estimated timeline for the project is a week.

I keep sending out job applications, now focused entirely on the city near our little house.  Some positive responses have come our way, but nothing we can take to the bank.

Terra began her new job this week.  Congratulations Terra!  The first few weeks of a new job are always a challenge, so much change.  I know Terra will rise to the occasion and will be breezing through her work days in very short order.  Terra possesses a great deal of determination.

Luna and Janus are busy with their jobs and visiting friends and Janus’ family; this keeps them very busy.  They are all healthy and happy.

We are expecting thunderstorms this morning, so I’ll get this post up without further ado.

Worldly Distractions


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“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”
Mark Twain
(1835 – 1910)
A missed opportunity!