Today I am feeling grumpy! I woke up at 2:30 a.m. this morning and could not get back to sleep. Thankfully this seldom occurs of late. I am always a little grumpy when running short on sleep. Best to get to bed on time tonight!

It is snowing again, and will continue through the night and well into tomorrow. The storm predicted for Ontario should land south of here, thank goodness. It has been a grey day, with lots of white flakes drifting down.

Facebook has been a source of interest and frustration. There are a lot of very interesting and informative posts on Facebook, I enjoy being exposed to the diverse viewpoints of my “friends”. Facebook is a grand showcase (the interesting part); spending time there is more like being in an audience, and not a whole lot like having a conversation (the frustrating part).

In an attempt to reduce my frustration with Facebook, I have come up with a “cunning plan”, as the Black Adder might say. I will attempt to treat communication there as conversation. In-person conversations begin, and eventually end. They are only remembered if they present memorable content. So, on Facebook when I reach the end of a specific interaction, I will delete my activities, letting memorable content work its magic.

It could work. It might work. I am going to give it a try.

To begin this experiment I have transformed my timeline to a “moment in time” timeline. I deleted all my previous activity, except for two posts which I wanted to read again. Now my timeline will reflect only very recent activity, which will in turn be deleted after a short time of inactivity.

I talked with Terra today. She and Lares are very busy establishing themselves in the their new home. They took some time off to spend with Lares family, and even managed a trip to visit Luna, Janus, Imp, Elf and Tink. By all accounts they had a wonderful time. Now it is back to work for them.

We are still relatively housebound, as I am still working frequent, short shifts, and Attila is still working six days a week. The weather has been cold enough to keep Attila busy with firewood and Mist and I close to the hearth.

Worldly Distractions


-10 °C
Condition: Light Snow
Pressure: 102.6 kPa
Visibility: 4 km
Temperature: -9.8°C
Dewpoint: -12.0°C
Humidity: 84 %
Wind: E 13 km/h
Wind Chill: -16


“A murder of crows.
A company of parrots.
An ambush of tigers.
A congregation of alligators.
A cloud of bats.
A convocation of eagles.
A business of ferrets.
An army of frogs.
A stand of flamingoes.
An array of hedgehogs.
A siege of herons.
A leap of leopards.
A parliament of owls.
An ostentation of peacocks.
A cackle of hyenas.
A pounce of cats.
A bed of eels.
A pantheon of gods.
A loneliness of humans.”

by Zag

This was distributed widely on Facebook, I have no information on the author, or the authenticity of the piece.

Releasing energy to the wild…

Writing is really doing it for me.

I slept for about four hours last night, woke up ruminating about work. I have to stop spending so much time there! At least I slept. First thing I did this morning was to write an email to the owner of the company about our small dog problem. I really let loose, wrote exactly what I thought, told it like I see it. I took meticulous care to word it exactly how I wanted it, to capture every nuance of my dissatisfaction; spent hours writing it.

Then I deleted it.

Poof goes the goof.

I released that energy to the wild of the universe for balancing. It is in the hands of natural process now. There are bigger forces than me at work in the universe, everyone is subject to natural balancing, including me, including small dogs.

Harriet called from the beach at her cottage this morning, it is beautiful on the beach apparently. She and Hogan are preparing to take the paddle boat for a spin, it sounds lovely. They are preparing to send their only child off to university in a few short weeks. You want your kids to grow up, mostly you do, but there is part of you that wants them to be little and with you forever. Can’t happen of course, if they are healthy, balanced adults.

Our usually quiet neighbourhood here in the country has sprung to life and is full of happy sounds, like children playing; and annoying sounds like motors roaring across the water, cars speeding down the highway and private planes buzzing overhead; and oh yes, the drone of ATVs.

Early this morning the robins were making a real racket. The inspiration for their cacophony? Two owls were sitting on the branches of the dead pine tree in our front yard. Robins do not like owls. Eventually the owls flew off into the forest and the robins became less agitated and much quieter.

Attila is working most of the day. I have the day off, sort of, except for my state of mind, so I could actually give myself the day off, that is the goal.

We had a mail strike here in Canada, during the spring. Bills didn’t arrive. I tried to pay everything using the billed amounts from the month of April. Apparently I overachieved, my latest bill for Internet services was for $0.00, must have paid it twice! A little bit of good news on a Saturday morning.

Mind doodling on FaceBook this morning…

A friend posted “Book Week! Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 56, and use the 5th sentence as your status.”

I posted: “The mice may be right, not taking any chances, turned to page 42… “a laser beam is projected through a special photographic plate”.
Did you know that 42 on a telephone keypad is HA, reversed it is AH and transcribing it backwards, then forwards it is AH HA.
Trivia of course, but it is all based on literature.”

I feel relieved that I was able to formulate even a single trivial thought this morning. Triviality can be very sustaining. An apropos activity in view of the proposed privatization of Toronto Public Libraries.

Off now to face the day, well, to at least get dressed anyway.


“Everybody was looking for hidden meanings and puzzles and significances in what I had written (like ‘is it significant that 6×9 = 42 in base 13?’. As if.) So I thought that just for a change I would actually construct a puzzle and see how many people solved it. Of course, nobody paid it any attention. I think that’s terribly significant.”
Douglas Adams