Snow Squall

It began early this morning, the snow squall. Attila anticipated its arrival, suggesting we head out to buy our supplies yesterday, which we did. Today, as it storms out there, we are burroughed into cozy Mist Cottage for the duration.

Today there is a lot of activity in the kitchen, as usual. I am making beef and barley soup for my lunches for the coming week. After the Instant Pot, in which the soup is being cooked, has completed its cycle, it will be moved to the dining table in the living room, to make room for our next project.

Attila and I will be grinding pork to make sausage patties today. This process requires every inch of counter space available in the kitchen. A double batch will be made, as we plan on using the sausage meat as a replacement for pepperoni on our pizzas. Our sausage meat is made without adding sodium or nitrites, which means it won’t keep well unless frozen. I suppose I could can it, and perhaps someday I will attempt that, but not today.

Yesterday the winter keeper cabbage was processed, five pounds of blanched frozen cabbage went into the freezer, in five individual bags.

All last week I toiled away at filing. I don’t like filing, really I do not. It is a job that gets postponed when a more interesting project presents itself. More interesting projects seem to come up for months and months before the piles of papers for filing begin to spread everywhere. I finally overcame inertia and began the filing last week.

I have been feeling much better the last few weeks, and my energy levels have increased significantly. I still tire by late afternoon, particularly on really busy days, but that could be a result of aging, which is happening despite my efforts to ignore the process. Attila and I have both had our flu shots, he had little reaction, I felt ill briefly. We are as ready for the flu and Covid season as we can be.



Snow Squall Warning: Lake effect snow squalls expected to return this evening.
Updated on Sat, Nov 19, 10:55 AM
-4 °C
Mostly cloudy
Wind 5 W km/h
Humidity 98 %
Visibility 3.6 km
Sunrise 7:08 AM
Wind gust 7 km/h
Pressure 101.7 kPa
Ceiling 600 m
Sunset 4:37 PM


“When you have a number of disagreeable duties to perform, always do the most disagreeable first.”
Josiah Quincy

This works for me for most things, just not for filing!

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Joan Lansberry

Enjoy your soup and sausage! Stay warm!


As long as I have food and supplies, I love being snowed in for brief periods. The soup and sausage both sound perfect for winter meals!


We’ve had a lot of snow, and the wind was fierce until today. Fortunately, we get a few days of reprieve, now. When I wentbto bed last night I marveled at the quiet. It was the first time in days that we hadn’t heard the wind’s deep gusts.