First Snow Cover

The world was white when we arose this morning. It has been snowing off and on all morning. The snow melts, more comes down, as the day lengthened the accumulation slowed, reversed, and has melted away.

There is hopeful news about the hydro service upgrade, which must be done before the furnace installation can be completed. The pre-work has been done! How wonderful that is. I was not sure what was happening when the truck and trailer pulled up in front of the hydro poll last week. Attila thought it would have been a Bell worker. I was not so sure, as there was some work done near our hydro pole. I guess it was the company hired to to do the preliminary work, because hydro tells me it is done.

Now to confirm a scheduled date for the electric service upgrade. I have my fingers crossed that it will be before Christmas! And I have my fingers crossed that the completion of the furnace install will be done before Christmas as well.

It will be six months tomorrow since I began this journey of getting estimates and hiring a company and electrician to install a new heating system. It was eight months before that, that I applied to have our house inspected and assessed, affirming the need for a new system. This has been a very long journey, exhausting really.

Our roof will need to be replaced, that is the last crucial structural work that needs to be done on this house. There are other projects of course, but they are not crucial, important, but not crucial to the integrity of building. If the roof let water in, the integrity of the house would be compromised. It is not leaking yet, but Attila has repaired it three or four times now, so the day is coming when he can repair it no more, and it will need to be replaced. But for now, I am trying to move us through getting the new heating system installed, and that is enough for me at the moment!

A quiet day here at Mist Cottage. Another batch of Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins were baked. I am beginning to reorganize the kitchen cupboards,and the kitchen, and to begin storing things away that are suddenly no longer in use, such as the steam canner. Every horizontal surface in the house is covered with equipment and/or supplies. Slowly but surely I am beating back the beast of chaos. It feels pretty good.

The celery patch in the raised bed. The greenery on these plants is the third growth, and it was harvested on the weekend, dehydrated, and powdered for cooking.



Updated on Wed, Nov 16, 2:05 PM
1 °C
Mostly cloudy
Wind 11 N km/h
Humidity 85 %
Visibility 23 km
Sunrise 7:04 AM
Wind gust 16 km/h
Pressure 101.2 kPa
Ceiling 800 m
Sunset 4:40 PM


“There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other.”
J. K. Rowling

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So glad to hear you’ve moved a step forward with the electrical upgrade. Hopefully you won’t have weather that makes the house chilly, before you get the new furnace in.

Your leaf celery is interesting but very unusual. How do you use it? It doesn’t seem like it would work well in many recipes that use stalk celery?

I had a good day, too. After much hassle I think I finally got something straightened out and I may actually my 2020 refund from the US sometime in early 2023.

Joan Lansberry

I hope and pray you get that upgrade completed well before Christmas!