We got an email message from Luna yesterday, from Florida, that Janus’ brother’s new baby girl, several months old, died in her sleep over the past weekend, the coroner said it was SIDS. How shocking for them, and how heartbreaking! She was their first baby. The Grandbabies have lost a cousin. How very sad.

Last night we had six consecutive calls from India, at least it sounded like India. Each time the male caller aggressively and excitedly claimed that they were from Windows and that someone was “using our IP address”, that we had an emergency. Yes, sure someone is logged into our IP address, and that would be… ME. I didn’t go into it all with the fellow this time round, we had the same calls a few months back. They are basically trying to persuade people to let them login to the home computer, to “fix” the security “problem”. Their efforts to convince me that my Windows computer is compromised are interesting; I never mention that I use a Mac, that would be telling.

I guess it is possible that someone will fall for this. They are very aggressive, although not very convincing. Six consecutive calls after being told NO THANK YOU is pretty aggressive.

Too bad there isn’t a universal IP number for Internet Security that we could give them, let them try to login to a monitored machine.

This morning the weather was awful, high winds, blowing snow and cold. I decided not to make a trip into town to pick up a tire for the snow machine, the roads seemed too bad for a non-essential outing. By noon the skies had cleared and the sun shone. Attila confirmed, when he came home for lunch, that the roads were clear and dry. So off I went to town. After picking up the repaired tire, I drove to the local grocery store.

I have wanted a reading chair in the back room for some time; someplace different to sit with a cup of tea and book [kobo]. To that end I purchased a folding chair made of hardwood from the grocery store, on my trip yesterday. It was inexpensive, and comfortable. After I arrived home I spent several hours carefully assembling it. Then when it was all put together I enjoyed sitting in it. Then I decided to move it to the desired location in the room. The arm of the chair snapped in two, in my hand. Oh dear!

So today I returned the chair today and was given a full refund.

I am disappointed in one way, but relieved in another. I like that chair awfully well. Attila knew I was disappointed and so suggested that the easy chair we purchased for him some years ago might be moved to the back room for reading. What a wonderful suggestion it was. I took him up on it and moved the chair into the back room today, even sat in it and enjoyed my cup of tea. When I think about it, I am glad that we have not acquired more furniture! Less is more.

Mist, of course, is miffed! She liked having that chair in the living room. Mist does not like change, any change. Since I knew she would not approve of the missing chair, I devised a kitty basket bed; a wicker basket, lined with comfy fluffy towel, topped by a delightfully stinky t-shirt that I knew Mist would love. At first she would have nothing to do with the new bed, and yowled at me constantly. So, every time she came within grabbing distance of me, I swept her up gently, placed her in the kitty basket bed, and gave her a good pet. We did this over and over and over all morning. By the time Attila came home for lunch she was sleeping contentedly in the new bed.

The old girls at our house are happy tonight.

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“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.”
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  1. That is terribly, terribly sad about the baby girl.

    I too have received those “Windows problems” phone calls.
    When I have time, I keep the a-hole on the line a long time, playing dumb.
    Then I tell him he should be ashamed of himself, and hang up.

    Many people do fall for that scam, unfortunately.

  2. Bex

    Haven’t had an internet scam caller here yet, but we probably will. We get a lot of local people asking about chimneys, security systems, etc. It’s only a matter of time for the Windows scammer to call…good idea Stubblejumpin Gal had though…must remember that one “you should be ashamed of yourself!!” We put the phone down and let them drone on and on most times, too. It’s their dime, and it saves maybe one or two other people from getting the scam call.

  3. Kate, it is very sad about the baby. I don’t know how they are coping with it! It can’t be easy.

    Keeping the problem phone caller on the line does seem to be our only recourse to oppose the instrusive calls. I keep asking them SPELL everything, playing dumb as you say. I was amazed though, that after the first NO, they called again, over and over and over.

  4. Bex, in Canada we have “do not call”, This only keeps honest tradespeople from calling our number. When we first signed up we got an incredible number of illegal calls, which have tapered off over time. Now we only seem to get calls from overseas, where our government regulations have no meaning. The advantage is, if they are calling, they are not honest tradespeople, so we usually just say “NO THANKYOU”, and hang up. To find honest tradespeople we rely on word of mouth recommendation.

    I am with you Bex, I don’t know how parents get through something like this. It is something that the baby did not suffer; I try to think of that.

  5. The parents are inconsolable at this point Sarah. What a harsh reality for young people to face.

    Thanks to all for the compassion and caring, it honours the wee girl, and her parent’s pain.

  6. Our hearts simply break for the wee one’s parents and family.
    My sister-in-law lost a baby this way some 20 years ago. You carry on, but of course never “get over” it.
    Sometimes life does seem to betray us, doesn’t it.

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