Plans! I make ’em, the universe changes ’em!

A stay was planned for next week, at the little house in the city. Attila was going to drop me off and return in one week to fetch me home again. The whole plan was scuppered this morning by a telephone call. Another job interview has been scheduled for next week, who would want to miss that!

Still, the weekend should be fun, as the trip down and back is now planned for three days and two nights.

At this rate the renovations at the little house in the city could take over a hundred years! It is getting there that counts though, the process, and there is a lot of lovely process ahead of us.

I like job interviews, but I don’t like to talk about job interviews. The interviews are always a positive experience, but are seldom fruitful. The only honest answer to “how did it go” is, I don’t know. For years there were no interviews, only applications disappearing into the great unknown. Progress has been made; job interviews are being scheduled. Now there are job interviews, but no offers of employment. If things keep going this way, job offers will start coming in. Then again, maybe not. Who knows!

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Dewpoint: -3.0°C
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“The love of truth lies at the root of much humor.”
Robertson Davies
1913 – 1995

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Best of luck with that interview.


By the way, John Cleese has a newsletter you can sign up for. It’s quite hilarious. And he’s on Twitter.


Found the newsletter and the twitter stream, thanks Kate! Thanks for the good luck with, I’ve got my fingers crossed.


May you soon have a job interview that leads to a job you like!