Scotch Metabolism

I sat quietly this morning, after Attila left for work, staring out the living room window, occasionally sipping my coffee, comfortable in my new easy chair. The light came slowly, blushing before revealing itself completely. Morning is my favourite time of day.

When Princess Diana died, I felt that the world had turned a corner, and not in a good way. Her passing was significant to me, and to many others. At that time, in September of 1997, I taped television coverage of her funeral. That was when I first perceived that the world was turning to darker times. I think that back then the tragedy of technology for the human race was only beginning to be felt, and has escalated beyond anything I could have imagined in 1997. Like any weapon, its use depends on who is wielding it.

Watching some of these old VHS tapes I am noticing how many of the programs in the 1990s displayed car chases as the epitome of excitement and daring. How different things are now, when entertainment is so saturated with extreme violence, graphic gore, and death… those are things I do not find entertaining in the least.

I spent several hours on Saturday researching bread recipes, in particular salt-free bread recipes. I have decided to try a recipe that includes oatmeal, and have my fingers crossed that it turns out reasonably well. Finding the recipe is only the beginning however, I need to actually bake the bread, and will hopefully break my state of inertia this week and do so.

This week I need to get our car in for a Drive Clean inspection. Owning a car is a necessity in holding down most jobs in areas without public transportation, and it is an expensive necessity!

The weather today was lovely, sunny and mild, 12C. I hung my laundry out to dry, and managed to get out for a walk. When Attila arrived home from work he felt like going for a walk on this glorious day, so out we went. The summer was hot, dry, and horrid, but our autumn has been something to write home about!

On September 8, 2016 I began taking my own blood pressure with a home electronic blood pressure machine made by OMRON. When I started taking my own blood pressure I had been taking the quadrupled dosage of my high blood pressure medication for a week, and had been eating the low sodium, low sugar diet, and taking a daily walk, for a week. At first I took my blood pressure every day, at erratic times of day, taking it only once per session. On November 3, I began to take my blood pressure routinely in the morning, and in the evening; I took multiple readings at each session, and calculated the average. It was interesting that when taking multiple readings, the initial levels were always a little higher than the subsequent levels. I decided to do this when I read about a doctor who takes multiple readings to mediate “white coat syndrome”. Apparently I am affected by my own imagined white coat! This is a chart of my readings, and some of the significant changes I have made along the way; ACV stands for Apple Cider Vinegar. I think the ACV was very helpful in working with the restricted diet and exercise to lower my blood pressure. I have been eating the low sodium, low sugar diet, which is also low in calories, and haven’t lost an ounce, although Attila says I look a little thinner, which I think is due to the daily walk and muscle mass, not weight loss. Attila says I have a “Scotch” metabolism, that won’t part with one single calorie, has to save them all.
Blood pressure Sept 8  Nov 14 2016

Worldly Distractions


Date: 11:00 AM EST Monday 14 November 2016
Condition: Mainly Sunny
Pressure: 101.5 kPa
Tendency: Falling
Temperature: 11.2°C
Dew point: 2.0°C
Humidity: 53%
Wind: SW 13 km/h
Visibility: 24 km


“Look to your health; and if you have it, praise God and value it next to conscience; for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of, a blessing money can’t buy.”
Izaak Walton
1593 – 1683

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DH and I go to movies periodically as a kind of date night. I’ve noticed recently that almost all the movies out there currently revolve around something going wrong in the government harming many, and the protagonist tries to remove the bad. I watch the movies and think to myself, if this sort of thing really were happening I think we’d notice. Who can ignore bridges blown up and collateral lives of innocent bystanders lost? If it were happening, it’s simply too much to cover up. And so, what we are seeing is truly fiction (though things like this might happen in a small and very hidden scale). The only thing is that people are acting as though the fiction is all real and the entire world and governments are acting like this, overtly. They’ve lost perspective, not telling fact from fiction. That’s part of the conspiracy theories that some parties and some media have been spoon-feeding. They just drink it all in and their view of the world is modified, sometimes to a very dangerous and frightening degree. And, unfortunately, the ones making these changes to points of view may not be able to disengage the paranoia they’ve created.

Yes, we’ve had a lovely long autumn. It’s nice to see. Sometimes winter comes too quickly.

You make an excellent point about having white coat syndrome even when you’re the one taking your blood pressure, and having to take multiple readings to allow yourself to get use to taking your blood pressure. I have problems with white coat syndrome, too – and a fear of the cuff, ever since I had an automatic store blood pressure unit get stuck and not let go of my arm for many minutes.

I use to take my own blood pressure at home some years ago. It was amazing, the difference between the readings I’d get at home and what I’d get at the doctor’s office. Of course, if the doctor didn’t have you suddenly hop up on the table and then immediately take your pressure it might show a bit lower, too.

Bex Crowell

I just bought an inexpensive ($9.99 !!!) scale. The old fashioned kind, without batteries, just the wheel inside with numbers. I haven’t used a scale in many years.

I stood on it today. No comments from me about it if/when things start to go downward. Suffice it to say I am at a starting point with no promises of anything. I just wanted to know the hard truth.

Watching Obama talking at a Greek press conference with the Greek PM is soothing. I am so going to miss this man, our President. I can’t even fathom what a T.Rump would do in this case… I wonder if he would even visit there. Life is going to change so drastically here south of the border… and not for the better! Any good thoughts you in Canada can send us will be appreciated.

Still the Lucky few

It is so great to read the chronicles of your peaceful life, Maggie! You are right to limit the intake of the vicious campaign that has been dominating the news cycles for so many months in the US. It has been very disturbing, and quite frightening. But it’s post-election now, and we need to adjust. So I’m trying to move on. Like you, Maggie, I’m in Canada, but the effects of this political madness will affect us too, and the world. Take care.

TopsyTurvy (Teri)

“I wonder if all this violent programming (and video gaming) is to keep bloodlust alive and well in our couch potato culture.”

My reading on it has been that it’s a way to express fears of other things in the lives of the culture, right now. Fears of terrorism, fears of not gaining in salary though we work harder, fears of changes in our social demographics, and fears of changes coming due to technological advances.

And a toast to your not having cabin fever. May cabin fever become only a dim memory for you, Maggie!

TopsyTurvy (Teri)

” I don’t really have a feel for how people could use fascination with harming others as a way of dealing with their own fear, humans are the great mystery.”

I remember years back in psych classes we studied how if you put 2 rats in a maze and then used a discordant sound to upset them the rats would turn on each other. In the absence of being able to attack an object of discord, the “animal” attacks whatever presents itself in hopes of ending what is hurting it.