Sam Larkin

Sad news in my world, a dear friend has passed away. There is a hole in my universe.

Sam Larkin was a wonderful individual, talented, funny, quixotic, complex, intelligent… but what comes to me, when I think about him, is his gentleness and kindness. From my perspective those are the qualities that lit up his natural talents to brilliance. He was a singer/songwriter, and much of what we spoke of was discussed in the context of music. I will miss our conversations. My life was richer for knowing Sam, so thank you Sam and safe journey.

He wrote beautiful songs, music and lyrics, which I loved from the very first time I heard him play them, on stage at Fat Albert’s open stage, in Toronto, decades ago. Mirabeau Bridge is well known.

Mirabeau Bridge performed by Sam Larkin.

Mirabeau Bridge performed by James Keelaghan.


This CBC As It Happens interview with Ron Sexsmith, about Sam, is worth listening to. Ron’s segment begins around 37:17.

And more:
Soundcloud has two of Sam’s CD releases, beautiful!

And more:
Sam performing in 2010 at Fat Alberts, I Don’t Want To Be The One.

And more:
Sam Larkin live at CKMS in 1994. I hadn’t heard this particular broadcast, it is just like listening to Sam on stage at Fat Albert’s in the 90’s!

Funny, the older I get the less I understand death. What is death? I don’t get it. I don’t understand. I don’t have to.

Each time someone in my world moves on to the next, I experience loss. It is never the same, different for each soul who visited mine. “Gone but not forgotten” is apt.

Worldly Distractions


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“I had a dream and I gave it a name
The name that I gave it was your name
I had a dream and I gave it a name
The name that I gave it was your name”

Sam Larkin, Mirabeau Bridge

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I’d never heard of Sam Larkin before this post. Thank you. I also like his style. I’m sorry for the hole in your universe – some people call the holes in the sky “stars” – so maybe there is another star in your sky now twinkling down on you each night.


Beautiful words,Maggie. I wonder when and where that performance by Sam was taken. Funny, I never saw him with a bandanna or without glasses. Other than the plaid shirt I wouldn’t have recognized him. It’s also funny that after the many conversations I had with Sam, I never found out what he did, other than make magical songs. Anytime I would ask him about his life, he would answer with something elliptical and funny, and I’d feel silly for having asked. But there was no mistaking the warmth and tenderness behind the wit.

Gary 17, on his website, writes that Sam may have been 63. I’m sure he was older than that. When I first went to Fats in 1989 I was 33 and I’m sure he was at least ten years older. Oh well, who cares? His Facebook said he was born in 1999, so I guess we should accept that.


Maggie: So sorry for the pain of your loss. It’s interesting that the older I get the more I understand death and accept it for myself. My selfish self doesn’t accept death of others quite as easily. But when I ponder my own death it always comes back full circle that I should strive to *life* in the moment – to rejoice the time I’ve been given and not squander it. *hugs*

Joan Lansberry

My sympathies to you on the loss of a special singer. Good thoughts, all of you! Yes, so true, the nearer I get to my own d-day, the more keenly I feel the desire not to waste the moment. Yes, even to find some small comfort within the angst of the moment, which, it too will pass…