When Attila arrived home from work on Monday morning, he looked dreadful. Off he went to bed. That was when he admitted to me that he had slept but one hour, since Sunday morning. After sleeping for six hours, up he got, unable to sleep any longer. Today, Tuesday, his sleeping pattern is beginning to settle. He arrived home from work just after dawn this morning, and immediately went to bed and slept for seven hours. Then he was up, and full of energy, unpacking and organizing. He was tired again by 6:00 p.m., so back to bed he went, and slept for another few hours. It will take the whole week I think, for him to catch up with his sleep; he is off to a good start.

Yesterday, Monday, I was completely worn out by early evening. I just stopped, unable to keep going. I too will need time to recover from the big push.

This morning I made a list of things to do. That is when I learned that I had a lot to learn about Attila working nights. He was sleeping in the bedroom. The things I needed to complete some of the items on my list were… in the bedroom where Attila was sleeping. I focused on the projects that did not involve items from behind that closed door to the bedroom. I baked a rhubarb crisp, did the dishes, and paid the bills. Luckily Attila got up briefly, shortly after I completed the doable items on the list, so I quickly gathered the other items I needed, and moved them out of the bedroom, before Attila went back to sleep.

The mail forwarding was finally arranged. Attila missed getting to the Post Office last Saturday, it closed before he reached the village to pick up our things at the storage locker. The employee at the Post Office here, who helped me arrange mail forwarding, advised me to throw away the keys to our former country PO Box. That didn’t seem considerate, so a call was made to the country Post Office, and the Post Master there suggested the keys be sent in the mail to her, and so they were.

The final push of the move resulted in another two big garbage bags full of serviceable items to be donated to the women’s shelter in town. I drove those over this morning, and dropped them off at the shelter. I wish I had more to give them! If I ever win a lottery, I will setup a fund to assist women and their children, to setup a new home with the basic necessities of life. I do not buy lottery tickets though, so that is an empty ambition. If only the thought counted for something tangible!

Two boxes were emptied today. It is getting more difficult, as we have more possessions than will fit into this house. The merging is almost complete, and the serious purging will need to begin.

We are still placing a huge pile of recyclable material for pickup at the curb every week. We also have two pieces of furniture we are trying to give away, with no luck so far. The women’s shelter has no room for it, the men’s shelter has not returned my call, and my ad on FreeCycle has garnered no response thus far. Right now those items are under a tarp in the driveway, as they simply will not fit into the house. Yesterday we gave away a mattress to one of our neighbours, and a solid wood coffee table to another neighbour.

I think that soon our efforts will bring noticeable results, soon, but not for a few days yet.

The raisin scones I made last week, the first baking project after the move.
IMG 0001

Worldly Distractions


Date: 7:00 PM EDT Tuesday 6 October 2015
Condition: Mostly Cloudy
Pressure: 101.7 kPa
Tendency: falling
Visibility: 24 km
Temperature: 14.5°C
Dewpoint: 11.7°C
Humidity: 83%
Wind: SW 11 km/h


“By perseverance the snail reached the ark.”
Charles Haddon Spurgeon
1834 – 1892

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Maggie, I’d say that both of you are doing extremely well for having turned all of your life on its head–or put it in a box, which is somewhere. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Moving is hard under ideal circumstances and yours weren’t ideal. The adjustments will continue, but you’re going into this winter together, with central heating, and necessary supplies and services nearby, so it will get better.

As for the shelter(s), you’re making significant contributions a couple of bags at a time. All those bags add up.

Stubblejumpin Gal

When I had three weeks to move, I filled the front lawn with stuff and put up a sign: Garage Sale, Everything Free.

Everything went, too, as far as I can recall!

Bex Crowell

I thing signs that read “Free GOOD stuff” would draw lots of people to your house. People love free stuff, but they love free GOOD stuff even better! I have never done a yard sale, I hate to admit. I have so much stuff in this house it’s a sin, really. All that work… it’s just too much for the broken bod!


Hi Maggie,
I’m beginning to think Attila belongs in Ripley’s! I hope he continues to get his rest.

Interesting about the PO keys. Here if you lose them here you pay for them. They are expected to be returned when the box is no longer in use.

The women’s shelter is certainly benefitting from your generosity. It is something how secretive they can be. I belonged to a women’s group years ago and it reminded me of the under ground rail road. I can only imagine what must have taken place to make the shelters so secretive.

Scones look delicious. I’m surprised you have time to cook! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am probably Queen of Yard Sales and have disliked every one I have had. People came and haggled…that’s the worst part. My prices were always reasonable and the haggling bothered me to the point of wanting to scream. Catch phrases like “Is that the best you can do?” made me cringe.

I learned to understand the nature of yard sales….and, even after saying all this I would still do one but with a sign the first day that read ‘Firm Prices’. Then the last day….I would be much more flexible. I even get notes on Etsy asking for reduced pricing. Heck, that’s a shop why would people ask that? I went to the forum and learned that folks treat vintage like items at a flea market or swap meet. Always room for haggling.

TopsyTurvy (Teri)

I hope Attila is feeling better now. Between all you two have been doing and his vacillating schedule, I can see where you’d both be worn out. Your bodies need time to repair and catch up. Even if you do feel good when you first get up doesn’t mean your back at full strength.

The interesting thing about women’s shelters here in Canada is everyone knows where they are. The ones I knew of in the US, they were hidden. No one knew their address unless they went there for some reason.

You might see about putting a free ad in your local for your area, Maggie. I’ve found that kijiji gets a lot more activity than Freecycle.

Nora, I have new digital products on Etsy and once in a while I still get asked by people if they can have a discount. I finally set up a coupon on there so if they want a discount they get a set 20% off with the coupon name. (Most of them forget to use it!)


Donations were left at a church. I understand the need for the privacy with a shelter. Usually women and children spent the night at someone’s home before they went to the shelter. Top secret.

Tops, That is odd with your product. Now when they forget to use the coupon does that mean extra work?

TopsyTurvy (Teri)

Nora, it’s all automatic with the coupon. They have an option to put in a coupon code and if they don’t they’re charged the regular price.