I finished the blanket last night! My very first blanket. I plan on making another one like it, using the same pattern, but the second one will look slightly different because the yarn colour gradation will follow a different order.

Attila has one small segment of floor tile still to lay. Then the project will be on hold until we can obtain the floor polish. The commercial floor polish we need is made specifically for this commercial flooring. The Home Depot was out of stock, and they ordered it at my request. Yesterday their web site said there were 12 containers of it in stock, so we drove to the city to pick it up. Unfortunately the floor polish could not be located, the staff could not find it anywhere in the warehouse or on the floor, so we left empty handed. Except for a small strip of floor trim for the door by the living room, which was $10, but the fellow gave it to us for $2 as an apology for the web site saying an item was in stock, and it being unavailable when we made the drive in to pick it up. Before we try again I will telephone and insist they go and locate it on the shelf.

DSCF1628a My first crocheted blanket/afghan. This small blanket was originally meant for Grace The Trailer, but Attila loves it and wants to use it a home, for keeping warm while watching TV. I will make a second one for myself. But in the meantime, I can use this blanket all day long when Attila isn’t at home, and in the evenings let him use it and take out one of the many other blankets we own.
Hook: 5.00 mm,
Yarn: 4 worsted, Bernat Pop, Foggy Notion, 100% acrylic (8 x 5 oz; 8 x 280 yards)
Foundation: 140 stitches ch 1 turn, repeat until desire length
Stitch: Suzette Stitch
Edging: Top End slip stitch, sides and bottom single crochet, single crochet across top.

DSCF1631 The last few fiddly bit of the flooring project. Circled are the three layers of flooring. A is the original tile flooring, glued on grey tiles, many broken. B is the roll vinyl flooring, probably installed in the early 70s, although functional it is torn and worn and ugly. C is the new commercial vinyl tile, plain, solid, functional, cold under foot, and easy to keep looking good. If we every replace the kitchen cupboards we will remove all of these floors and the underlay; then we will install new underlay, and new flooring. This may never get to the top of the project list, as I like the old cupboards, a so-ugly-they-are-cute sort of thing. The cupboards are homemade, out of plywood, and still function as they should.

DSCF1637 And the tiles are down! The baseboards still need to be installed, that is for another night. Then we need to find and purchase the floor polish so we can finish this project!

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Date: 9:00 PM EST Tuesday 21 November 2017
Condition: Mostly Cloudy
Pressure: 101.0 kPa
Tendency: Rising
Temperature: 8.6°C
Dew point: 3.2°C
Humidity: 68%
Wind: SW 24 gust 34 km/h
Visibility: 24 km


“The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings.”
Okakura Kakuzo


  1. Thanks Eileen! I am almost looking forward to frigid winter days so that I can cuddle under it. The floor polish issue is weird, the big box stores sell the commercial flooring, but they don’t stock the floor polish that is supposed to be used on it. Luckily we have to wait for the tile glue to dry thoroughly before applying the floor polish, so hopefully we will have it by the time we are ready to finish things off.

  2. Thanks Sandra! I love the colours too, more than I had thought I would actually. I chose the colours based on the decor in Grace The Trailer, but once we saw the blanket in the context of Mist Cottage, we wanted the blanket(s) here at home. It is a very warm blanket. I look forward to working on the second one during the coldest months of year, it will keep my lap warm, 🙂

  3. It’s absolutely beautiful. Worth the wait! Edging is perfect. The blanket that I use here in my chair every evening is one I wouldn’t have thought would be my favorite, but it’s a lot like yours, only different colors… just a small-ish plain stitch (Elizabeth stitch) and simple edging. I love it to pieces. I love yours, as well. You might think about making your second one in a different colorway though… just to make it easier to tell them apart!

  4. Thanks Bex! Funny how favourites pop up in unexpected places 🙂

    The colours work so well in our living room that I will do the second one in the same colour. Hmm, telling them apart, I will have to think about that! I want to try a different colour combination a blanket for Grace The Trailer.

    Having repetition in the room actually makes it feel a little bigger, and the living room needs all the help it can get in that department. The blankets will hang from the backs of the two chairs at the table, which is in the living room, we keep putting it back in the living room because we miss it if we move it back to the kitchen!

  5. TopsyTurvy (Teri)

    The blanket looks great! Love how close the stitches are to hold in warmth. Like the colors, too. They make me think of a beach, sand water and clouds. Pretty!

    The floor looks good! Hope you can get the polish for it soon. Unpolished floors scuff and mark up quickly.

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