Attila and I set forth on Friday last for our little house in the city.  We arrived Christmas Eve day, after an uneventful drive on bare, dry roads.

As we drove up to the little house, a smiling metal sculpted snowman smiled at us from the front porch.  Terra and Lares had been busy acting as Christmas Elves and had completely decorated our little house!  The tree was up in the corner, lights festooned the entire perimeter of the living room, snowmen smiled from almost every corner of the house.  There were bright Christmas tins, candle holders and an audacious snowman fruit bowl that ended up being a huge hit with Tink.

Terra and Lares joined us Christmas Eve, and how wonderful it was to have them with us.  Christmas Day Terra had to work, and she and Lares arrived in the early evening to share a turkey dinner with us.

Luna arrived Christmas Day with Imp and Elf and Tink and Benny and Bim.  Janus had to work, and we did miss him.  Luckily Attila had the second bedroom painted adequately, so that the room was transformed with cots and sleeping mattresses for Luna and the grandbabies.

What a wonderful time we all had.  I can’t remember that we did anything that was particularly special, or spectacular…  The time flew by us as we were busy just being together.

Imp and Elf and Tink are wonderful children! How we love them. Imp is tall and independent, Elf is wiry and full of smiles and giggles and Tink is a no-nonsense little girl with a melting grin that shows off her two new front teeth.

Terra and Luna got together for my gift, which was generous beyond the actual cost.  They conspired to give me a kobo.  I am in love!  I have read the entire Castle of Otranto, by Horace Walpole, and I’ve made my first book purchase. It took me hours to choose, so many wonderful books to read! In the end, Ursula Leguin’s Lavinia caught my fancy. I love having a good book to curl up with!

This means no more 40 kilometer round trips to the nearest full service library; no more worrying about gas money; no more worries about traveling on treacherous roads in treacherous weather; no more worrying about due dates and fines. I now have to purchase books, but I can also receive gift certificates for eBooks. Suddenly I am a very easy person to buy gifts for!

I’ve been like a small child with a security blanket; clutching my kobo as I travel from house to car, car to house… The kobo will fit in my backpack and can be read while waiting in lines, waiting in waiting rooms, while traveling as a passenger… sigh, how wonderful.

Food! My how we have enjoyed the holiday food this year! Turkey dinner, apple pie, mincemeat squares, Luna’s shortbread and chocolate chip cookies, Attila’s chocolate chip cookies, nuts, clementines, chocolates… Chocolates are last but certainly not least!

Attila has been chopping wood since we arrived home. The indoor temperature is rising and soon I’ll be able to remove my parka. The electric heaters kept the house well above freezing while we were away, which is a relief, at least until the next electric bill arrives in the mail, LOL!

I am working New Year’s Eve Day, but not too late. Attila returns to work tomorrow morning.

Our New Year celebration will be a quiet one. We will sit in front of the fire and enjoy remembering the very good times we have had over the past year, and all the truly wonderful things that have happened for the people we love.