Plans! I make ’em, the universe changes ’em! A stay was planned for next week, at the little house in the city. Attila was going to drop me off and return in one week to fetch me home again. The whole plan was scuppered this morning by a telephone call. Another job interview has been… Continue reading Scuppered

Flowing White Hair

Last night, in my dreams, I rode a polar bear across a white and frozen landscape; resplendent in a richly hand embroidered and beaded, colourful, full length overcoat and long flowing white hair. Today should be a day of domestic goddessing. Maybe. Maybe not. The insurance company has just sent along an additional increase in… Continue reading Flowing White Hair

WORDS: a poem

Early morning, just after first light, is the most delightful time of day. This morning it is -22C, and yet the maple tree growing just outside my window, that stands tall in the sun, dares tips of budding red. Its branches reach towards the light knowingly. Spring will come. I am feeling rather fine this… Continue reading WORDS: a poem

House Fly

Another sure sign that spring is on the way: a house fly buzzing around the light fixture in the bathroom. He is no more. This morning the temperature is 1C, above freezing. By mid morning the temperature will drop to below freezing and we will have a flash freeze. Tonight the temperature will fall to… Continue reading House Fly

A Lot of Good People

Sometimes even I think I am a little strange. Here is where I went at 5:25 a.m. this morning, while Attila sawed logs sleeping in. I was looking at quotations. I read a quotation by Pascal. I got thinking about algebra. I loved algebra in high school, and was feeling warm hearted towards integers and… Continue reading A Lot of Good People