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This morning the weather is lovely, sunny, cool, breezy. The windows are open today, the breeze saunters through the house.

All is well in our little world. Attila is out in the garden, planting the last of the starts from his little greenhouse. I am puttering about indoors. Right now I am sitting in my easy chair with my laptop. Ginger sits beside me on the couch, meditating, sleeping, chilling out with his human. Every so often I speak with him, we make eye contact, do our squinty eye exchange thing, then he goes back to sleep, and I return to my computer screen.

This morning I’ve fed my sourdough, and hope it will be ready by the end of the day to bake a loaf of bread. Paying bills is on the itinerary for today, and filing. There are two pairs of Attila’s work pant sitting on the sewing table, waiting for my attention. There is never a shortage of projects.

Yesterday we drove out to the Camp for the day.

We have a lot of dead ash trees at the Camp. When we drove into the property the drive was blocked by a fallen dead ash tree. I got out of the car and walked the rest of the way in, while Attila moved the tree aside to get the car past it. Later he took his chain saw down the drive and cut it up into lengths for firewood.

It was a lovely day. We have wetland on the property, so I expected that there would be a lot of mosquitoes. I encountered a few when I stirred up the leaves, while dragging dead wood out of the bush, but really there weren’t many. There were no black flies. There were a lot of dragonflies, flitting through the sunlit opening in the trees where Grace is parked, and the car, and we have our camp fire pit, and picnic table. And there were lots of birds, two calls I did not recognize, crows, jays, robins, woodpeckers, black capped chickadees, and turkey vultures hovering above us from time to time.

Attila used the weed whacker to cut the grass, that is a big job in the spring and early summer. There has been a lot of rain, the water level in our pond is still high, so the grasses and other plants around it are thriving.

We found no mice in Grace the trailer! This is quite wonderful to me, I tire of cleaning up after them at every visit. However, our trap caught dozens of flying ants. I did not find any live ones in the trailer, thank goodness. Now that we have removed much of the fabric from the trailer, the smell of mice has diminished and is almost gone. We bring a battery with us, which powers the ceiling fan, which helps air out the place.

I usually take on the task of collecting dead wood, and keeping the camp fire going. By lunch time I had a lovely bed of hot coals, over which Attila grilled cheese and onion sandwiches for our lunch. We opened a jar of home canned coleslaw to round out the meal.

Attila had time to replace the strike plate on the screen door of the trailer, the old one no longer kept the screen door shut. Eventually we would like to take Ginger out there with us, so the door needs to be secure. Ginger would not last long in the wild!

Another task Attila began was to wash the exterior of Grace. She sits under trees, and so gets very, very dirty. I washed her some years ago, but she really needs it again. Unfortunately, I can no longer use ladders, and so cannot reach most of the areas that need cleaning. Attila has stepped in to do the job. It will take many days to accomplish. The water used for washing has to be brought from home, and there is only so much water we can carry in the car. We bought some Scotch-Brite General Purpose Hand Pads 7447 from amazon, and they are wonderful for removing bracken and fungus from our trailers, Grace and Iris.

We noted that it is more fun visiting the Camp on weekdays. The Camp has shared lakefront property, and there are also many seasonal cottages around us. Visiting on a Friday, we noticed that when the cottagers begin to arrive, the noise level escalates significantly. Young males shouting, speed boats, ATVs, dogs barking, these noises and more fill the air on the weekends. Rarely during the weekdays do we hear our neighbours.

We had a lovely day at the Camp, and came home tired and happy.



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Wind 6 SW km/h
Humidity 46%
Visibility 31 km
Sunrise 5:27 AM
Wind gust 9 km/h
Pressure 102.1 kPa
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A veterinarian told me once that when a cat give you a slow blink or squinty eyes, it’s its way of saying “I love you.” It sounds like life is good!!


Sounds like a wonderful time at the camp!

Maggie, I understand from an internet friend that there’s a free app that will tell you which bird is making what call. It’s called Merlin. You might check to see if it would work for you.