1. Thanks for the feedback Joan! It is very annoying when software changes the way it works when it is updated, so glad I became aware of this issue. When the comments stopped coming I though to myself, “this pandemic really has people dampened down, I hope everyone is OK!” Glad to know it is the software that has problems and not the people!!!

  2. Sandy

    Yes, I received 3 notifications today and was happy to get them! I wish we had the longer Autumns we used to get. My cousin in northern Wisconsin has already had snow. I’m still hoping for a warm snap 🙂 All of the work that you did on your house is paying off now with a nice, warm temperature I would guess that when you turn the furnace on, you’ll rettain heat longer too! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Thank you Sandy! He is feeling much better, I have my fingers crossed that it lasts, and am hopeful as the exceptional heat and humidity of the summer that triggered the health issues have now passed.
    I too am amazed at how much food comes out of that garden!! In the spring it seemed a very modest and somewhat chaotic garden, and now I am so busy preserving food that at times my eyes cross, lol.
    Wishing you the mild winter you desire! From what I gather the weather in the midwest can be very extreme, as it is not moderated by water bodies as many areas on the continent are. Keep warm!

  4. Sandy, I wondered what happened over the last few weeks, and was hoping everyone was OK, lol. I will have to keep an eye on the software.
    Snow! Shudder. I do hope the winter is a mild one, and that you get a warm snap where you are. When we lived at the country house we often had snow by this time of year, but it usually melted, but by November it was going nowhere until April. Here it seems tropical by comparison.
    I am really relieved that the house is retaining heat when it is so cold outside. The last thing we do at night before retiring is to check the interior temperature on the thermostat, and it is the first thing we do when we arise. So far so good! Have a wonderful day Sandy!

  5. Anonymous

    I get exhausted just reading about how much canning you do. 🙂 But I do love hearing about the garden and canning and preserving, etc. Have a great day!

  6. Sandra

    I was also wondering where you’d gone as I hadn’t gotten any email notifications in a couple of weeks. So glad you’re still posting. Preserving season has kept me hopping this year though my efforts are modest compared to your industrious self. I’m afraid an overabundance of cucumbers and tomatoes got away from me but they make good compost!

  7. Sandra,thank goodness for those compost piles! Your harvest sounds wonderful, cucumbers and tomatoes are so prolific, they certainly keep a person on their toes.
    Luckily I discovered Bernardin’s Dill Slice recipe, on their web site, and have made at least 5 cases of pickles. We preserve a lot of ingredients, and sauces and condiments to make basic food stuff taste special.
    I have to keep an eye on this notification software, I think the change in function might have something to do with the developer encouraging a paid update. Happy canning!

  8. Wishing you a great day Anonymous! It is a fortunate thing that I love what I am doing, otherwise it would be tortuous indeed. But as it is I am happy as a clam bustling away in the kitchen with all of my projects. There a few days now and then, when I am at it into the late evening, that I think “Uncle”, but that feeling only lasts until I start to hear those lids ping as the jars seal. What a sound! Have a great day!

  9. Margarett

    Dear, dear Maggie, and friends: I decided to crawl out from under my rock….caught up on all of your past entries; it has been at least a month since I last touched your base. I had me second back rhizotomy (left) last Thursday; recuperating more slowly this time, as this was slightly more involved. Have a telehealth visit this coming Thursday with my newest, super-duty hypertension specialist. I have to check my B/P 9 times daily…then, I discard the first reading, and average the rest…weekly, then monthly. I learned the hard way not to wait and try to do nearly 3 months of averages at one time….my eyes were crossed! I hope she will release me to see a personal trainer to get an evaluation and home plan to begin strengthening and endurance. The trainer seems like we will be a good fit…if the doctors will approve it. I am hovering around 104 pounds ( remember, I am 5’11”)…..zero appetite, and I still think some of the cardiac meds are the culprit. I am attending a 2 1/2 day conference next week on managing AFIB. That’s all my health junk.
    Your garden sounds wonderful. We have had a few fall like days….but, then today it is 86 degrees. First time that we have not had a rainy October…not a drop this month…so far. Right now, we do have rain forecasted for Sunday, and the high on Monday to be 48….we will have our first fire that day. Mike and I both love a fire….it changes the mood…and, I begin drinking my hot tea again. I should have been British, in the late 1800’s….my favorite era….in clothes, books, movies. I will make some great soups and stews…which I could live on. I also hope to feel up to baking some yeast rolls and bread. We have decided to have Thanksgiving here….just the two of us. We are still so mindful of COVID 19, and my D-I-L’s Mother lives with them, and has been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, with lymph node involvement. We cannot risk the big family gathering. At least, Mike and I feel we cannot risk it. The boys just returned to in school learning yesterday; Carson, my 13 year old grandson was able to stay 4 hours, before being sent home because a football teammate tested positive last Tuesday. This is a dangerous virus, and I have ( Thank God ) only known of one of my family to contract it….a niece in North Dakota. She told me that she has never been as sick as she was. She is in her 40’s, and runs in triathlon’s. Very healthy, but it kicked her butt, and she still feels the residuals from it. But, so many people around here will not wear a mask; I just don’t understand.
    Take care, my friend.

  10. Hello Margarett, so wonderful to hear from you! Glad to know you and Mike are safe, and that you are recovering, albeit slowly. Your health issues sound very challenging, you are such a brave and intrepid soul, coping so well!
    Oh, how lovely to have a fire! Enjoy! We heated wtih wood for 11 years and loved it but for the all the hard work. But there is nothing like wood fire heating, it is the best. After all that work for all those years, I now worship my thermostat. But a nice fire to sit before during a chilly evening sounds heavenly.
    It is difficult not spend holiday dinners with family, but I think your decision to spend Thanksgiving with just the two of you is very wise. Covid-19 is very serious, two relatives on Attila’s side have succumbed (USA citizens), so that was a real wake up call for us. Children seldom experience serious symptoms, and many experience no symptoms at all. In Ontario 10% of publicly funded schools have tested cases of Covid-19, so children are coming into contact with it. Mixing the young and the old socially seems foolish to me, during this pandemic. That is so sad, that so many people where you live are not wearing masks. It was like that here until a child at the school contracted Covid-19, now most people are wearing masks, even on the street.
    I do hope you are feeling better before Thanksgiving, so that you can cook and bake goodies for your celebration!