Last Minute

Lots going on over the last few days, all of it still up in the air! A few glitches with the little house, all resolved in a frenzy of telephone calls and persistent pressure on the people who needed to fulfill their obligations by predetermined deadlines. All sorted, at least as far as I know; by this evening I’ll know if I managed to cover all the bases.

The Tower
The Tower

A few nibbles on the job front, but they all seem to have led nowhere. Still, applications are sent out daily.

The young people in our family are doing well finding work. Terra is enjoying her new job and has been offered a decent number of hours. My nieces are working at part-time and summer jobs and are offered a lot of hours (compared to the hours I have been offered), sometimes too many as far as they are concerned.

The freshly painted living space in the house is wonderful. It is so much brighter, more cheerful. The days have been sunny and mild for the last little while, so that the open windows admit fragrant breezes and bird song during the quiet morning hours.

The neighbourhood is busy these days. The seasonal residents are in residence. Teenagers wander down the road, boisterous and laughing. The sound of motor boats drifts up to the house at intervals. Cars cruise down the street, sightseeing. The roads in the towns and villages are swelled with cars, the sidewalks crowded with people on holiday. Celebrities make unannounced appearances, shopping at quaint local establishments. It is summertime in cottage country.

Worldly Distractions


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“I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them.”
E. V. Lucas