I did it!

I did it! I’ve worked two consecutive six day weeks in a negative environment. There were many times when it was all I could do to keep smiling and keep working. And I did it. Ask Attila, it was a very hard go for both of us.

window view on an autumn morning
window view on an autumn morning

So, here I am today looking forward to a much needed break.

Attila is in the kitchen, preparing the stuffing for the turkey. We bought several frozen turkeys when they were on sale just before Thanksgiving. Roast turkey is a wonderful Sunday dinner, and will provide us with at least a week of quick leftover meals and then another week of turkey soup for our lunches.

I am adjusting my diet again. My cholesterol level is creeping up, it is an inherited trait. However, exercise and diet can help. I’ve been getting plenty of exercise, my job is very physically demanding. My diet could use some tweaking. Once again I am having oatmeal at breakfast, in the form of apple crisp. My daily snack is a quarter cup of roasted almonds. It is another year before I will have another blood test for cholesterol levels, and will then find out if there are any long term benefits to these tweaks.

Attila is boarding up the last few windows at the country house today. Heating season is about to begin in earnest, although we are hoping for another few weeks without snow!

My chores include laundry and filing. A recent request for two more copies of a book, that I published myself, are ready to go. I should give the purchaser a call and let them know that they can pick them up anytime.

There won’t be much work for me over the winter apparently, so I’m making plans to spend my time wisely. If I can manage to raise the funds for access to primary data, I’ll work on my families genealogy book. If not I’ll just putter along adding data from free sites online, which can provide useful information but isn’t an adequate source of reference for a publication. I enjoy both activities, so plans can be made regardless of financial circumstances.

As always I’ll be keeping my eye open for possible sources of income since my irregular job is going to go south for the winter. Not much hope of finding anything of course, as the sidewalks in this area have already been rolled up and put away; not much economic activity here in the winter months.

Although I completely exhausted after the last two weeks, I feel pretty good.

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“Abuse a man unjustly, and you will make friends for him.”
Edgar Watson Howe (1853 – 1937)