Where did November go!?!

Other than my negative co-worker, I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of nice people who work for the same company.  One of them told me about a program for older workers, which I investigated and signed up for.  I attend the program full time, it is very rigorous.  There is even a small amount of remuneration, which is going to “save our bacon”.

There is always something new to learn.  I’ve written resumes for years and years and have been searching for work for almost two decades.  The program covers all of these topics and more, from a new and interesting perspective.  I feel invigorated by the experience and truly welcome the opportunity to meet other older workers who are also actively looking for new employment opportunities.

The program keeps me busy Monday to Friday and I’ve been working Saturday mornings for the company.  That is six days a week for me right now, busier than I’ve been in a while.  At least twice a month Attila and I head down to our little house in the city.  That leaves two days off work during the month where we are at home.  There isn’t a lot of downtime right now.

Harriet and Hogan stopped by for a visit on Saturday, it was wonderful to see them.  They were up in our neck of the woods to do some winterizing at their cottage.  They had purchased laminate flooring for their cottage, and subsequently decided upon different flooring.  It is our good fortune that they have given us the laminate flooring for our little house!  Christmas in November!  This kind of generosity is typical of Harriet and Hogan, they are just like that.

Luna and Janus and Imp and Elf and Tink and Benny and Bim are on their way to their new home.  Well not directly on their way, they are spending a week at Janus’ sister’s home, taking care of their niece and nephew while the parents take a holiday.  Soot the cat did not go with them, nor did their house plants.  Soot and the house plants have taken up residence at our little house in the city, to join Luna and the gang later, at the new house.

Apparently Tink took a tumble and now has stitches across the bridge of her nose.  Now this is interesting, because when I was a little tyke I too took a tumble and required stitches across the bridge of my nose.  I have a scar to prove it, perhaps Tink will too!

Terra and Lares are missing their nieces and nephew already!  Terra and Lares are really family oriented, which delights me no end.

This time of year, at the cusp of winter, the weather is unpredictable.  Last Friday I drove 125 kilometers round trip, through white-outs and snow-packed icy roads.  I passed four accidents on the return trip, all caused by drivers who refused to acknowledge the dangerous driving conditions.  Luckily there were no personal injuries as a result of these accidents.  When the roads are bad it is the other drivers that terrify me, not the driving conditions.

I am home a little early this evening.  As soon as I came in the door, after my long drive, I changed into my pajamas, concocted a juice spritzer and put my feet up!  Ah, home sweet home.

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Sil in Corea

November has sped by me, too! We’ve had one small snow so far. Bobo and Mimi are in for the winter, with only short steps out to settle them down after I get home from work. Otherwise, they chase each other around this little apartment all night and I don’t get much sleep…Heheheh!!!