Here and There, Minute and Massive: Bad Energy is Bad Energy

The forecast for today is for warm and sunny weather! I will only be working for two hours, and fully intend to bask in the sunshine during the rest of the day.

We continue firing the masonry heater twice a day, as it can still be quite cold at night. The low temperatures for the next few nights are predicted to be -11C, cold enough to need the heating system.

I am grateful for the quality of my personal life and for the present stability of the area where I live.

Bad energy is bad energy.

At work the atmosphere is charged. The work load is light, so that there is ample time for my coworker’s endless striving for personal information to be used for her pursuits in “disowning projection” (see Notes below). My neck is so stiff with stress that I can barely turn my head. The medication I am taking to relieve my stomach pain is working. Daily I become more irritable with Attila, who is the faultless victim of my bad humour. On the surface, at work, it looks like we are “getting along”, which is all management wants to see, hear or deal with. I need the money, or I’d be out of there like a shot from a gun. Another two weeks to put in at this office. I had silently prayed to the universe to extricate me from needing to put in these three weeks; my prayers were not answered, despite my attempts to move on to another job or obtain a relocation to another office.

I think I may be doing a little bit of projection myself, my distress and outrage at my present working conditions being directed at the captains of industry around the world. Really, my working condition represents profit’s indifference to balanced existence, at a very minute scale; whereas the Japanese nuclear reactor condition represents indifference at a massive scale. It is a safe outrage at the massive scale… they care nothing for me, for my opinions, for my words lost in the vast digital sea. I might not lose my job by projecting my outrage onto the massive scale conditions, but people are losing a lot more than their jobs in Japan.

Still, I would like to think that the “written history” of my time here on earth included some sort of outrage at the stupidity that we call progress. So my words are here. My troth is pledged to the betterment of the human condition, regardless of the effectiveness of my efforts. When I return to my maker I will make a good account of myself.

The devastation caused by natural environmental processes in Japan is beyond anything I can imagine, watching from the relative safety of Ontario, Canada. I continue to feel sadness, fear and outrage at the nuclear issues they are facing in Japan. I am not convinced that nuclear power plants are any safer here in Ontario or Canada than they are anywhere else in the world. Sure, the earthquake caused this issue with the nuclear power plants; but hey, the people who built the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan, and other plants along the fault lines, knew about earthquakes. If science is such a God-like, unbiased intelligence just how did they come to build these fragile giants in such vulnerable locations. Of course, the answer is obvious. Science is a tool, a loaded gun with no intelligence of its own. Those who wield it determine the outcomes of its influence. Outrageous hubris!

There are many issues of safety with nuclear power, most of which we trust the “powers that be” to respect, and to protect the public interest. I am pretty sure that if we ever faced a crisis of the magnitude that they are facing in Japan, that our “powers that be” would be largely absent as the population struggled through the darkness.

Pat Logier used to tell me I was a “master of the obvious”. We are what we are.

Worldly Distractions


-3 °C
Condition: Cloudy
Pressure: 101.9 kPa
Visibility: 10 km
Temperature: -3.0°C
Dewpoint: -3.0°C
Humidity: 100 %
Wind: calm


“And Browny quite gave up rolling in the mud, and Whitey ceased to be greedy, for they never forgot how nearly these faults had brought them to an untimely end.”
The Three Little Pigs and Other Folktales of Type 124

Japan’s slow tsunami response stirs anger: Government breakdown, lack of resources create frustration
“Fed up with waiting for instructions, Abe offered his services to a group of teachers who have stepped in to help fill a void left by the breakdown of one of the world’s most capable and usually omnipresent government bureaucracies….

But the state, overwhelmed by problems, has abdicated some of its most basic duties, some say. The government is not doing anything. They are not present here,” said Akase Hiroyuki, the principal of Ishinomaki’s Nakazato Primary School. Along with 20 of his teaching staff, he runs a shelter for 1,200 people left homeless and hungry by the tsunami. Classrooms serve as dormitories, and the school’s gymnasium has become a food-distribution center….

Asked what officials are doing to help, he laughed and said: “I’ve been looking for them, but I haven’t seen them yet.”
Source: Washington Post: Japan’s slow tsunami response stirs anger, Government breakdown, lack of resources create frustration


Radiation Network

“Most of these models, as well as the GeigerGraph for Networks software, are available at, a web site operated by Mineralab. Click on the text hyperlinks in the previous sentence to go there. You can also contact us here:
Mineralab, LLC
Welcome to, home of the National Radiation Map, depicting environmental radiation levels across the USA, updated in real time every minute. This is the first web site where the average citizen (or anyone in the world) can see what radiation levels are anywhere in the USA at any time (see Disclaimer below)…
Disclaimer: Mineralab, LLC, the operator of this web site, can not independently verify that the Radiation Levels, or any Radiation Alerts, that are displayed on this Radiation Map are correct and valid. Among other possibilities, Geiger counter malfunctions or proximity of the counters to certain medical procedures or to radioactive items can cause high readings at a Monitoring Station. If the Radiation Map appears to show elevated Radiation levels, contact Mineralab.”

Aarne–Thompson classification system

“The Aarne–Thompson classification system is a system for classifying folktales. First developed by Antti Aarne and published in 1910, it was translated and enlarged by Stith Thompson. As a treatment of morphology, it uses motifs rather than actions to group the tales.
Over all, the tales are grouped by Animal Tales, Fairy Tales, Religious Tales, Realistic Tales, Tales of the Stupid Ogre, Jokes and Anecdotes, and Formula Tales. Within each group, they are further subdivided by motifs until the individual type.”

Disowning Projection

In a projection , a person attributes certain aspects of him or herself to others (→ Attribution Processes ). The process is closely tied to → identification in the psychology of personality. A disowning projection involves attributing negative aspects of the self to others, such as “selfish motives, evil intent … [or] stupid attitudes” ( Cameron 1947 ). Cameron includes the exclusion of those characteristics from the self as part of that projection (hence the disowning portion of the name). Theoretically, a disowning projection should be contrasted with an assimilative projection , in which a person similarly projects his or her own qualities onto others. Although both are projections, the content and effects of the projections are quite different. When negative characteristics are projected, the person who is projecting disassociates him or herself from the characteristics. When positive characteristics are projected, no such disassociation occurs. Instead, the person who is projecting maintains the view of him or herself as being described by these characteristics, and, after projecting them onto others, sees him or herself as similar to those others.


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terrible this,Pickering fault line last spoke in 1998,
close but usually favorable winds for T.O.



Good call Jeff, that fault line is relatively active.
I think the powers that be in Japan figured they had all the safety issues covered, iron clad. Humans shouldn’t be playing chicken with mother nature.


But on the other hand, a small nation with relatively few natural resources…and you have a recipe for disaster. Not to mention a predisposition for wanting to be in the forefront of technology.


True enough crochetlady. I live in a country that is rich in natural resources and also has a predisposition for wanting to be in the forefront of technology, particularly nuclear technology. I wish that science and technology were lending their talents to balanced local energy sources, as these already exist at the domestic and small enterprise scales. Organizations such as the David Suzuki Foundation explore these issues,