Flu Shots

Yesterday Attila and I visited the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Noticing a sign offering flu shots, I inquired, and quick as a wink, we had our seasonal shots. Then we carried on with the rest of our day.

In the evening I had an unpleasant online experience with a member of a Facebook group, who wandered into name calling. It was a disappointing experience because the “group expert” escalated the incident by stating that the unkind and uncalled for name calling was the member’s “right”. It is always sad when someone with a wee bit of power doesn’t know how to handle it. My solution was to block the rude person, and ignore the “group expert”, because I can’t block them and remain in the group. Because the tone of the name calling was “only American viewpoints welcome here”, the Admin deleted the whole thing, which is exactly how I would have dealt with it.

What was interesting was that I had an extreme emotional reaction to this, which is highly unusual for me. I was a little confused by my reaction. Soon afterwards I had a splitting headache, and my neck became very sore. Soon after that I began to have chills, and every joint in my body ached. My reaction was not to the unpleasant experience at all, it was my body reacting to the flu shot.

I had a very disagreeable night, unable to find a comfortable position, and sleeping only in fits and starts. I remained in bed until mid-morning, when I began to feel a bit better, and now I am up and active.

I’ve baked bread today, ground flax seed, and cleaned up the various messes Ginger left this morning while I was abed.

Ginger is out of sorts. He is protesting a change to his litter box setup. He has been making an incredible mess with his litter, so we decided to place the litter box in a very large tote with a door cut out of the end. This is working very well for us. This is not a good idea as far as Ginger is concerned. The first day or so he sat by the litter box and yowled, but he still used the litter box as he normally would. The next day the yowling decreased somewhat. Today he is vomiting all over the house, which is what he does when he encounters change, or is displeased. He visits his water bowl, fills up, then finds a likely spot where we will be sure to notice, and deposits his beverage, then comes to find me to inform me.

Ginger usually calms down once he feels he has made his point.



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“Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a function.”

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Joan Lansberry

I found my reaction to the flu shot stronger than the reaction I had to the Covid shot one week later. After the flu shot, I couldn’t raise my arm for three days, and the skin around the injection site felt swollen and hot to the touch. Sure beats getting a bad case of flu, though. Poor Ginger! I hope you all feel better soon!

Katherine Johnson

I very much enjoy visiting other people’s cats and dogs now, since we no longer have one in our house and I never again will. Sorry your Ginger is acting up. Too bad he can’t just bitch and whine in your language and get it over with!


I got a flu shot a few years ago, just before covid started. I hated it. For the next 4 months I felt like I had a low grade flu.

We do have an appt for our covid shot at our local Public Health clinic.. I was surprised that they were booking them a month in advance, but just as well as they should have the new XBB version in by then.

I’m glad Ginger has stopped being upset with you. I would have a serious issue with a pet vomiting all over the house as a protest.