Farewell August

Well, here we are, the last day of August!

The summer has flown by. This morning the temperature outdoors was 6C, quite cool. I decided to take a walk and it was invigorating. And although there is a feeling of autumn in the air this morning, summer is not over. The warmest weather of the summer season is supposed to arrive next week, the temperature reaching 32C with a humidex of 39C.

The garden has not been at all happy with this year’s weather. Our harvests are small, and late. A few things are doing really well though, rhubarb, basil, cabbage, and cherry tomatoes. The lettuce did well until the hot summer weather arrived, it doesn’t like the heat. We have purchased produce to make up for the shortfall, pickling cucumbers and green peppers. We also bought blueberries and peaches when they were in season and on sale, to make jam, and eat fresh.

So far this season I’ve canned 120 jars of food, which is less than usual, but not bad really. It is likely that amount again will be canned by the end of the preservation season. I am hoping to purchase a bushel of red peppers for canning, and to add to the pizza sauce that will be made with 2022’s crop of tomatoes that are in the freezer. I made a vegetable soup last week, adding bits and bobs that I collected from the refrigerator and the pantry. One of the things I added to the soup was a jar of canned red peppers, and the flavour of the soup was wonderful. So, I’d like to can more red peppers, for soup making over the winter months. The red peppers need to be pressure canned.

We are hoping for extended good weather into the fall, so that the late garden has a chance to mature and provide us with a good harvest. We shall see.

The fruit flies are in their glory here at Mist Cottage. With produce coming in, and fruit ripening on the counter, they are having a heyday. My traps are catching most of them. I find if the traps are setup at first sighting, they are more effective. There isn’t as much opportunity to breed I think. Fruit flies are a part of life during harvest and preserving season, but they disappear within weeks after the last jar has been canned and safely stored away on the shelf.

I felt a bit wonky last week, Attila theorizes that I had Covid again. I am feeling fine again now, so whatever it was it has passed. My Mom is recovering nicely from her third bought of Covid, love my Mom!

Today was a quiet day. I found myself sitting quietly, watching the sunlight dance across the room. Every so often I would look up, to find Ginger staring at me, sharing contented “blinks” with each other. I like that, just sitting quietly, letting the the light and the house talk to me.

This evening Attila picked me some flowers from the garden, they sit in a vase, on the table, in the living room. My eye is often drawn to this cheer of colour.



Updated on Thu, Aug 31 at 7:25 PM
A few clouds
Wind 12 SW km/h
Humidity 63 %
Visibility 22 km
Sunrise 6:29 AM
Wind gust 19 km/h
Pressure 101.7 kPa
Ceiling 9100 m
Sunset 7:46 PM


“Language exerts hidden power, like a moon on the tides.”
Rita Mae Brown
1944 –

I think people who learn more than one language have a better sense of this, than those who have learned and communicated in only one language.

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Historically, we used to have quite a few problems with fruit flies. The best way we found to tackle them was to just vacuum them up. When I think about it, I don’t think we had a fruit fly problem last year, either. Maybe the grocers here keep their fruit/veggies cleaner?

Our lowest temp this week was 6, but it bounced back up almost immediately.

Love your flowers! I don’t think we’ll ever have extensive garden beds. Neither DH nor I are good at taking care of them anymore. But next year I’d like to do some planted pots.


Hey, Maggie. This just came up in my news feed. Thought you wouldn’t mind exploring another flour supplier. Happy September!


Joan Lansberry

I’m glad you and your mother are feeling better. Lovely flowers!


So sorry you and your mom were sick! The weather has been glorious yesterday and today! Wish it could hang around but the hot summer weather is coming back. I love zinnias. I started some in my aerogarden this spring and then transplanted them to a couple of pots outside and they did really well. Going to start some lettuce and herbs in my aerogarden soon and have some peppers in it now that are almost ready to pick.