Yesterday was such a lovely day, in the beginning.

Then I made a telephone call, and another, and another…

I had to pursue the process for the government grant for our furnace. The reports were done the second week of January, and we had heard nothing, and the the website indicated our account was not in process.

So I called the assessment company, and the government granting body. I got different answers from everyone I talked to. Apparently the bankruptcy of the original assessment company is causing issues and we are in manual review for the next eight weeks. OR the government computer program can’t handle that we had an old air source heat pump and so it has to be processed manually. I don’t believe anything they tell me anymore, because the story is always different, even from the same people in subsequent calls. I will leave it eight weeks and call again.

The whole thing stressed me out. The grant money is needed, and it might never arrive. We will hobble along without it. I am frustrated, and disgusted with the whole thing, but have to carry on.

For now I am assuming we will not be getting the grant, and will apply myself to ensuring our financial survival.

So today I began the process of acceptance, that this grant thing is not going to work out for us. Once I have accepted that, I can calmly move along with monitoring the process, even though it seems hopeless. I can also move on to formulating financial plan B, C, D… whatever it takes.

I’ve had enough this government grant insanity for now.



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“People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.” AND “Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one”
A. J. Liebling
1904 – 1963

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Joan Lansberry

How frustrating!


I’m so sorry. They need to improve their system/ 🙁


I’m so sorry, I truly have an idea of what youre going through. I had applied for a covid refund that was open to expats. I put in for it, and waited. Nothing. I waited so long that we were caught up in a move and had to tell them about it after the fact. I get a letter at the new address saying the post office had returned the check. Great! They enclosed a return form asking for the check to be reissued. I sent it in. Eight months later I opened an email to fax account so I could send them an email. (Thanks to covid, no one was manning the international call center.) I get a letter that a new check will be sent out within 8 weeks, after they can confirm the check was returned.

Three months later still no check. I’m moving again to our new house – but miraculously the call center has re-opened and I can call them and go through the gauntlet of proving that I’m me. They tell me, yes, they can send the check out again. Four weeks later I get a letter saying the check will be sent out, if I don’t get it in 30 days then send back in the same letter all over again.

I wait a month. I wait a month and a week. I wait a month and 2+ weeks. Nothing. And at that point it started to sink in that they probably lied. They may have said the money would go to expats but then they decided – or somebody high up decided – not to do it. There’s no reason this time why I might have missed the check.

And at that point I gave up. We could have dedinitely used that money but the rest of the options left to me to try and get it aren’t worth it, especially given the several problems I’d solved with still getting no closer to getting that check.


Thanks so much, Maggie. It’s now a full month since I gave up on that check. I don’t think sbout it anymore when we check the mail, and I’m glad I’m not constantly thinking about it anymore.