A Simple Day

It is a beautiful day, windy enough to hear it as it passes through the trees outside my window, and sunny every so often as small breaks in the clouds pass by.

Ginger and I aren’t doing anything special today. I paid a few bills, Ginger finds that terribly boring. He considers it beneath his concern.

I’ve found that having evolved towards doing as much as possible for ourselves, I am always engaged in some sort of domestic activity.

My biggest challenge of the day so far, was to retrieve a measuring cup that had dropped behind a heavily laden cabinet in the kitchen. I not only retrieved the cup, but did a big of cleaning back there while I had the cabinet pulled out. Not very exciting, and representative of the minor things that occupy a day of serenity.

In January we ordered our seeds for this coming growing season. Today most of them arrived. The box was delivered to the garage door, so I delicately made my way over there from the front porch to fetch it, not bothering to put my boots on for such a brief foray. The snow was thin and crunchy under foot, and luckily the puddles from yesterday’s rain had soaked into the ground. Back in the house, my feet were damp but not soaking. I am leaving the box for Attila to open, he is the master gardener around here so the pleasure goes to him.

Some days we plan our supper, and some days we don’t. Today’s menu was planned yesterday evening, a homemade pizza. We haven’t had pizza for quite awhile. It is a bit of work to prepare, we both get involved. I make the dough for the crust, and spread it on the pizza pan. Attila takes over from there with our homemade pizza sauce. Over time more of the toppings are homemade. We now use our sodium free sausage as a topping, as well as our garden sweet and hot peppers. Because the sausage replaces the relatively high sodium pepperoni, I can have a bit more cheese, which is great.

Slowly but surely I am getting things organized in the living room. When I am a bit further along with this, I will be able to get out my material and pattern for the new apron I plan on making. It will be a long process, since I have to setup and dismantle my equipment every day, as I must work on the only table in the house, the dining table.



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“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”
Maya Angelou
1928 – 2014

Failure, as measured by the unbalanced culture around us, can be wildly successful.

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Diane Dahli

You outlined such a tranquil day! Doing simple things can be very satisfying!

Joan Lansberry

I like Maya Angelou’s definition of success!


I like your commentary even better than the Maya Angelou quote. Very apropos and timely.