Dog Yellers

The heat broke sometime after midnight. Today is lovely and sunny and mild and breezy and perfect. So perfect that the windows are open, to let the breeze wander through. Even the dining windows are open, as very little heat is generated by the sun that shines brightly on the new metal roof. This is heavenly, lovely windows that open, lovely insulation that keeps the house temperature on an even keel, and a lovely light coloured metal roof just outside my dining window.

The breeze is not the only thing that wanders through. The neighbours across the street are having power struggles with their little dog. If they aren’t loudly reprimanding the dog, the dog is barking at them.

The thunderstorm in the forecast for last night did not materialize, no rain fell. Attila watered the garden well last night. There isn’t any significant rain in the forecast, so watering will be frequent. The new roof is not finished and the eves troughs are still dismantled, so our rain barrels are of little use. This is a downside of the garage roof project, which can be compensated for by paying for water through the utility company. There are many hidden advantages, and hidden costs, to any project.

There are a lot of earwigs in the house at the moment. I found one on my plate at lunch time! Now how did he get there? Most insects cause me little concern, except disease carrying types, like mosquitoes and black ticks. As far as I know earwigs are just ugly and annoying, but won’t make you sick.

Tonight’s Instant Pot dinner will be a repeat of yesterday’s dinner, the Spicy Orange Chicken. The orange juice needs to be used before it turns, simplifying the decision making process. I don’t mind a repeat though, the chicken dish was very tasty.

And now, it being so very lovely here on my easy chair, with the breeze gently breathing through the curtains, and sighing through the leaves on the trees outside the window, I think I’ll put up my feet and have myself a little nap!

Worldly Distractions


Date: 1:00 PM EDT Friday 6 July 2018
Condition: Partly Cloudy
Pressure: 102.2 kPa
Tendency: Rising
Temperature: 21.4°C
Dew point: 8.6°C
Humidity: 43%
Wind: NNW 31 gust 45 km/h
Humidex: 22
Visibility: 24 km


“Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.”
John Wayne
1907 – 1979

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The cottage was slow to cool down last night, even with all the windows open. But by morning it was a reasonable temp, and by afternoon I had to close down every window except the screen in the storm door. With a high temp of 19 qnd a heavy breeze coming off the lake I was getting chilly.

On our way to pick up some stone edging for the lower side of the firepit we stopped at the entrance to the beach to look at the water. There was no beach! The waves were so high that water had come up to the beginning of the very short dunes. We could see some parasailers riding the waves and they would ride up and down, sometimes gathering enough speed that they could jump their boards several feet above the 4-5 foot waves.

Sounds like a lovely day over there at Mist Cottage. Enjoy!


I try to catch and release most insects, even flies. Earwigs? Nope! They have freaked me out ever since I was little. It was a fear from thinking they would go into my ears and watching Ster Trek Wrath of Khan.

Stubblejumpers Cafe

Our turn for the heat wave. Last night the outdoor temp went from 75F at 11:00 to 80F at 1:30a.m. You’d’a seen me in my T-shirt running around the house closing all the windows that were supposed to be cooling the house off overnight. Coolest I could get it this morning between 6:45 and 8 a.m. was 74F. HAHT. -Kate

Bex Crowell

Just like Birdie above, earwigs always freaked me out due to the ear thing. If they were just called something else, I wouldn’t have minded them. They aren’t particularly ugly, in my book, but very bland actually. But the ear thing… I always had ear problems as a child and spent a goodly amount of time at the Ear Specialist getting gadgets shoved in my ears. I’d always come away hearing so much more than I’d heard before, but it would always come back (the wax) and back we’d go. And earaches were a regular thing for me, too. So “ear-wigs” just give me the creeps.