Counting My Blessings December 24, 2011

Here it is, Christmas Eve, my bread is rising by the hearth, Attila is preparing to bake his chocolate chip cookies and croutons.

And the oven on the stove has suddenly and irrevocably stopped working. Attila has pulled it out from the wall and fiddled with all fiddleable parts. No joy. It isn’t going to be baking our Christmas goodies this year or any other I suppose. We need a new stove and oven.

Attila and I bought a Nesco free standing oven to use in our summer kitchen. When we bought the little house in the city, it served as our only oven during those first months as we began repairing the house. What a fortunate purchase, that Nesco!

I am preheating the Nesco now, to bake my bread. Attila will bake his cookies and croutons in it later today. Tomorrow we will roast our turkey in the Nesco.

Quite a little adventure on a Christmas Eve day!

Wishing everyone a very wonderful Christmas/Holiday Season!

“God bless us every one!” said Tiny Tim, the last of all.
from Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

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What is it about appliances and holidays? It seems that they just *know*. Glad you had Plan B available.


You might be right Wendy, maybe appliances are prescient! The bread baked to perfection, I am happy to say. Attila is just starting to prepare his cookie dough.


Yes, glad you had another oven. Merry Christmas!