Common Cold

Common Cold

I have a miserable cold! It comes with a mild fever, lots of leaky fluids, and malaise. My health matches the weather, snowed today, then rained, now windy and cold. Tucked up in a sweater, scarf, comfy bulky socks, and underneath the quilt my Mom made for me.

Learning the double crochet stitch has turned out to be quite a challenge. With the help of another crocheter online, and Bex herself, I think I have it figured out. Having a low key project to take up occasionally when sick is a boon.

It is the weekend at last. I can expect a wee bit of babying! Attila is planning a turkey dinner with all the trimmings for tomorrow, the last big oven meal of the season. Bread baking must also be undertaken during the next few days; and muffins need to be baked of course.

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Date: 6:00 PM EDT Friday 7 April 2017
Condition: Cloudy
Pressure: 100.2 kPa
Tendency: Rising
Temperature: 2.5°C
Dew point: -2.4°C
Humidity: 70%
Wind: WNW 28 gust 37 km/h
Visibility: 24 km


“I tore myself away from the safe comfort of certainties through my love for the truth; and truth rewarded me.”
Simone de Beauvoir


  1. TopsyTurvy (Teri)

    Take heart, warmer days are on their way, though we might have to put up with some rain here and there.

    I hope your snuggle down time is comforting but isn’t needed for long. Enjoy your turkey dinner!

  2. I learned a new pattern yesterday… the Dragonfly pattern. Started this small sized blanket with it:

    Using my rainbow colorway yarn that I had here. Not sure I have enough to do a whole blanket, but I wanted to try out this pattern. After doing 2 reps of the rows of Dragonflies, I think I have it in my head now how it goes… I have a relative (P’s sister) who is nuts about dragonflies so she may be the recipient of one like this, maybe in a plain color…

    Sorry about your cold. Do you have some good medicinal teas on hand? They might help.

  3. Thanks Teri! I am feeling a little better this morning, but had to decline Attila’s invitation to grocery shop, the poor lad had to venture out on his own. Another day of rest is in order I think.

    Sunny here this morning; although it was just below freezing earlier, the sun has warmed things up.

    I am really looking forward to our turkey dinner!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Bex, I love your new stitch!! And the colours are beautiful. It will make a beautiful gift, particularly for someone who loves dragonflies, lucky sis-in-law.

    I am working away at the double crochet stitch, having better luck now with it, after getting all that advice from Daniella and you. I decided to go with your description on how to do the turn; of chaining three and skipping the first stitch to start the double crochet stitch after a turn. It seems to be working out OK.

    I am quite taken by surprise with this cold, lol. I haven’t been sick since I had the flu several years ago. I don’t even remember the last time I had a cold. This one isn’t so very bad, it looks and sounds much worse than it feels, and at least I am able to sleep at night. I think by tomorrow I will be feeling much better.

    I know I am under the weather today though, I just made muffins for Attila, while he is out shopping, and I forgot to add the sugar. It seems I am not quite all here. Anyway, they are cherry chocolate muffins, and I am making a date spread to put on them, which should add a bit of sweetness to every bite.

    I think I will wait until tomorrow to do any bread baking though, heaven knows what I might do that recipe!

  5. That is good advice Diane! I learned the hard way this morning with my sugarless muffins, lol. The rest of my day I’ll be tucked up in my easy chairn with a glass of water and a cup of herbal tea by my side. Maybe I’ll bake tomorrow, then again, maybe not. I will have to see how I feel.

  6. I read that several drops of eucalyptus essential oil mixed into a teaspoon of coconut oil and rubbed on the soles of the feet will speed up recovery. Haven’t had a cold or flu for a long, long time (like you), so haven’t had an opportunity to test it out. -Kate

  7. I am sorry about your cold, Maggie. I just got over one. It was-pretty miserable and kept me down down nearly two weeks with a nagging cough lasting another week or so. The only up side to this was the loss of a couple of pounds. I hope yours is not too bad.

  8. Kate, I love to experiment! Essential oils are so very expensive, that I hesitate to purchase one that I am not sure we would use. Right now we have two, lavender and tea tree oil, which we use daily.

    I am now experimenting with homemade deodorant, a combination of corn starch, baking soda, coconut oil, tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil. So far so good, it is effective for up to 24 hours, but no longer. The real test will come when the hot weather arrives, then we will see how it works!

  9. Your cold sounds horrid Ava! I am feeling a lot better, but not entirely well yet. Good thing, because I have appointments most of the week for various medical tests. My eyes have been affected by this cold, yesterday I could hardly see and it was very painful. When I woke up this morning both eyes were “glued” shut, wouldn’t open; luckily I know my way to the bathroom, where I soaked my eyes with a wet cloth. They are much better today. My cough is almost gone, and I am not blowing my nose nearly so much. AND my appetite is working just fine, no weight loss here 🙂

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