Christmas Tree

After spending a few weeks finding places to move and store the items in the corner of the living room, including a table, finally yesterday there was space for our Christmas Tree.

The tree was assembled in place yesterday. It is a large tree, that comes close to touching the ceiling. We leave our tree up through the dead of winter, even the real trees that we enjoyed until the Pandemic began early in 2020. Last year we didn’t have a tree other than a small $5.00 cellophane tabletop tree. Oh how we missed having our real full sized Christmas Tree!

This year we visited Canadian Tire, my first shopping trip since February 2020, to view and purchase an artificial Christmas Tree. I was disappointed that we could not afford the tree that we we really liked, and had to settle on the least expensive tree. So it was a lovely surprise to find that, once assembled, we both like the new tree. It will do nicely for years to come.

This tree is not pre-lit, we will use our own strings of lights to decorate it. Two of our sets of lights will not light up at all, we will spend some time troubleshooting them. Luckily two sets of lights are working well, so Attila wound those round the tree.

One by one our decorations come out of the boxes, and were hung on the branches.

It is just as well that we opted for an artificial tree, and bought it on sale at the beginning of November. There is a shortage of real Christmas Trees in Canada this season, which means the prices will rise. Our income is not going up, and inflation is biting into our budget. The artificial tree means come Christmas time we will have our tree.

Today Attila is decorating the tree. We are playing Christmas Carols and enjoying this tradition. During the Christmas/Solstice season I usually put Christmas and Winter themed images on our electronic devices, desktop images, and screensavers. On the computer that we use as our entertainment centre I have a screen saver that will display my own images, and I have collected quite a few holiday images that we enjoy, some of them photographs of Christmas wrapping papers we both remember from our childhood.

The Christmas Tree, and our festive foods, are the highlights of our holiday season. Now that we have our tree, it will be time to turn our attention to food!



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“Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about.”
G. K. Chesterton
1874 – 1936

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Eileen Barton

Your tree is lovely and I haven’t seen tinsel in ages. I remember when I was a child we had tinsel on our Christmas tree. Could not have that now with kitties in the house! Now I can’t wait to get my little tree up and decorated. 🙂


Nice tree!

We started putting our new tree together yesterday. I really like the branches on it, though I now think a 6.5 foot tree might have been better than the 6 ft one that we got. Ours is a “slim” tree, as we didn’t want the bottom sticking out into a walkway. Lights are on, decorating will finish tomorrow.

Bex Crowell

I was wondering where I could hang all my faux-fur poms in this house so they would be easily accessible and visible to me, and Paul, in jest, suggested that I get a face Xmas tree and hang them all on it. Wow, I thought that was brilliant. So I went shopping on amaz0n for a tree and realized there is no place we could put a tree big enough for my poms in this tiny cottage, so I gave up on that idea. Oh well. Your tree is so pretty!


DH and I were talking last night about the older trees with the slotted branches that you put in. Our new tree still has the color coded branches but they’re already permanently hinged to the trunk of the tree.

Maggie,thought you might find this article interesting…


Maggie, it really is a lovely tree!


This flour company link just came across my Instagram. Thought you might find it interesting. No additives, too.


Maggie, your tree is beautiful! It looks like a real (live) tree. I love the tinsel. The best thing about a Christmas tree to me is putting on the ornaments. So many have special memories attached to them. Merry Merry and Ho H Ho 🙂