Christmas Came Early

Yesterday there was a card in the mail, a Christmas Card from my Mom. Every year she sends a card, with what she calls “a little something” in it, Christmas money that makes our Christmas celebrations all the more merry. I love the cards, and seeing my Mom’s beautiful handwriting. Mom’s second bout of Covid was mild, and she was feeling good after only a day or two. Merry Christmas to my beautiful Mom!

Another early Christmas gift came this morning as well, the furnace installers arrived this morning as promised. They made quick work of the final steps of the install, that had been delayed for five months due to the complications of the electrical upgrade by hydro. We were their last scheduled service call of the season, they were on their merry way home to their families when they left us.

It is now time for me to re-balance, after the stress of keeping the process of the heating system upgrades moving along for nine months. I’ve a bit more to go, but that involves paying of bills, which is not nearly as stressful as performing my reluctant role as a thorn in the side of the hydro company, to keep them moving, step by step. It would have taken much longer to accomplish the upgrade without my due diligence. My advice to anyone who needs a hydro upgrade in Ontario, in order to replace a furnace, is to have the hydro service upgrade completed before engaging a company to upgrade the heating system, and give the process of hydro upgrade a year to accomplish. If our install had been just the furnace and heat pump, the job would have been completed last July, in one installation event.

It seems North America is to have a huge winter storm for the Christmas weekend. In some areas this storm has already arrived, but not here, not yet. We have wind and rain, with more rain expected overnight. Tomorrow is when our weather is to turn nasty. Already I’ve had messages from the municipality, and our insurance company, advising us to prepare for 72 hours without services. I am very glad the fellows installing the furnace this morning will be home by the time the storm hits the area.

So who knows if there will be power on Christmas Day, for cooking, or heating. Whatever the day brings, we will carry on with our Christmas, heating home canned ready made foods on the camp stove if necessary, and keeping the house above freezing with the wood stove if necessary.

Wishing you a very Happy Holiday Season, full of kindness and contentment!!!



Updated on Fri, Dec 23, 11:35 AM – [conditions deteriorating FAST, wind shaking the house]
Conditions take a fast turn for the worst, travel not recommended…
Wind 25 SW km/h
Humidity 96 %
Visibility 0.1 km
Sunrise 7:41 AM
Wind gust 37 km/h
Pressure 97.8 kPa
Ceiling 200 m
Sunset 4:32 PM


“All things must change to something new, to something strange.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1807 – 1882

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Joan Lansberry

Stay safe and warm and dry! I’m so glad the heating is now fully finished! Merry Christmas!


Best wishes for a lovely, relaxing Christmas and a healthy, bountiful and contented 2023.


Hurray! I’m so glad to hear that your furnace is now functioning! Talk about just in time.

So glad to hear your mom is feeling better. I hope that she’s very quickly back to her normal self!

We’re already ending our second day of blizzard here, with all our roads closed by the police. I’m so glad we did both our grocery shopping and the last of our Christmas travel on Thursday! So, we’re now hunkered down here, just enjoying the warmth, the Christmas lights, a very quiet 16th anniversary, and just feeling content.

Merry Christmas, Maggie, Attila, and all your family!