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Attila is healing nicely, although the site of the surgery (his eyeball) looks raw still. His sight has returned, to above his normal, which was expected, and he experiences only a little discomfort now. Soon he will be back at work, and will be missed here at Mist Cottage!

Having Attila at home is a situation both Attila and I treasure. At the beginning of the Pandemic, when we experienced three months of lockdown, we discovered just how much we enjoy being here together, 24/7. Surgery and recovery are not the ideal way to find yourself off the job, paid vacation is much preferable. Other than the first few days of pain and adjusting to temporarily limited vision, Attila’s recuperation time has been a slow, happy time for us both, and for Ginger, who loves sitting on the stool between us in the living room, with his people.

It is snowing out there this morning, with some increase in the snow cover in the yard, but the roads remain clear as it melts on contact. It is dreary weather. Which emphasizes to us how wonderful it is to have central heating, with a thermostat! We are really enjoying our new heating system.

I’ve been watching the electricity usage, trying to gauge the efficiency of the new system. What I’ve noticed it that it is the hot water tank that uses the most electricity, usage spikes with every shower, bath, or dishwasher load. We looked at air source heat pump hot water heaters, but they are too tall to fit into our low ceilinged basement. I am keeping my eyes open for a new model that is wider and shorter, none are being manufactured as of yet.

Here we are, on a quiet snowy, wintry day in mid-March, enjoying our cozy home, and knowing that spring is just around the corner.



Updated on Tue, Mar 14, 9:15 AM
-2 °C
Light snow
Wind 21 N km/h
Humidity 92 %
Visibility 13 km
Sunrise 7:22 AM
Wind gust 31 km/h
Pressure 100.9 kPa
Ceiling 700 m
Sunset 7:12 PM


“An unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth.”
Bonnie Friedman

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Joan Lansberry

I’m glad Attila is healing well. Stay warm and cozy and enjoy the forthcoming Spring!

Steve-Paul (SP) Simms

Get well, Attila!

Last edited 1 year ago by Maggie Turner

Maggie, our new house has an on demand water heater. They’re only about 2-3 feet tall. We’re quite happy with it, though it appears you need a plumber who is well-trained in setting them up or you might get inconsistent heating. And the water won’t heat at low volumes of water.

Glad to hear Attila is healing well and that you’re enjoying your time together.

Eileen Barton

Hi Maggie,
Glad to hear that Attila’s healing is coming along. We had snow all day long here but too warm for it to stick so just melted. Very cold and windy. I have an Aerogarden on my kitchen table so have a touch of spring in my house. Stay warm!


So happy Attila is recovering so well. We’ve been alternating between cold weather and warmer (above freezing) temps in the Midwest. I won;t be surprised of we get a blizzard before Spring 🙂