Autocorrect… WRONG

Re the MarsEdit software as a culprit for my occasional odd use of the English language.

I just posted a comment in a previous post. I wanted to use the word water like, but all as one word, I typed it in as all one word and my computer changed it to waterline. It does it quickly, so if I blink I’ll miss the fact that this computer is editing my words, changing them to something unintended.

So, some of the words that are misused here are my mistakes, some of them are digitally edited corrections that occurred when I wasn’t looking, and they do not show up as spelling mistakes during manual editing.

If I knew how to turn off this computer-wide spelling autocorrect, I would certainly do it! The operating system I am using is Mountain Lion. I’ll have to do some research, eventually, if I remember.

I’ve been busy with my genealogy today. I’ve done some cooking, baked beans. I’ve done dishes. I have opened the window and closed it again several times, each time hoping that it was warm enough outside to leave it open, and each time quickly discovering that today is not a day for open windows.

Terra called this morning to describe how she single handedly retrieved a cow that had escaped from the pasture next to her house. Country life can be very exciting! She sent me a message later in the day to let me know that she and Lares had cut our front lawn, at the little house in the city. “It is no longer a sea of dandelions,” she wrote. My message software reads the text to me as messages arrive. It pronounced dandelion as dan-deal-ion, which sounded pretty funny.

Tomorrow should be warmer, with thunderstorms. I can do warmer, 18C is warm enough to sit outside in the screened in porch, which will be dry and comfortable even if it does rain and storm.

We have been watching the first season of the British series Shameless, and really enjoy it. The program reminds me of All In The Family, in that it deals with something other than the cloying fantasy of consumerism. Netflix only offers four seasons, but there are eleven seasons. Hopefully Netflix will pick the rest of the program up in the future.

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Visibility: 16 km
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Humidity: 37%
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“A day’s work is a day’s work, neither more nor less, and the man who does it needs a day’s sustenance, a night’s repose and due leisure, whether he be painter or ploughman.”
George Bernard Shaw
1856 – 1950

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British series “Shameless” – hmmm never heard of that one, will have to investigate.

We are re-watching the older British version of State of Play (Bill Nighy/Kelly MacDonald) mainly because my husband has a huge crush on Kelly MacDonald – she a little thing with “great bone structure” in her face and has the best Scottish accent ever. He is a sucker for a Scottish accent in a woman. I wish I could manage to learn it but I haven’t been able to yet.

Have you ever heard of a little movie also with Kelly MacDonald called “HOUSE” – very good one if you can get it.


Shameless has a UK version and an American version, we are watching the UK version, on Netflix.

Thanks for the tip about the movie “HOUSE”, unfortunately Netflix in Canada doesn’t offer it for viewing. 🙁