Another Meeting

Another Meeting

Our neighbours have enlisted all who live here to attend another Council meeting to object to using our short little street, with no verges, as a construction road while developing a rental complex at the end of the street. They have the option to access this property from a well surfaced highway, built for such use, but for some reason want to come through the winding narrow roads of a small neighbourhood instead. The Mayor is chairing the whole shebang, and he has a conflict of interest, the nature of which has not been revealed to the public. He isn’t going to vote on it, but he is orchestrating all meetings, has stated publicly that he will ensure the development proceeds, and wants to use our street rather than the better choice of the highway, as an entrance for construction and then heavy traffic generated by the rental units. I have heard that the town government is an “old boys” club, I have observed nothing to disprove the statement, so there is probably little to be gained in showing up at a Council meeting to protest. The neighbours who are organizing the protest are very nice, are operating under the assumption that logical points will sway the decision, their faith in fairness is touching, and makes them good neighbours. They are too nice to get anywhere dealing with people who do not seem to be nice. Developer’s interests come first it seems. We will attend to support the neighbour’s efforts, regardless of how futile it seems. I do not look forward to the “event”.

Nosebleed season is in full swing here at Mist Cottage. It seems to begin when the oil furnace first takes over the heating of the house, which occurred during the cold snap last week. I have cauterization on my list for discussion the next time I visit the walk-in clinic. In the meantime, I am trying a series of home remedies. Cayenne pepper is talked about on the Internet, so I tried taking some with warm water last night, no nose bleed during the night, or so far this morning. I will not be able to attend a walk-in clinic until the end of next week, at the earliest, due to transportation issues.

Both of our vehicles need servicing. Attila called to make appointments to get it seen to, and one of the two mechanics at our garage has suddenly lost his eyesight to cataracts, and will not be able to work for a few months while waiting for his surgery to correct the issue. It seems to me like a very long wait for someone who has lost their eyesight to the point where they cannot work or get around. What this means to the customers is that the owner, a mechanic, now has to do all the work himself. He is going to fit Tank in next week. Until then I will not be gadding about in Tank, my wings are clipped, so to speak. The car, which Attila uses to commute to work, is still working and needs to go in as well, I am not sure when this will happen!

The new floor in the kitchen is coming along nicely. Attila fixed one of the two holes in the floor last night, and laid the tile over the fix. One more hole to fix, and then the last of the tiles can be laid.

Our local Home Depot store does not have the required floor finish, it is out of stock. I called them this morning to request that they order it, fingers crossed. The closest store that has it in stock is a long drive away, and it isn’t practical to make the trip just for floor polish.

I notice that the new floor is very cold to the stockinged foot, much more so than the old kitchen floor, the wood floor, or the older tiled floors in the house. I am guessing that the commercial flooring contains limestone, which is conducting the heat out of the soles of our feet very effectively. We will need to wear our slippers in the winter! This will be a very welcome feature in the summer!

Worldly Distractions


Date: 10:00 AM EST Tuesday 14 November 2017
Condition: Mostly Cloudy
Pressure: 103.0 kPa
Tendency: Rising
Temperature: 1.5°C
Dew point: -3.4°C
Humidity: 70%
Wind: NE 9 km/h
Visibility: 24 km


“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”
e e cummings
1894 – 1962

Very damning to the dour 🙂


  1. It will be horrendous Bex, with huge construction vehciles going up and down the street, dropping all kinds of debris which will end up in our drive to shovel up and dispose of. Funnelling all the traffic through this little street, after the units are rented, at least another 60 vehicles needing to get up and down the street at peak times, is going to be miserable. This is what comes of buying a house where there are nearby forests and environmentally protected areas, the developers will always gain access to destroying these areas, by one means or another. I don’t spend any time thinking about it, with climate change coming on there will be bigger issues to cope with soon enough. But I will support the neighbours and their fantasies. Oh, how I wish I was just a misguided cynic!!!!!

  2. TopsyTurvy (Teri)

    Wonderful of you and Attila to support your neighbors at this meeting. I guess in such a case that I would hope I’d make enough noise that they would have to change their minds. Guess I’m an incurable optimist.

    Hopefully, the cayenne will help your nosebleeds for now. I’m thinking the spice increases mucus production, so keeps tissues more moist.

    Did you realize you can order online from Home Depot? Hope your floor finish comes in soon.

  3. Teri, if you are an inurable optimist then don’t get cured!

    The cayenne might help, it remains to be seen. No nosebleed yet today and the furnace has been running, finger’s crossed. I haven’t found any legitimate research to support for the use of cayenne, but there is quite a bit of anecdotal raving about it.

    Home Depot doesn’t allow all products to be ordered online, and the one we want cannot be ordered onine, I suppose it is a dangerous good so shipping would be expensive. I haven’t heard back from the store, I will wait a week then call to see if it is in stock. We are near small cities, but they are just that, small, so a lot of things are not available locally. Amazon has it at almost four times the price, plus $60 for shipping… God help us if we end up only able to buy through Amazon!

  4. Maggie,
    I receive notification in my email when you update, but in my blogroll at Golden Grain Farm your link doesn’t ever rise to the top. I think this is because you don’t have an RSS feed enabled. Is it doable? I always feel, when I see your link at the very bottom, that your blog is getting short shrift on my links page.
    I feel the cold floor winter and summer and have to wear slippers or shoes. Scott goes barefoot yearround and says he doesn’t feel the cold at all. I’d like a better understanding of these differences. Is his blood circulation that much better? Are his soles thicker? Am I merely a delicate flower? Is he an insensitive clod? What?

  5. I think the issue with my static placement on your blog roll has to do with the difference in the underlying workings of the blog software. We both use wordpress. My blog is hosted on my private server, which means the information is only available to me, and the company that rents me the server space. Your blog is hosted by wordpress itself, and the information is available to the wordpress hosting system. The blogs that update on your blog are all hosted on the wordpress hosting system. My privately owned server is not available to the the wordpress server, so my blogs don’t update. I will do a bit of research and see if I can come up with a solution!

    “Am I merely a delicate flower? Is he an insensitive clod?”
    This has me busting a gut, as they say. 🙂
    It is an interesting difference though, I wonder what is at the root of it. There are probably several things going on. I think you have hit on the primary elements of the issue, conductivity and physiology. If I remember correctly Scott doesn’t feel the cold as severely as you do, in general. Body mass may be relevant here as well, it takes more to cool down a large mass than a small mass, I think you are petit compared to Scott, so the same exposure to cold would cool your body much more quickly. Fat and muscle I think play a part, my Mom for instance, as she ages and loses fat and muscle, is feeling the cold more severely as time passes.

    Don’t get commercial flooring if you feel the cold on your feet!!! It must have limestone in it, at least the stuff we bought, and it sucks the heat out of you very quickly. Of course our floors are always cold in winter, the basement underneath them is not heated, but the new kitchen floor feels significantly colder to the bare foot than the other tile and wood floors.

    Interesting to note that the commercial tile is what is used in places like hospitals, where I do remember finding the floors really, really cold… a place where a little warmth would go a long way I think. Must be very hard on the staff who spend hours and hours on their feet in those places.

  6. Kate, here is more info on the difference between your wordpress blog and mine.

    “ is a blogging and website service owned by a company called Automattic. uses the open source WordPress software. doesn’t require much from its users. When you’re ready to get started, all you need is:

    The ability to grasp a basic understanding of the platform and dashboard interface.
    A little bit of time to poke around at the limited theme and feature options available.
    And that’s about it!”

  7. Well Kate, I did some poking around and it seems that automatic updates on your blogroll can only occur IF I use the same server as you do, so all of the people on your blogroll have to use the same server as you do, and do use it, it is very popular. The only work around I have found so far is to login to my other account (your server) and post a link to my blog from there every time I post an entry… a bit labour intensive. Sort of sad that the techies are dividing the world into tribes based on their technology, but there it is.

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