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I spend most of my time alone, with the exception of Ginger the cat, who is very good company, although he sleeps a lot. I love the peaceful, conflict free quiet of my home, a place where I live with someone who likes, loves, and respects me. When I feel like company I often listen to classical music, or watch videos of one kind or another. Usually there are other projects going on at the same time, until recently that is.

Recently I’ve ventured into watching foreign language entertainment. This requires that I actually keep a close eye on the screen, which took some getting used to. Also, looking from the screen to the closed captioning can take a bit of time, even after becoming accustomed to it. Adjusting the playback speed to 75% allows both the image and text to be viewed, before the story moves on. That too took some getting used to, visually. However, since I have no comprehension of the foreign spoken word, the speech sounds “normal”.

I’ve been watching South Korean and Chinese series, with English Subtitles.

It started with the Korean production called May I Help You, I think Netflix offered it, so I gave it a go and enjoyed it.

I then watched a few more current South Korean series on YouTube, and found the glimpse into a foreign culture fascinating.

Then I bumped into the Chinese historical fiction offerings on YouTube, and enjoyed those too:
My Heroic Husband
Snow Sword Stride
Joy of Life
The Long Ballad

These series are epics, many episodes, action packed. I love how people fly in some of the productions, quite the concept, makes for light viewing. The fight scenes are frequent, but easy enough to fast forward through, as I don’t relish fight scenes.

Right now I am watching My Uncanny Destiny, which I am finding very amusing. In this series the sound cuts out AND, get this, the video plays North American Christmas instrumentals when the sound cuts out. It is the most bizarre thing! This series is a little bit like the old Danny Kaye movie, The Court Jester, with a bit more violence.

I am aware that many of the English translations are poorly done on most YouTube offerings, but I still get the general idea, which is enough to follow the story line. I know that there are cultural nuances in these series, nuances that are beyond my experience and understanding, I don’t see or hear them. I am missing things, they go over my head. Nevertheless, my simplistic understanding is enough to keep me thoroughly amused.

Attila and I watch Prime and PBS programs together, as we have Prime in order to have free delivery of ordered items, and a limited form of PBS is available through Prime for a monthly fee. We have discovered a collection of videos on the PBS channel called “Walter Presents”, and have found these suggested programs much to our liking. Some are too violent for us, but there are a lot of relatively non-violent programs to watch.

I wonder what video offerings other people enjoy?



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“The glory of great men should always be measured by the means they have used to acquire it.”
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
1613 – 1680

They would dwindle in number!

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Joan Lansberry

Julia and I have really gotten into Star Trek. We prefer the DVDs as to streaming, as streaming can only be done on our computer (we have an old TV). So far, we’ve gobbled through seasons 1-4 of Discovery, seasons 1-2 of Picard, all the movies, all of the Original Series, all of The Next Generation, season 1 of Strange New Worlds and am now working through Deep Space Nine. DSN is the most unusual, it’s more grittier. But the characters and their development are interesting. I learned a cartoon series featuring the original actors Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley was made, so I sent for those DVDs. Good writers wrote for that, so the tales should be interesting. There’s something about these, with their hopeful view of the future, that feeds my soul. (I still keep up with the PBS dramas, their Nature shows and scientific NOVA shows, too.) We are richly blessed to have such good entertainment.

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I;ve watched some So. Korean videos on Youtube and enjoyed them. Squid Game was very good although violent. The Incredible Lawyer Woo (I think that’s the title) was very good and not violent. The British movie “Living” was very good too.


Hi, Maggie! Really love the new shirt you sewed. Very pretty!

You can chalk me up as another who loves Star Trek. DH and I are currently on our second time watching Deep Space Nine on Netflix. Netflix and Disney+ are our 2 paid streaming channels, though we recently added in the free CTV channel so we could see the last 2 seasons of Hot In Cleveland that aren’t available on Prime.

I’m glad to see our poor air from the fires mostly gone. I have trouble breathing when air quality index gets above 40, and we got to 119 the other day!