Work Week

Attila just left on his journey north to work for the next six days. He did not want to go, I did not want him to go. Needs must, so off he went. He has prepared himself for the week, with lots of food, warm clothing, and warm bedding. He has plans on how to spend his evenings, working on our belongings in the storage locker, purging and packing, getting things ready to be transported home. He has applied for several jobs near home, and we have our fingers crossed that one of them pans out.

Since the plan is that Attila will return home in six days, the “WeMe” was not too bad. However, after working on the move with Attila over the last two weeks, spending his vacation together in our unique way, there was more intensity to our parting than usual. In part this may be due to the fact that we can only communicate via his very expensive cell phone, as he has no computer or internet available for a daily Facetime chat. This means our contact will be limited, which neither of us likes at all. If he faces a prolonged necessity to work in the north, he will need access to wifi, or we will have to get him a cell phone that will allow him to use Facetime. That is a huge expense, but we will willingly give up other things if it means we can continue to have contact with each other.

As I write Attila is still making his way north, having left about two hours ago. He will not arrive in the north until eight o’clock, perhaps later.

After Attila drove off, I decided to think about him by making croutons, with his recipe. Attila’s croutons are lovely, and he has not had time to make them for over a year. We have a lot of frozen bread ends, that will not fit into the freezers here at Mist Cottage (the new name for our home, thanks Bex for the suggestions!). Croutons are a marvellous way to use stale bread ends. It took me an hour to chop the french bread ends into cubes, the crust is so tough! They are in the oven now, the first of two, perhaps three, batches that will be made today. A treat for Attila when he comes home.

A lot of cooking needs to be done to process food that will not fit into the refrigerator or the freezer, this will keep me busy for days. Getting the kitchen setup and functional is a priority, and can be accomplished in short spurts as the cooking proceeds.

Attila put things right in the basement for me, so that I will not need to move any heavy boxes to get at things while he is away.

So, that’s me, making croutons and looking forward to a short chat with Attila tonight, from his “camp” in the north.

Worldly Distractions


Date: 5:00 PM EDT Sunday 13 September 2015
Condition: Not observed
Pressure: 100.6 kPa
Tendency: rising
Temperature: 14.9°C
Dewpoint: 12.6°C
Humidity: 86%
Wind: W 18 km/h


“The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes
1809 – 1894

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TopsyTurvy (Teri)

Hopefully things will come together with a job for Attila in short order. Until then, at least you both have less on your plates. It’s not optimum but there are fewer stresses.

I think Mist Cottage is a lovely name, too. For me, it evoked an image of your cat, Mist. I saw it as nice that she can be with you in this new home too, without her being distressed over a move.

crochetlady or Lee Ann

Mist cottage. What a nice name. You should make a sign for over you entryway.
After our move, we are planning on less processed foods, including purchased breads and tomato sauces, and pastas. To this end I have advised my hubby that I need a quality food scale, a steam canner and a pressure cooker. He agreed with me. And looks forward to using all of those items. Thank goodness he lies to cook too!

Bex Crowell

I don’t know why I never got an email for this entry, but I’ve found it now and read it.

I have a ceramic plaque saying “Crow Cottage” next to my front door that I had made up at a small gift shop in Marblehead – a lady would make them up special – it was when we came back from our honeymoon in England/Scotland and we saw that almost all homes had a name and a little sign proclaiming that name on them. I’m sure if you do that, it will be very special.

I hope Attila gets one of those jobs and is back home asap!


Bex Crowell

Correction~ I DID get an email about this entry! It was way down my list of emails… sorry ’bout that!