Walking On Air

Every day it has rained, all week long. We have our “April Showers” that hopefully will “Bring May Flowers”. The temperature has hovered between 5C and 10C, chilly in the damp.

I have yet to get back out for a walk on a consistent basis. I find myself reluctant, and always have a reason, such as cold rain, wet hair from the shower, finishing a project before heading out… it is always something. The somethings vary, but the fact that they appear daily is a sign of inertia, perhaps even resistance. After doing a bit of soul searching, it seems that the public parade aspect of the walk is what makes it difficult to engage.

On Wednesday morning, while contemplating this issue of resistance, something the cardiologist said during the recent consultation, came to mind. He mentioned an elliptical machine, that it was low impact and might be an option for someone with arthritic knees, which would be me!

After looking at the local offerings of elliptical walking machines, it became obvious that the $1200 to $11,000 price tags on the things would be a problem, not to mention the size of them; Mist Cottage is small. After looking around at local sources, the net was cast further afield, and ended up including amazon.ca. There an elliptical walking machine was on offer for $143, the shipping free with Prime, and most of the reviews were positive. It had a small footprint, and was very simple with few bells and whistles. Without thinking, I ordered the machine, and it was on its way.

On Thursday afternoon, the very next day, the elliptical walker was delivered to our door. It was easy to assemble, and both Attila and I played with it for a bit. I decided that overdoing it would be foolish, so I confined myself to playing on it for only five minutes on Thursday night. It reminds me of walking on air. It will be best to proceed slowly, let the muscles adjust slowly to a new routine.

Today I found myself anxious to give the thing a try again. Before breakfast I had a streamed movie playing on the iMac, and was happily walking on the machine while watching the film. The timer was set for ten minutes, enough time for the muscles to begin to adjust to the new routine. Again in the afternoon the movie was started up, and the a second ten minute walk ensued. That is enough for one day. My knees seem to be handling the experience without a problem. I am, however, experiencing a mild stiffness in my lower back, and my less than optimal arm, so limiting the experiment to two ten minute sessions was well advised.

As I was walking on the machine my mind wandered a bit. I thought about what this machine would have seemed like from the perspective of childhood; it would have been an exciting toy. Perhaps that is how I will perceive it now, as long as the adventure proceeds with caution, so as to avoid any pain or strain.

When I woke up this morning it was with the realization that I am happy, right now, at this particular juncture; a feeling to savour.

Worldly Distractions


Date: 7:00 PM EDT Friday 21 April 2017
Condition: Mostly Cloudy
Pressure: 101.2 kPa
Tendency: Rising
Temperature: 8.0°C
Dew point: 5.8°C
Humidity: 86%
Wind: SW 12 km/h
Visibility: 24 km


“Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.”
Robert Frost
1874 – 1963

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Hi Maggie,
Been awhile. I’m happy for you that you are savoring your happiness right now. I think that is what really being happy is about as it is so drug like. Here today gone tomorrow. I just want to feel content.

I hope your knees adjust to your rhythm well and you are on the road to stronger, healthier knees.

The weather sounds a little oppressive so I hope that too lifts. We are getting closer to summer here in NC and that is never a pleasant season for me. I have to wait until fall to really breathe again. Sigh.

I am resisting being active and know I need to shake a tail feather but I am low on energy. I will keep trying to find what works. I did join a class on DailyOm for a four minute workout….I can do four minutes, right????


Still the Lucky few

Congratulations on making such a swift decision, and buying the machine!I use one at my gym, but prefer a bike. From there I move to the weights, and then some work on the mat. Perhaps it is the long winter (unseasonably cold), and the draggy spring, but I’ve had a bad case of inertia as well. We’ve had a couple of sunny days, and that has made a huge difference!

TopsyTurvy (Teri)

I’m not sure if you’re braver than I or just have fewer/different knee problems. I’ve fleetingly considered an elliptical machine but my knee slips out easily enough and my balance is questionable enough that I don’t think it would work well for me. But I do hope to get some neighborhood walks in with DH now that the weather is getting better.

Very glad that you’re happy with where things are right now. None of us can really ask much more than that, can we.

Have an enjoyable weekend!

Bex Crowell

Inertia is my middle name… probably my real first name! This looks interesting. At the risk of divorce, I might look into it. Paul has just gotten rid of some exercise equipment on trash day… but thank you for the link to it! Wonder if it’s available in the US? You are such a smart lady!

PS. I looked it up on amazn USA and it’s only $69 with free shipping! Whoa!

Stubblejumpers Café

“the public parade aspect of the walk is what makes it difficult to engage”

That’s how it is for me if I’m stuck in a town, a city, or walking on a road that has much traffic. I need open country and no one around, otherwise I don’t feel alone enough; I feel “seen” and don’t even want to be out there.


ava south

Never tried one of these machines, but a while back I did get a treadmill, hardly used it so gave it to the church rummage sale. Now at age 81, I am entirely sedentary, mostly from laziness or because I have convinced I am too tired most days. I’m like a very old cat, sleeping most of the time and satisfied by slow walks around the yard, looking at the greenery there. Since Gordon’s death and the death of one of our sons, I don’t have much reason to get up or to hurry to do anything. Our youngest son lives with me and we thrive on a haphazard schedule, not at all mindful of what other people do or think. I do still go to Mass weekly and to other church functions from time to time. BTW, your Easter sounds wonderful. I have grand children and great grandchildren but they live far away so I seldom see them. Keep up your wonderful account of your life. I love to read it.