On Sunday last I decided to sow some clover seed in the ditch at the front of the house. It had rained and the conditions were favourable for the seed. I grabbed my jacket, with my keys and cell phone, which I always carry with me when I am out in the yard and here alone, and headed out the front door.

The front porch and steps were wet. I didn’t think anything of it. At the top step my foot slipped on the water. Up I went into the air, and down I came on the edge of the top step, then down the rest of the steps to the ground. It happened so quickly that I didn’t realize anything was happening until I was on the ground. My glasses had flown free of the fall, landing a few yards from me. I was temporarily stunned, confused and unsure how badly I was hurt. Then I went into mild shock. I sat there gathering strength, covered with clover seed, soaking wet, until I felt strong enough to attempt standing. I couldn’t feel anything at this point, my back was numb. I gathered up my glasses, removed my shoes, and gingerly attempted to mount the stairs. I made it into the house without further incident.

The shock lasted for about ten minutes. I was still shaking when Attila called, and I as so relieved to hear from him that I started to cry. Poor Attila, he wanted to come to my assistance, but was so very far away, frustrating for both of us.

I was able to walk without pain, so nothing was broken.

The big horseshoe was there for me on this one, as the muscled area of my buttocks took the brunt of the fall. The bruise is about three inches high and stretches from one end of my back to the other. It is very impressive. And it hurts. But only when I touch it. The skin around my spine was brushed away by the edge of the stairs, and that “brush burn” is quite painful as well. I cannot lie on my back, nor can I sit with my back touching anything. Loose clothing is a necessity.

So here it is Tuesday, and the bruise is a true sight to behold. So many colours! There are a few smaller bruises up and down my back, but they are minor by comparison.

Monday, and again today, I was able to comfortably navigate my daily walk. I cannot do some of the physiotherapy exercises for my knee though, it will be some time before I can do the ones that require lying on my back. Yoga class is out of the question. Wearing my backpack has become extremely painful, I will have to avoid that for a while as well.

Monday morning I decided to take the whole thing in hand. No more hemming and hawing about what we should do about the front step! I went to home depot and purchased rubber stair treads, and rubber squares for the decking. The stair treads are heavy, and they don’t move underfoot, even though they are not attached in any way. Attila thinks we should secure them with double sided tape, so I will leave that to him. I tested them carefully this morning, as it had rained just before I ventured out on my walk, and they were secure and gave excellent traction underfoot, under very wet conditions.

As far as I can tell so far, I sustained no permanent damage from the fall. How lucky is that!!

I have been spending my days on my genealogy book. I am mired in researching one particular branch of the family that I had not done much work on to date. What held me up on this branch was access to USA documents. It is extremely expensive to access US data through ancestry, so I left this branch of descendants for later investigation. There was nothing for it but to pay the price for a month’s access to the records and to get busy. So I have been spending ten or more hours a day reading old census records, and birth, marriage, and death records. I find Ancestry’s search function poor, it provides mountains of irrelevant information when a search is conducted. I have finished seven of the twenty-nine families that need to be researched. Sometimes my eyes cross, the names are similar and can blur together. I take a lot of short breaks to clear my head, to start afresh.

It has been a lovely afternoon here, warm but not hot, breezy but not windy, and quiet with the windows open.

Clematis: looking out the kitchen window. This plant was in the front garden before we removed the concrete porch. It was dying, only a few small leaves grew. We transplanted it to the back yard, beside the garden gate, and now it seems very happy.
2015 clematis

Worldly Distractions


Date: 7:00 PM EDT Tuesday 23 June 2015
Condition: Mainly Sunny
Pressure: 100.9 kPa
Tendency: rising
Visibility: 24 km
Temperature: 21.9°C
Dewpoint: 15.6°C
Humidity: 67%
Wind: WSW 18 gust 34 km/h
Humidex: 26


“Only the mediocre are always at their best.”
Jean Giraudoux
1882 – 1944

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Reenie Beanie

What a terrible tumble! I was so sorry to read of it. How fortunate that nothing broke. Good heavens! Your dependable sensibilities rose to the occasion. Taking care of yourself, buying the treads, and working on a project that doesn’t require much movement. Streaming healing thoughts your way. Love.

TopsyTurvy (Teri)

I’d been wondering where you got to and was starting to worry. Thought about posting a comment to your last post but then thought to myself that since I’m not writing that often either it didn’t seem quite fair.

Sorry to hear about your tumble! And while you may have avoided serious injury that bruising sounds horrible! So glad you got those new stair treads. I wonder if should do something like that for our back deck. I worry about those stairs a lot. (We need a railing on them desperately, for a start.)

I hear you with the researching on Ancestry. I bought a month’s subscription several years ago when I was researching my family. It was a wonderful investment and I learned a lot. Only thing is that now I have a US and a Canada identity, and it can be a problem when Ancestry keeps trying to send me to Canada when I want to go to the US site. I get it figured out each time, though.

Pretty clematis! And you have black chainlink, just like we’re doing. 😀


Oh no! But glad the damage wasn’t worse. Still, a scare.

crochetlady or Lee Ann

I am glad that you are ok. How well I know the shock of the fall. Then the “Can I get up?” question that flashes through the mind as you scramble into a sitting position and check to see id all body parts respond to your inquiries. I hope that your heali g continues going well.

I love the clematis picture. It is nice that you were able to save the plant.

Joan Lansberry

I hope rapid healing for your sore bruises. The purple flowers are pretty!

Bex Crowell

When you were describing your fall, I was re-living mine. Down the side deck steps to the hot top driveway. A few years ago. Wow, I thought I was a goner then. And just like you I got myself back up the stairs and into the house where I rang the doorbell and finally Paul came to my aid. I had been screaming for him but he never heard before that, and no one was home in the neighborhood.

I bought some strips (non-skid) to put on the stairs after that (mine were also wet) and they had adhesive strips which did not work at all. Outside those stick-on things are useless. You would be better off – if you feel you need to secure them – by putting one small screw into each one, maybe in the center or back area, and they won’t move then. Those adhesive things do not work.

I injured my already injured knee (from another tumble) and that’s when all my problems really got going. I hope yours end here once you are healed! ((hugs))


So glad it wasn’t worse than it was! FWIW, I have some of those stair treads and they’ve been going strong for 10 years now, in the Carolina sun. Be aware, though, that they give little protection when the issue is ice as the treads fill up fast.


Hi Maggie,
You are so fortunate that nothing fractured or broke with your fall. Sorry to hear you experienced this. I know how quickly it can happen and how frightening it can be. I hope you recover quickly. The stair treads are a great idea. I wish we had them here. The stairs here are dangerous. I always go very slowly down them and clutch on to anything I can while making that journey.

I would suggest keeping arnica salve handy at all times. It is amazing for bruises if you use it right away. A very powerful herb and brings such comfort. I am never ever without it. You can get it at a health food store and maybe even a pharmacy by now. But you can also send for it online. It’s a must. Your bruises will heal in half the time. If you had been able to use it immediately the bruising would have been minimized quickly.

Seven of the twenty-nine families done with your genealogy book….good gracious you will be working on this for a very long time! Is this a book to be published?

The clematis is now happy. Yay! I like the black chain-link fence. What a difference it makes.

Between you and Paul I hope this is not take a spill week.