Three years! Are you kidding me!

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

Three years ago I applied for a position with the federal government. I went to interviews, wrote qualifying exams, submitted reams of paperwork, travelled hundreds of miles to attend more interviews, was finally short-listed and then they forgot about me. My application was set to expire three years from the date I became a short-listed candidate. I got an email message today, three years later, not having heard from them for the last three years, letting me know they are extending the short list expiry date. Three years ago I was at first upset that I was not hired, then I pragmatically defined my lack of success as a blessing from the universe. It wasn’t a pretty job, most people would run the other way. I don’t think there is a job, they are just saving money on not hiring anyone, going through the motions, avoiding the exam/interview process, which is very time consuming and must be vey expensive. It certainly was expensive for me! I would take a job of course if it was offered. Sometimes you find magic in the most unexpected places; that job might be one of them, however unlikely.

What is interesting is that the majority of the companies I have worked for, since we moved to the country, go under, closing their doors forever. Always a miserable place to work, businesses in the process of going under are not feel good places. Shit flows downhill, as they say, and new employees start at the bottom.

If I were to get a job with the federal government I would be wondering if they were about to go under too!

The on-call job I have now, which is no job at all, but an opportunity to wait by the phone until someone is sick, dying, or on holidays, is an unreliable source of income, to say the least. What the company refers to as my “contract” is the stuff of a Monty Python script, sublimely ridiculous. I got a call this afternoon asking me if I could work for the next three days. Of course I can! So that’s me, busy for the rest of the week.

Life is interesting.

It has been snowing here off and on, but the temperature is above zero. More snow is coming off the north roof, falling in muffled clumps. It is a dreary looking day. With all our windows, even a dreary day can seem very bright!

I’ve taken a notion to purge a few belongings, things that I never use. I am inspired by the conquered clutter in our living area, achieved over the past “weekend”. I’ve offered my girls a few items that may, or may not, be of sentimental value to them. If they don’t want the items, I’ll just keep offering the items to people until someone either takes them or they end up donated to a second hand shop. If the girls don’t get back to me about the items, then I’ll move them out anyway, they will have had their chance.

Worldly Distractions


2 °C
Condition: Cloudy
Pressure: 100.3 kPa
Visibility: 16 km
Temperature: 2.3°C
Dewpoint: 0.7°C
Humidity: 89 %
Wind: ENE 5 km/h


“He harms himself who does harm to another, and the evil plan is most harmful to the planner.”
800 BC

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Wow. I can see why a regular job would be welcomed! Not knowing what your schedule is nevermind how much money you will be taking home must be very scary. Hard to make plans, too. I’m so happy I made it to retirement and don’t have to work now.