The Unofficial First Day of Spring

The morning sun came over the horizon with promise. Although it feels like -20C out there this morning, it feels like spring in Mist Cottage. Sipping my morning coffee in the sun brightened living room, I know the temperature will rise to 2C today, and that the back porch will be warmer than that, because it catches the afternoon sun. Since I’ve declared spring here at our house, the sun and rising temperature seem made to order.

The weather is warming up now, it will be balmy for the next three or four days, highs just into the double digits. Then it will return to normal for this time of year, which is just above freezing during the day, and below freezing at night. It is maple syrup making weather!

When my oldest girl was four years old, we spent a few days with my Grandparents in March. Grandpa was making Maple Syrup in the bush behind the house. In those days the spigots and pails were installed, and the pails were visited, checked, and emptied manually into the cauldron. The big cast iron cauldron was suspended above a hot wood fire, hung by chains from a tall log frame. Grandpa spent his days tending the fire, monitoring the cauldron, and trekking through the bush collecting sap. From time to time friends dropped by to sit and chat with Grandpa and Granny, as they sat around the fire on short fire logs used as stools. My daughter loved helping with all this activity! Great memories!

1929 Grandpa and Granny
Wedding Day



Updated on Mon, Mar 8, 7:15 AM
Wind 5 W km/h
Humidity 95 %
Visibility 12 km
Sunrise 6:33 AM
Wind gust 7 km/h
Pressure 103.1 kPa
Ceiling 10000 m
Sunset 6:04 PM


“delivered her from a grievous imprisonment of body and mind.”

Mansfield Park, Chapter 34, by Jane Austen

This quote describes Fanny’s state of mind, as she is aggressively cornered in conversation by an ardent but unwelcome suitor. It struck me as such an apt description of my feelings towards most “small talk”, and some interactions I observe on social media.