We decided not to make pesto last night. Attila was worn out, the humidex yesterday reached at least 44C, probably higher, and he worked all day in that heat. He checked the basil in the garden, and decided it would keep for another day or so, no urgency to get the project done immediately. Instead, he spent his evening puttering, catching up with a lot of little things.

This morning the bread is baking as I write, and two batches of muffins are partially composed on the kitchen counter, Chocolate Almond Cherry, and Cranberry Chocolate Chip.

It is another stinker of a day out there today, so I am not stepping outside the door. Soon enough the cooler weather will arrive, and I will really enjoy that! The upside of all this heat though, is that the tomatoes and the peppers are happy about it. At last some of the garden Roma tomatoes are turning red, and some of the hot peppers too.

I’ve been in overdrive mode with all the canning and freezing projects, which for me means restless nights. I do not sleep soundly when my high production energy is engaged, awakening early with a whirl of anticipation in my head. I look forward to the projects, to the intensity of the work, but I don’t want to continue this way for very long! Fortunately last weekend was the big push, having purchased over 120 pounds of produce to process. There isn’t much else to be processed in bulk, just the frozen tomatoes to make pizza sauce, and that is a single project. The rest of this autumn’s preservation projects will be in dribs and drabs as the garden is harvested.

Everyone has distinctive characteristics. Some of them are much appreciated by others, some are not. Take Ginger for instance. He is soft and cuddly, cute, sleeps a lot, and loves a good belly rub. Those are likeable enough traits. However, when he decides he wants something, right now, and does not get it, he has a not so adorable reaction. The object of his wrath is punished with great thoughtfulness. Ginger will seek out a location that the person (he lives only with people) frequents, and vomit there. He usually drinks a great deal of water just before performing this act of reprisal. Today, under my chair, at the dining table, just such a deposit awaits my attention. Luckily I am aware of its existence. Ginger!



Updated on Wed, Sep 6 at 2:35 PM
A few clouds
Wind 13 SW km/h
Humidity 52 %
Visibility 36 km
Sunrise 6:36 AM
Wind gust 20 km/h
Pressure 100.9 kPa
Ceiling 9100 m
Sunset 7:35 PM


“Even God cannot change the past.”
448 BC – 400 BC

The present is difficult enough to embrace, even being here to experience it!

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Oh, Ginger is special!

Joan Lansberry

It’s been humid here in Yuma, Fall will bring cooler and drier weather. Bad Ginger! He would pick YOUR chair to vent her displeasure!