Attila has decided on the routine he wants to follow until the garage roof project is complete. After arriving home from work, he will nap for 20 minutes. Then he is flexible as to whether he eats and then begins work on the roof, or he works on the roof and grabs a bit to eat when he feels like it. He will work until dark every night until the project is complete.

I spoke too soon yesterday about not having to return items to the building centre. The nails I purchased at the building centre yesterday, at closing time, did not suit Attila. I took them back this morning. I also drove to the city and picked up paint for the siding, and some dust masks, to wear while cleaning out the garage. And I bought myself a large container with handles, to use when I am pulling weeds, or doing other yard work that generates greenery that needs to get carted to the compost pile. We have several of these large containers already, but Attila has them filled with stuff… this one is MINE!

I continue to marvel at the light in the dining area. It was golden yesterday, reflecting from the plywood sheathing, and today it has a blue tinge, because the waterproof sheets that were installed last night are blue. It will be interesting to see what the light is like when the grey metal roof!

Attila has set his sights on installing the strapping and the metal roofing tonight, after he gets home from work. His plan it to have a nap, then get started and keep going until the roof is on. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, and I think he wants it on before it rains again. It won’t really matter though, because the plywood sheds the water from rain, and the waterproof sheathing will too, so rain or not, the interior of the garage is dry.

8:00 p.m.

Attila is still out there, I hear the saw, the hammer, stuff is happening. He took a break a little while ago, his sights are now set on finishing the strapping tonight. The metal roofing will have to wait for another day. Slow but sure, the project is moving from one segment to the next, one step at a time.

Worldly Distractions


Date: 3:00 PM EDT Tuesday 26 June 2018
Condition: Mostly Cloudy
Pressure: 102.2 kPa
Tendency: Falling
Temperature: 20.9°C
Dew point: 6.0°C
Humidity: 37%
Wind: S 10 km/h
Visibility: 24 km


“Hold a book in your hand and you’re a pilgrim at the gates of a new city.”
Anne Michaels

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Bex Crowell

What happens when all this work is done? Will “A” come home from work and just relax? Do something with you? Go for a walk, enjoy nature? Relax? Somehow I get the feeling that relaxing is not an option for that man! I can almost hear Mist Cottage humming along all the way down here in New England!


I definitely see where DH and I never get half the work done that you and Attila do. DH usually refuses to do anything around the house after he gets home from work, though maybe a few times a season he can be found cutting grass or visiting a store in the evening. Sometimes I find that frustrating, but it’s hard to complain when the man puts in lots of overtime at his job.

ava J south

I think I am in love with your wonderful Attila! But I would be concerned about him working so hard though. It would seem to me that this pace can’t go on indefinitely. Of course you work hard too on this renovation. I have to rest after just reading about your projects. LOL I am enjoying hearing about your plans.


Maggie, while the roof removal and replacement are all his, the garage project as a whole involves you just as much. Who did all the sorting and discarding of stuff? Who did all the tarping of the remaining stuff when it rained? Who’s doing (and will be doing) all the cleaning in there? Who will do the planning for the organization of the remaining stuff and moving everything around which she can possibly do herself? Who will be doing the sweeping and maintaining out there once initial project is completed? Almost forgot–who did (and will do) multiple runs for supplies?

Just sayin’.