Rocket Man

I’ve come to accept that I am not about to get a diagnosis for this pain and nausea, or any kind of treatment, any time soon. I think, and hope, the pain I am experiencing is that which would respond to proper treatment. I won’t be getting that any time soon, as I will not get a diagnosis any time soon. A diagnosis would allow me to address my issues to the best of my ability, and hopefully rule out life threatening possibilities. I am hoping for a treatable diagnosis, with no long term physical damage resulting from the significant delays, fingers crossed. In the meantime I have adjusted as much as I can to my present condition, and wait for divine intervention. I am doing my utmost to avoid the emergency department at the hospital, as I feel without a diagnosis all they can do is pump me up with drugs for the pain; I’d rather those were prescribed for home use, a much better use of medical services. Last week I managed to secure an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner, next week was as early as I could be fit in; I’ve no expectation of progress.

Winter is having a wee visit. The temperature dipped to -11C last night, with a wind chill factor of -19C. Yikes! It is still cold this morning, but the sun is shining, such a cheery day. Tonight will be cold again, and then the temperature will slowly rise to seasonal norms.

Real estate in Canada has been transforming for the last few years. Homes at the low end of the market are over a third of a million dollars to purchase, and many are one million dollars or more. These are ordinary three bedroom homes, that used to be within the reach of working people. Not anymore. And new this year is the absence of any homes for sale where we live, there are only a few building lots available for purchase.

This spring what we have noticed, is that adult families are moving back in with Mom and Dad who own homes. In homes where an older couple used to live on our street, we now see two generations, or more. Also, homes that used to be occupied by families have been sold to absentee landlords, with bedrooms for rent. Where there used to be one or two vehicles in the driveways, there are now three, four, five, even six vehicles parked in front of homes, and some front lawns are now muddy parking lots for the residents of the house. It has become an extremely busy neighbourhood!

What brings this to mind this morning is “Rocket Man”. He drove by the house early this morning. I don’t know his real name, we call him “Rocket Man”. He is the boyfriend, of the granddaughter, of the older couple that live down the street. The granddaughter and boyfriend have moved in with her grandparents, and her parents have moved in with them too. Three generations are living in the house once occupied by two older people. This makes sense to me. “Rocket Man” has an old beat up car, with a muffler that has seen better days. He roars up and down the street several times a day. It isn’t that he is traveling too fast, it is that his “Rocket” is showing its age.

“Rocket Man” reminds me of my youth. I remember my boyfriend’s first car, an old Morris Minor, and it was a project! You could see the road go by, through the hole in the passenger floor. Still, it got us from point A to point B, providing a heady freedom.

The world I live in is changing again, after a long period in Canada of freedom-from-want-for-most. There is even a generation who grew up during this favoured period of time, who it seems thought it to be “normal”. All eras are a phase. Change always comes.

Cloudy days give way to sunny days. Droughts end with rain. Things can always be worse, and always, at any point in time, humans somewhere in the wide world are imposing suffering on other humans.

When we can be happy, I think we should. When we can spread happiness to others, I think we should. When we have the opportunity to make the world a better place, I think we should. Usually, what ordinary people can do is something little. So I watch for the little things I can do. The universe brings those opportunities like gifts. It isn’t easy to mindful of opportunities for action, and happy, at the same time. But the state of “doing what you can when you can can” is achievable.



Updated on Mon, Mar 28, 9:55 AM
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“The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next.”
Ursula K. LeGuin
1929 – 2018

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“Intolerable uncertainty”, oh, it’s awful. I hope both you and I can get some answers soon. I have a CT scan on my kidneys and bladder tomorrow. So hoping it’s something treatable and curable. <3


Maggie would the nurse practitioner be able to order different imaging that you could have done now? I don’t know how that works in Canada. I feel terrible that you’re going through this.
Joan I hope your cat scan provides you with answers and with a treatble condition.
Hugs to you both.


I have to make a new comment, as it won’t let me comment on the thread. I just got a phone call. It’s so frustrating! They are still waiting on insurance approval for my CT scan. SO now it will be April 8, 8:30am MST for the CT scan (unless they STILL haven’t heard from the insurance company!) I pray the insurance company finally comes through (it is listed as “pending”) Thank you for the continuing good wishes.

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Everyone I’ve spoken to about it says they’ve gotten more results and help from a nurse practitioner than from a doctor. So good luck to you! -Kate