I found myself at first numb, then after a few hours there were some tears of relief.

At my insistence, which was not welcome, a referral was sent to a surgeon of my choosing.

I only found out because, after weeks, I followed up the request for the referral with a telephone call to the surgeon’s office. I received the happy news the referral had indeed been sent, was received, and that I will have an appointment in the next few months.

I have started a sheet with the questions I would like to ask. The surgeon has access to my test results, all of them, so that the consult will be based on a combination of the latest information, and their expert assessment of that information. The fact that I have a condition that would benefit from such consultation is bad news indeed. BUT the fact that I have been granted a consultation so that I can understand my condition with as much clarity as is possible, is exhilarating news.

I anticipate that I will not need surgery for this issue in the immediate future, at least that is what I am hoping to hear.



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There are no whole truths; all truths are half- truths. It is trying to treat them as whole truths that plays the devil.
Alfred North Whitehead
1861 – 1947

I would say partial-truths rather than half-truths, but that may be nitpicking.

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Steve Paul Simms

Good health to you, great friend. Glad things are moving along at least.


I’m so happy for you!! Thank goodness you are a tenacious woman! Yay Maggie!!


I’m glad you’re getting good progress on this. Persistence pays off! <3

Eileen Barton

Hoping that you don’t have to wait too long for that consulation with the surgeon! Glad that you know it is definitely coming up! Hugs!


Glad to hear you will finally get to talk to someone knowledgeable!