Our first peony blooms are in the vase!

The peony plants were in our front yard when we bought Mist Cottage. Every spring they bloom and the scent is wonderful. I love to have them in vases in the house.

I love peonies. My Granny had them in her garden, along with gladiolas, heliopsis, and other flowers.

Shortly after we bought Mist Cottage, our neighbour across the street asked is she could pick our peonies for her friends wedding flowers. We gladly consented.

So far vases of irises, wild geraniums, and chrysanthemums bring cheer to our living room.

Our strawberries have never done well, but they hang on. Every day now Attila brings in one or two berries for me to enjoy.

Attila picked our first head of lettuce today, this evening’s green salad will be special.

My second batch of Kombucha is bubbling away on the kitchen counter. There are some yeast growths, a healthy thing, but they look really disgusting. At first I was quite concerned, but was able to look at various images online that confirmed that the growths are indeed yeast, and not a problem. I really enjoy a cup of Kombucha with cranberry juice mid morning. Since it is made with green tea, it contains caffeine, so it is wise to avoid consuming it later in the day.

The heat wave continues, with sunny skies and breezes. When I was sitting on the porch this morning, I noticed the air quality was not great. It will be nice when it turns cooler, and the rain washes the the air clean. Rain is predicted overnight.

Attila is working on many projects at once. One of them is building a shelf above the high kitchen windows. We need a LOT of storage for food, since we preserve during the harvest months. The jars of dehydrated food cover one of the few flat surfaces in the kitchen. Having a shelf for the dehydrated items will free up counter space. When the space if free, a fermenting station will be setup there.



Updated on Wed, Jun 5 at 9:37 AM
Wind 11 SE km/h
Humidity 68 %
Visibility 23 km
Sunrise 5:25 AM
Wind gust 17 km/h
Pressure 100.9 kPa
Ceiling 9100 m
Sunset 8:47 PM


“To the soul, there is hardly anything more healing than friendship.”
Thomas Moore
1779 – 1852

So glad you are here!

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It sounds like heaven there, Maggie! I love this time of the year!


Wow! A head of lettuce already? That’s amazing!

Tomorrow we’re finally supposed to get our front garden planted, here at the new house. We chose the design and plants. I hope we like it!

We’ve had temps around 26, the last few days. The humidex has been 33! Fortunately, after some rain we now have some cooler temps coming, so hopefully no stress on the new plants.

Joan Lansberry

Your peonies look lovely! Did my gramma have them? I can’t remember. I know she had lilac bushes, those smelled lovely. (Maybe it was my aunt that had peonies. Anyway, I remember that fragrance!)


They came! We now have a lovely small garden with a Hinoki false cypress, a Jack and Jill holly, heuchera, a small boxwood hedge, veronica, and a pretty Siberian iris. I know I forgot a few plants but we really like it. Oh! And a bleeding heart.

No, we’ll be maintaining the garden. But the lady that put it in for us is going to create some care instructions. Mostly, it’ll just be deadheading and maybe eventually trimming the boxwoods.


Oh, and by next week the gardener will be putting some classic purple lilacs in the backyard. We also want to get some clematis to climb up a privacy screen.