Attila and I love our home, and I think Ginger does too.

It is here that we are able to be loved and respected for our true selves, without fear of violence, criticism, interference, manipulation, judgements, and any unreasonable expectations and demands from others. I lived many decades in a home without these cherished characteristics, and appreciate what I now have. It is what I wish for everyone.

This morning I have been thinking about the poetry I have written. Many years ago I would take to the stage to read my poetry to an audience. It was an interesting experience, and usually a very positive one. I did find though, that performing seemed to invite a certain type of criticism, always from males who fancied themselves as literary critiques, self appointed. It only occurred three or four times, and at the time I found it quite amusing. I let them express themselves, it seemed to make them happy to have the opportunity to talk down to a woman. The word buffoon always crossed my mind. I imagine they were all single, with good reason.

I’ve fallen out of writing poetry, although I do have copies of a few published pieces somewhere in my bookcase. I think that online journal writing has supplanted poetry in my life, as a mode of expression. It is a completely different format, less intense in the writing, and in the experience of sharing. I’ve met some beautiful people online through this process. It helps I think, that I do not seek to “increase readership”, or to make a living or profit from my writing. My thoughts and words swirl around me as a form of light, guiding me forward, allowing the bright and beautiful around me to shine.



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To be great is to be misunderstood.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
1803 – 1882

You do not have to be great to be misunderstood, we probably all have had such experiences. I do think though, that to be great might expose one to a greater degree of being misunderstood.
Being an iconic figure can be a very dissimulating experience. This is one of the many reasons I do not desire greatness. The motherhood icon has been burden enough for me in this culture.

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Joan Lansberry

“Greatness”, maybe that is something for the generations that will come after us to say. (I sure hope my art will survive and bring people joy, but if it only brings me joy, I still find it worthwhile to do.) Meanwhile, I dream… as long as I keep focused on the ‘now’, the dreams can’t hurt too much.

Eileen Barton

I remember reading some of your poetry, Maggie and I loved it. I hope if you ever do write more that you will post some of it here.


Maggie, it sounds as though you were a victim of mansplaining before it even became a thing.

I still have a file of my writing, too. Not sure why I’ve kept it. I think maybe I’m getting to the point where I can let it go.

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