No Hot Water

We had a cold snap, now it is mild again. Our electric bill rose very high as a result of the frigid temperatures. We are considering firing up the wood stove to see if it will offset the high electricity use when the temperature falls to -20C or below.

We have no hot water. This is temporary, hopefully only for a few days. We can get by nicely by heating water on the range, or in the microwave. We knew this was coming so we are well showered, and all the laundry has been done. We are good.

Some weeks ago the hot water tank began to leak. The leak was slow at first, leaving a lazy trail across the basement floor, heading for the floor drain. Slowly but surely the leak it picked up speed, so that finally, last night, Attila shut off the water and electricity supply to the tank. It stopped leaking, so no hot water, and no more mopping up to do.

We had ordered a new hot water tank. It arrived and waits patiently in the garage for Attila.

As with all projects in this little wee house, a lot of preparation needs to be done before it can be tackled.

We have a well. The line from the well to the house was severed by the people who excavated the foundation to add the drainage system, and waterproofing. We have not repaired the damage to the well line, so cannot use the well. Another issue prevents using the well, the pump. The pump is ancient, and we do not know if it is in working order, not having a connected well to test it. There is also a pressure tank, which seems to be in good condition. The pump, and the pressure tank block access to the hot water heater, now that the new furnace has been installed, so this is a new issue. Attila must dismantle the well connections, remove the pump, and the pressure tank, to allow room to move the new hot water tank into position.

In order to remove the well pump and pressure tank, Attila had to rearrange the basement, as the area was blocked by items in storage. That took some time as well.

When all this was accomplished, Attila had a look at the installation manual for the hot water. We discovered that we needed a 240 volt electrical connection. Electrical cable etc. had to be purchased to upgrade the wiring for the new hot water heater. That part of the project is pending, as the cable is still to be purchased, it isn’t available where we live. Also, new connection parts need to be purchased, and a pipe cutter.

All this before the installation begins. Attila is taking his time, doing it right the first time.

We chose a model that is guaranteed not to leak for my lifetime. Since purchasing the house in 2010, this is the fourth hot water heater to be installed, two of which were used, and it would be lovely if it is the last!

An added complication is that I cannot help when needed. No lifting for me anymore, so I can’t help lift the new tank over the well pump and pressure tank, which would simplify the project tremendously. Oh well, that part of my life is over now, no lifting is difficult to get used to!

During harvest season a steady stream of freshly canned jars of produce are stored away. It is now the time of year when those jars are providing us with lovely meals. A steady stream of empty canning jars are being stored away, ready for next harvest season.

I had canned Chicken Pot Pie just after Christmas, using leftover roast turkey from our Christmas dinner. Last night we brought a jar up from the basement, and gave it a try. It was delicious! My canning recipe calls for raw chicken, so I wasn’t sure how well the diced roasted turkey would work out. This is another wonderful way to enjoy leftover roast turkey.



Updated on Tue, Jan 30 at 2:05 PM
Wind 15 SE km/h
Humidity 80 %
Visibility 22 km
Sunrise 7:28 AM
Wind gust 23 km/h
Pressure 101.9 kPa
Ceiling 500 m
Sunset 5:13 PM


“The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.”
Thomas Moore
1779 – 1852

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Maggie, you have my sympathy for all the challenges you and Attila are currently facing. We proactively replaced our aged hot water heater and can only hope it lasts as long as the first one (almost 18 years). I hope this project works out well for you.

Joan Lansberry

I hope the new water heater proves very reliable. (That is the one thing we haven’t replaced in the house since 2013. Everything else, fridge, stove, shower head, reverse osmosis needed replacing. (Oh, washer and dryer are still good. We air dry as often as we can.)


You talked us into it, we’re having homemade chicken pot pie tomorrow. Perfect timing, with reading your post!

I’m sorry to hear that this hot water heater issue is being such a problem. Ugh! Just be careful with bringing water anywhere. A gallon of water weighs 9 pounds, so maybe you don’t want to be lugging that around.


That sounds like a big project, but you’re going through the preparation steps very methodically. That should reduce any surprises.Could you hire a day laborer to help with the lifting and moving? We’re having 40 degree weather in the Midwest. I know better than to wish for an early spring but… I can’t help myself! 🙂 Chicken pot pie is such wonderful comfort food. I bet yours is delicious.