Monkey in the Middle

I spent the day yesterday at the walk-in clinic and the pharmacy.

This was the third different doctor I have seen at the walk-in clinic. After reviewing possible lifestyle changes to be made, and determining that they have all been made, this doctor wants to add another medication. I filled the prescription and I am thinking about taking it. He had not heard of the information I brought in with me about my cholesterol lowering medication causing an increase in blood pressure, and he did not think that there was any possibility that I might have an adrenal tumour, one of the factors listed by the Mayo Clinic that might be responsible for increased blood pressure; he listened to me and dismissed these concerns. For high blood pressure the Mayo clinic advises adding medication after medication, so that seems to be the logic he is using, more drugs. When I took the prescription in to the pharmacist, she pointed out that I was allergic to the medication he prescribed, after I had carefully gone through the whole allergy thing with him, it doesn’t inspire trust. The drug store consulted with the doctor and he then prescribed a completely different sort of medication. The information sheet for this medication states that if you have a heart problem you should not take the medication. Again, this does not inspire trust. I am putting off taking it until after I go in for the heart tests that the doctor recommended and is setting up. I don’t think I have a heart problem, but life is full of surprises, and the test results will affirm that there is nothing to worry about in that department.

I requested a flu shot at the doctor’s office, and he told me that they could not determine if my allergen was in the solution (bogus, not true, lazy or scared not sure which) and that I would have to go to the drug store to try and get the shot. Again, this does not inspire trust.

When I got to the drug store they wanted me to go to the hospital to get the flue shot. Shit!!! Monkey in the middle health care. I have been through all of this before, every single year I have to spend hours and hours and hours of upset trying to find someone who can read a @#&$%^$ label!!!! The hospital told me last fall that they don’t give flue shots, there is no use going through all of that again and wasting their time and mine. So I refused to get up off the chair at the drug store, I sat there and just kept talking, calmly, in a friendly manner. Eventually they gave me the spec sheet and it listed the non-medicinal ingredients. We went through them, we talked about them, we read through them a second time, a third time, I recited all the chemical names given to my allergen, we read through the non-medicinal ingredients again. My allergen was not in the flu shot. Eventually, after much urging and insistence on my part, they gave me the shot. I stayed in the store for a good 15 minutes to ensure that there was no reaction, said a friendly goodbye and finally headed for home.

My blood pressure may be high when I arrive at the walk-in clinic because I know I am heading for a difficult experience. Next time I will call ahead to see what doctor is working in the clinic, and if the doctor I saw yesterday is there, I will wait for another day to visit. Attila and I have been very lucky over the years, to have wonderful Family Doctors. Our luck seems to have run out.

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“Every increased possession loads us with new weariness.”
John Ruskin
1819 – 1900

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Still the Lucky few

Maggie, I am so sorry you are going through this! I can’t believe how complicated it has become. But hang in there, you are right to want to limit the number of medicines you are taking!It was wise to insist on the flu shot. It’s worth it having them.

TopsyTurvy (Teri)

It can be amazing the things you find out about your health. Recently, I got my first ever EKG. Surprisingly, I found out I have bundle branch blockage, which has to do with the electrical stimulation of your heart, not the blood moving in your veins. It seems, instead of the electrical impulse going from the center of my heart to both sides, it starts at the right side and then goes through the tissue to the left so there’s a minor delay in the answering flub-dub.

Now, I have zero signs of ever having had a heart attack, so this could be something I’ve had my entire life. And oddly, you can have it and be “perfectly healthy”, but from now on if I ever have reason for another EKG, I’m to let the doctor know I have this condition so they don’t misunderstand and think something is wrong.

You just never know, do you.


Gee, Maggie what a run around. I’ve been on the medical merry-go-round for four years and got off recently. Every time I was given medication and read the warning slip that comes with it I tossed the meds. For Pete’s sake the very symptoms I had were also side affects (or is it effects?) of the medications.

I just gave up. I had adverse reactions to most of the meds I did take. No thank you. I’ve stuck with herbs and I’m making progress.

Do you have to get a flu shot? I have never gotten one. I haven’t had the flu in….well, I can’t remember the last time I had the flu. Maybe twenty years ago?

I’m glad you got some things straightened out. We do have to be our own doctors at times. I find mostly doctors are too stressed, over worked and not focused enough. When you find a good one they are like gold.

Bex Crowell

Neither of us have ever had a flu shot either. Did you mention to the doc about taking the ACV/honey etc.? I doubt a doctor (MD) would be in favor of it since it doesn’t line his pockets. I agree with Nora… I think finding natural ways of dealing with health are best. Of course, it means we have to learn things, but heck, we do have brains! The pharmaceutical companies are really ripping people off royally.


I better clarify something about what I wrote. I do believe allopathic medicine very important and has it’s place but if I am diagnosed with something I know I can treat herbally without side effects then that is what I do.

I certainly wouldn’t go to an herbalist with a broken arm for instance. But after it was set to speed healing I would apply comfrey compresses.

I look forward to the day when allopathic and naturopathic marry. Until then for me it’s a juggling act.

I am going for a bone density test on Monday. Easy peasy. I know I have Osteoporosis and I haven’t had a bone density in years so I’m curious. When I was first diagnosed in, say, 2000 or before doc wanted to put me on a medication that has now been taken off the market. I did not take it when she gave it to me. I am leery of medications unless they are older and that stats aren’t so miserable.

Before I am off the medical-merry-go-round completely I have to do my dental work and I am depressed and blue about this one. My teeth suddenly went south. I was told they might die after I took that blow to the head years ago but they held up well for years. Now all my uppers need to be replaced. I feel more and more like a machine everyday! Smiles.

Leave note on front door before I go out-

Hearing aids in?

Partial in?

Right glasses you need?

Tissue in pocket?


In this area we have a lot of eastern Indian doctors. I have found some excellent ones (open to herbs etc.) and been very comfy with them. Other doctors are dead set against herbs.

TopsyTurvy (Teri)

I remember reading some years ago that if you want information on interactions or side effects of drugs to ask your pharmacist. They’re the ones trained in the drugs, doctors just look up drug info in a book. (*grin* Then again, could be a disgruntled pharmacist who said that.) But I’ve always found my pharmacist more knowledgeable about drugs than my doctor.


Tops, I could not agree more!